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  1. Regarding: HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY?
  2. Have any of you had suicidal thoughts as a pre bandster due to your obesity? Curious. Let's be honest, it is a anonymous poll.
  3. I am really upset about the fullness difference. Hubby says it makes them look more natural and they are fine, but I hate them when I see it in a picture. I just don't think I spent $8k to be lopsided! What do you think??? Should I have them redone so they are more full and match better or am I being an obsessive idiot???? I want to know your TRUE feelings. The poll is anonymous!
  4. What are everyone's ideas on taking a weight loss pill/appetite suppressors/metabolism boosters while being banded????
  5. Woooot Wooot A new poll!!! Please vote. I love these polls as it truly shows how we as a group think! once again.... all votes are ANONYMOUS and no one will know what you vote.
  6. princess_n_thep

    Teens with the band

    I was thinking.... I know there are a lot of teenagers being banded now and they deal with a lot of issues with support and advice that we (adults) don't deal with. I thought it would be nice if I created a thread that they can all identify themselves on and share amongst themselves. Hopefully this will allow them to maybe come in contact and exchange their info in private. I absolutely do not mind giving advice or chatting or whatever, I am just thinking that it might be nice to know of other teens on the site for them. Since we are a big group, sometimes they get lost in the crowd. So if your a teenager and maybe looking for other teens to ask and advise and support, you can post here too!!!
  7. The cruise chosen has been: (please read carefully) June 17th (7 NIGHTS) Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines sailing of the Rhapsody of the Seas. Ports of call: Galveston, Texas; Cozumel, Mexico; Roatan, Honduras; Costa Maya, Mexico; Yucatan (Progreso), Mexico; Galveston, Texas Cabins held: (first deposits will have their choice of the cabins available) - 15 Category N (inside, double) at a per-person rate of $651.96 - 1 Category K (inside, quad) at a per-person rate of $701.96 for the first two and $441.96 for the 3rd and 4th -- this was the ONLY inside triple/quad left - 5 Category I (outside, double) at a per-person rate of $771.96 - 2 Category F (outside, quad) at a per-person rate of $851.96 for the first two and $441.96 for the 3rd and 4th The deposit due is $500 with a due date of October 2nd on the double-occupancy (final April 8th) and a due date of August 3rd on the triple/quads. Airport transfers are available at additional fee or you can arrange your own transport. The closest airport is going to be Houston Hobby (intercontinental airport is much farther away). Airfare is up to you to arrange. This is cruise only pricing. Trip insurance is optional as well. Rates vary. I will let you know when I get a definite price. We will be all seated together for formal dinners, however you may eat elsewhere if you choose. More specific information on what to wear, what to pack, etc will be later when time is closer. The cruise line will also give us a meeting place where we can all get to know each other and have a sort of mini-in person support group meeting. There will also be a fitness program on board the ship that can be customized to your own level. Of course you don't have to do any of this, but it will be there if you do. **Payment will be made through Gadgetlady (Elisa) and she is a licensed travel agent with availability to accept all forms of payments. I teamed up with her so that all of you can feel comfortable with an actual travel business accepting payments and money. She will unfortunately not be able to travel with us so I will be your liason for the cruise. ***Single travelers can be matched in a double room or a triple with other single travelers. You can also talk with your LBT friends and pair yourselves up!! All cabins will also receive a special surprise for their cruise!!! Please PM me after you vote if you plan on attending. We will need to get our deposits in and then we can make payments as needed. Please PM me with the following information: Names of Passengers (as it appears on you passport) Ages Contact phone Address Citizenship (US, Mexico, etc etc) Emergency contact person and phone number Crown and Anchor # (if you are a member) What Category room? Do you need a roomie? If you need help with air arrangements (pm the city leaving from) If you want insurance (it is somewhere around $39 or so) If you need transfers to and from ship (it is about $40 pp I think) Copy and paste the above into a PM is fine. DO NOT SEND ME CREDIT CARD INFO!!!! YOU WILL DO THAT TO THE AGENCY WHEN THEY CALL YOU!!!! Let's CRUISE!!!
  8. princess_n_thep

    Remember me? Anyone?

