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    Hurtin' for Certain

    My knees started bothering me in the mid 2009 time period. I had cortisone shots in both knees every 3 months as well as Euflexa series twice. I tore the meniscus in my left knee and had arthroscopic surgery January 2011.The Dr. said he repaired the meniscus and cleaned out some of the arthritic damage and felt it would buy me a couple of years. Then I did the same to the right knee and once again arthroscopic surgery July 2011.this time the Doctor said he saw major cartilage damage. Then MRI of right knee cause it just was not getting better so knee cap ( patella femoral replacement which is not a full or a partial but a knee cap only ) replacement November 2011. Oh and we can't forget the physical therapy for all 3. then low and behold my feet started hurting. I had bone spurs in both heels. Cortisone shots, orthotics for my shoes and exercises did zip. Here I went again to surgery. In February 2013 I had my Achilles tendon released and lived in a boot for 6 weeks. 2 weeks of sleeping in it then 4 more all waking hours. Physical therapy once again. Did I mention that my weight had gotten to an all time high of 240??? As I was contemplating more surgery to stop the bone spur pain in the right foot I happened upon a lecture locally on the topic of weight loss surgery for seniors ( 57 is senior ). My consult was May 6th and surgery was 6 weeks ago June 19th. I am so glad I had it done. I can already see and FEEL the difference. True I had a set back but diverticulitis was not surgery related. I am down to 205 from 232 on June 19th and already down 2 sizes. You will do great. Just getting the excess pressure off the knees and feet has helped already. Chin up and you will be kicking you heels up before you know it. !!
  2. cherip


    Thanks everyone! I am 1 week out of the hospital and just began to "eat solids" yesterday. I was actually pretty scared to try. I began with egg whites scrambled. Once yesterday and once today. Had a Fiber choice chewable and am drinking lots of Gatorade g2. Began my bariatric vitamins once again as well. Still weak but because it's summer in the So. Cal desert I'm not venturing out much. I do get into the pool late in the day and just walk and tread water. My nutritionist told me to get yogurt with probiotics so I will try some later. NEVER EVER want to go thru that again.
  3. I found myself constipated and after trying Magnesium citrate and miralax finally went. problem was I still had some hard stool stuck and it took some pressure and pushing to pass. 4 days later I felt an awful pain and 2 days later ended up in the E.R. 10 Hospitalized days later and 9 IV line sites I came home. I had a severe diverticulitis episode and a kidney infection. Lots of pain and 10 days of iv antibiotics and fluids later I'm now taking Dulcolax stool softeners, Fiber choice chews 1 once a day to start and starting my pureed foods one at a time again. I had been 4 weeks post op and doing terrific. One of the reasons I couldn't come home was the inability to take large pills ( I had to explain what a sleeve was and the limitations at least 5 times a day to the nurses etc. because they just couldn't understand why I wasn't willing to cooperate with their plan). I was on a clear liquid diet ( salty broth, sweet apple juice, sugary jello until they put me on a diabetic liquid diet URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH). Moral of the story....make sure you drink your liquids to keep the fiber in your guts moving well. Do anything you can to keep constipation away. I am so glad to be home, weak as I may be.
  4. Congrats!!! The first thing I noticed about how I look was also the loss of the "moon" face!!
  5. cherip

    5 days post op

    I would stick to what your doctor told you to do. I felt hungry as well. Just remember baby steps for your new tummy. the stitches are still healing on the pouch and you don't want to do ANYTHING that can jeopardize your healing. Eating too soon could actually be dangerous I was told. I would probably suggest sugar free pudding ( lemon and white chocolate are really good ) Popsicles also. Don't rush things. there is a schedule for a reason. Patience
  6. cherip

    79 pounds down

  7. Is anyone out there from the Coachella Valley????? anyone going to the Obesity help Conference in October in Anaheim, Calif????? Carpool?????
  8. cherip


    I thought the same but realized that when I did eat it kinda got stuck. Our digestive system is still new and the types of food we are eating can effect how it flows. Miralax is also a good go to. It's a light laxative with a stool softener added in. 1 capful in liquid ( I put it in my G2 Gatorade ) and it dissolves and is tasteless.
  9. cherip

    Boot Camp Class?

    Just make sure you stay hydrated or you will be miserable.
  10. cherip


    Ask your doctor about Phillips fiber gummies. You do NOT want to get constipated believe me. A friend takes 2 TBS of mineral oil in her breakfast shake every day to stay regular.
  11. cherip


    Ask your surgeon for the name of a doctor he works with.
  12. cherip


    I was so lucky, my primary Dr. said no as well. he said if I lost 25 lbs ( I was 240 ) I would feel 100% better. I switched doctors immediately.
  13. Oh Molly sounds like you and I had the same kind of day. Sweating and near tears is no fun.
  14. cherip

    pooping.... or lack there of...

    Fiber can help. I got the Phillips gummy fiber chews. Also I was told to put 2 TBS of mineral oil in my shake every a.m. The manager in my doctor's office is 3 years out and she told me the Dr. gave her this advice. She said she is regular every day. I had a horrible time of it today. Had to drink magnesium citrate. Plus the pain of trying to get the initial flow going had me sweating and in tears,
  15. I only needed 1/2 bottle of the magnesium citrate, this after 2 days of Miralax and finally went to the bathroom. I don't EVER want to do that again. My Dr.'s nurse who had surgery 3 years ago told me she puts 2 TBS in her shake every morning and has 2 gummy fiber chewies twice a day.
  16. cherip

    Smoking !

    Talk to your Dr. about the weed. I would NOT out it in food though. It's hard enough to start on pureed food without having to worry about filling up on bulk. Remember protein is #1. Talk to your Dr. asap.
  17. cherip

    I'm a little hurt..

    Some people are so very unhappy with their own lives that they can't be happy for anyone else. So sad. Just remember when you are feeling on top of the world not to let anyone get you down.
  18. How much magnesium citrate??
  19. cherip


    I know EXACTLY how you feel. I feel like I have a cork stuck in me. 2nd dose of Miralax this a.m. Dr. said to try mineral oil and fiber choice. A cousin of mine had a sleeve November of 2012 ( he is an R.N. ) and swears by Walgreens Smooth Move tea. I want to push a bit but afraid.
  20. cherip

    I'm a little hurt..

    with friends like that......................
  21. My nutritionist said Miralax and the Dr.'s office said calcium citrate or mineral oil. Stool softeners are ok as well. To add fiber get fiberchoice chew tabs. I really have to go but don't want to push. Feel like the tidy bowl man is stuck in mid stream!!!!
  22. cherip

    Chest pains

    Call the Dr.
  23. I took a robe, 2 pair of shorts and 2 tops and used non of them. Lived in my hospital gown. I took face wash, moisturizer. Didn't use them either. I used my shampoo and moisturizer the day I went home. I also took an mp3 player and ear phones, kindle. Again didn't use. Personally I would take whatever you think you can't live without and then see. No harm no foul
  24. Ask your nutritionist for their suggestions. If not let me know and I can give you mine. Keep in mind all Doctors have their own ideas.

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