    Oh my gosh! I leave for a few months and LBT got plastic surgery!!! Ha Ha! A facelift! Anyways, if anyone actually remembers me on here, plz say hello..... Sorry I have been incommunicado for so long, busy busy busy.... Does anyone know what happened to the old before and after photo thread that Delarla started years ago?? Also, what happened to my infamous search button in the tool bar? Gonna take some getting used to but as we all know.... change is GOOD! Hello to all my old friends and hello to all the new I have yet to meet here.:cursing:
  9. On June 27th I had lipo of the hips, flanks and thighs. I also had a breast lift with implants. These pictures were 3 days after surgery. I was way more bruised immediately after. The lipo actually hurt more than the boobs. The boobs have dropped now and aren't so swollen and I like them a lot. The incisions are healing great. I will take pictures soon of them now and add them. I had the stitches out today and my doc was happy and said my skin was amazing! WOOO HOO!
  10. princess_n_thep

    Save your pets!!!

    Well this morning was quite a deal. Our german shephard and our lab were playing in the bedroom when they started yelping and coughing. Our lab got her lower jaw caught on the collar of the german shephard and they both started to panic and twist. It twisted our shephards collar to choking him. He began to wheeze and run. The lab puppy was being dragged. The shephard began to poop all over the place and his eyes were starting to "pop" out. He was having thick saliva and could not breathe. He began to go limp from not breathing. My husband held the dogs to stop them from twisting tighter and I ran downstairs for the hunting knife. My husband dug the knife in to cut off the collar, the collar was digging into our shephards neck. We cut them free finally. They both lived. After cleaning up the floor and ourselves as well as the dogs from rolling around in it, I did some internet searching. Had we not been home, our dog would have died. And the other dog would still be attached. It seems that strangulation is very common with collars. Matter of fact, there has been a site dedicated to it. It wasn't some freak fluke accident. This happens a lot to many beloved pets. Here are some stories: Celebrate the holidays, and the Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar as a behavior tool as necessary. Where can I purchase the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar, and how much does it cost? The KeepSafe Break-Away Collar is available from pet suppliers, retailers and veterinarians. The collar retails for about $15 to $20. Or click here to purchase
  11. princess_n_thep

    Save your pets!!!

    Bumping because I still feel its important. I told this story and advised a friend to get the collar and she didnt a year ago. What happened you ask???? Well her two dogs were apparently playing in the backyard and she found her Akita dead from strangulation and her Shephard nearly dead attached at the jaw. All at xmas time!!! Please people, switch collars!!!!
  12. princess_n_thep

    Lipo and Breasts Warning: Graphic images

    Wanted to post these at 4 1/2 months post op pics. I am currently at 6 months post op and they look more fantabulous! I shouldn't have gotten so concerned and freaked right after the surgery. They just needed time to heal and then they looked great!!! I am very happy with them now.
  13. I am curious as near goal, I am now a deflated D cup. Would you mind telling me how they feel? I did pay a lot because I wanted someone who really knew how to work with larger breasts and wanted the BEST. I also wanted them to look real and natural. Do they feel different? Amazingly, I have been told they feel real too. Laying down you can kind of tell if you squeeze. Do they feel like you have something under there? At first I felt wierd, but just like the lapband, I just knew I had something done. Now I don't even think about it at all and they are just "mine". Did you regain full sensation? I actually went Hyper sensitive. I have more sensitivity now then I did before. This is good and bad because now I can't really have any "nipple roughness" which I used to like a lot. But gentle play sends me over the edge. Hope all this helped......
  14. Okay, the consensus is in now. They look FABULOUS now they have had time to heal, unswell and drop. My doctor rocks! This is 4 1/2 months post op from my nipple incision scar for the lift and implants. I'm not touching them.... not until I need to.
  15. This is merely a "feeler" thread for numbers to know if anyone would be interested in going on December 3rd, 2007. It is a 4 night baja cruise out of LA (good for those California LB'ers!) and the ports of call are San Diego, Catalina, Ensenada. The prices would be about $240 per person which includes the taxes and charges. I just want to know if anyone would be interested in me doing this group. I am already going on this one, but I would be willing to put together another LBT group if there were interest. There will be children on this cruise as well as hubby's but you are more than welcome to travel solo or childless if you wish. Please, vote honestly as it does take a lot of effort to organize one of these groups and I will be using this Poll to see if I should do this one. Otherwise, I think I will plan one for next summer or Spring Break?
  16. This may sound horrible newgirl07 but I really don't know. I think I have the silicone gel and I think they are round and smooth textured but I am just guessing at what I overhear. I was REALLY scared to get them done and I have backed out of getting them done several times because I had "too much information" so I just put my boobies in his hands and told him I didn't really want to know because I didn't want to back out. Silly I know, but it worked.
  17. princess_n_thep

    Who is the mystery girl?

    Does anyone know who the girl is that is pictured on this site? Is she a former bandster? Alexxxxxxxxx, got an answer?
  18. princess_n_thep

    Breasts (women only)

    Well, now that I have had mine done I can change my poll vote. I did not lose any sensation at all and I am actually more super charged sensitive than before.
  19. princess_n_thep

    Lipo and Breasts Warning: Graphic images

    Went to doc appt! Doc showed me some "before" pictures he had taken of me. My right was a bit odd and smaller to begin with and the left was naturally wider. He told me that in a year if I am not happy, I can have more put in the bag and have them bigger and fuller but wants me to live with them for awhile before I go off the deep edge on getting more in. Also, gotta tell ya all that I did some Botox. THAT STUFF ROCKS!! I saw an immediate difference and now 2 days later even better! It stung like a bitch but allllllllll worth it. Highly recommend the Botox for foreheads and crows feet!!!
  20. Went to doc appt! Doc showed me some "before" pictures he had taken of me. My right was a bit odd and smaller to begin with and the left was naturally wider. He told me that in a year if I am not happy, I can have more put in the bag and have them bigger and fuller but wants me to live with them for awhile before I go off the deep edge on getting more in. Also, gotta tell ya all that I did some Botox. THAT STUFF ROCKS!! I saw an immediate difference and now 2 days later even better! It stung like a bitch but allllllllll worth it. Highly recommend the Botox for foreheads and crows feet!!!
  21. Every single day since my banding I have to start the day with something hot. It can be tea, water, broth, whatever, but cold will get stuck in a NY minute if it is before 11am. Started with banding and never changed. The warm liquid seems to open me up and allow me to take food for the day. weird but now it is just a way of life and seems normal to me now.
  22. princess_n_thep

    New to forum

    Greetings Popsicle! Love the name btw. You will be amazed at how many bandsters pop out of the woodwork when you start snooping around. Also try the "Indiana" board and introduce yourself there. There are many local people that get together in some states to form their own support groups. I hope you find the answers you are seeking here. There is a TON of information archived in this site with really good advice, humor mixed with a bit of drama. LOL Good luck on your weight loss journey and welcome to LBT.
  23. princess_n_thep

    Lipo and Breasts Warning: Graphic images

    I love all of you guys and gals. This thread is one of the main reasons I am still here after more than 2 years banded. The support, love and constructive criticism is well rec'd and I thank you all for your kindness support and unconditional love. Only those of us that have seen the other side (fat) can appreciate the true changes and body as we do. Thank you again to all of you who have taken part on this discussion. I will post more pics as I progress in healing. I will let you know what happens this Monday after I see the doctor. I hope this thread will be of help to many of the members as well as the guests that visit this forum seeking information.
  24. princess_n_thep

    What is your cardio of choice?

    My two favorite forms of exercise are good ol' fashioned housework (the deep and dirty kind) and Wii
  25. princess_n_thep

    Pain Management after PS

    My PS surgeon offered the option of a "pain pump" so that I could get the pain meds without swallowing a pill. I didn't need it though and I could swallow the pills broken in 1/2.

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