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  1. Current weight today is 271 pounds. I've lost 34 pounds since surgery day and 55 pounds since Halloween. Super happy so far. Tomorrow I my one month surgiversary. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  2. Hey everyone, I'm about to start the soft/mushy food stage and am wondering what your favorites have been. I am so looking forward to slowly introducing foods again. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  3. I grabbed a baseball hat out of my closet I haven't worn since I weighted 326 pounds. Now weighing 282 I had to tighten the hat quite a bit. It was a weird but awesome feeling. Also the other day we went to a restaurant and got seated in a booth. Prior to sleeve my tummy fat would hit te edge of the table. Now I didn't touch and had plenty of room. It was a good feeling. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  4. t3max

    Found a yummy dish at Anthony's

    Thank you. That sounds delicious. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  5. t3max

    280 Cal To Much For A Protein Drink ?

    140 calories for 30g of protein is okay. You should split it up into two servings. Make sure it doesn't contain too much sugar though. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  6. t3max


    Wow! This is an eye opener.
  7. I am a new sleever and I didn't feel butterbean's comment was mean toned at all. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  8. I was 326 when I started pre-op diet. I weighed 305 on surgery day ( 11/28 ). I weighed in today at 282. I've lost 23 pounds since surgery and a total of 44 pounds since I started this journey. Congrats to everyone. We will all be big losers soon. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Tom. I am 33 years old. I started the sleeve journey weighing in at 326 pounds. A month later my preop weight was 305. I got sleeved 11/28 in the afternoon. In addition to the sleeve my surgeon also fixed my hiatal hernia. I have sleep apnea so I stayed at the hospital over night. The pain at the sleeve site isn't that bad. But the pain at the repaired hernia site has been uncomfortable. I do have roxicet for the pain and that has helped. I also notice a moderate level of neasea so I got a medicine for that also. I have been sipping liquids and walking aroud my whole house. The walking helps most. Well just found this site and decided to introduce myself. Looking forward to sharing more of my journey with you all.
  10. t3max

    My Journey So Far

    Exactly. It's a nasty bacteria you can be prone to getting after surgery. It's gone now thank goodness. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  11. t3max

    My Journey So Far

    Mashed potatoes today. It worked well for me. I only ate a few tablespoons total. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  12. Kick him to the curb. He is a child. Go find yourself a man that will treat you right. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  13. t3max

    My Journey So Far

    Thank you. How are you doing? Sent from my iPhone using VST
  14. t3max

    My Journey So Far

    Current update....it's been a bit of a rocky recovery for me. I got C. Diff then later had some blood in my abdominal area. And most recently I have an infection in my right leg. My surgery area is healed up nice. The incisions are healing nice. I went from 305 surgery day to 287 today. I just this last little hurdle to get over. I am very excited though and start soft foods today. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  15. t3max

    Seattle, Washington anyone?

    Hello, I live in Lake Stevens and was sleeved 11/28. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  16. ER doctor says that he doesn't think I have a leak, however it appears I do have hematoma in my abdominal area. I am admitted over night and my surgeon will come see me in the morning. Ugh. This sucks. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  17. It turns out I have C. Diff. I came to the ER following direction from my sergeon because I have been having increasing abdominal pains. They just did a CT scan with contrast to make sure I don't have a sleeve leak. Please pray for me. I will keep you all updated. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  18. I am currently 6 days post op. I have been having some abdominal pain and diarrhea for a few days now. I went to the surgeon yesterday and they gave me 2.5 liters of IV Fluid. They also took a stool sample. They called me today and told me that they found a bacteria in my sample. They gave me a prescription medicine. I hope this gets better soon. It's miserable feeling. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  19. Good luck! You are going to love your sleeve. Keep us posted. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  20. Hello, I just wanted to post and let you all know that the first two days post-op were pretty painful for me, especially at the hiatal hernia repair location. Here is the good part. I woke up today feeling way better. Still a little discomfort, but very manageable with liquid Tylenol. I do not plan on weighing myself until 7 days post-op. I want to give my body some time to adjust and heal. I am so excited!
  21. t3max

    4 Days Post Op... Advice?

    I'm sipping unjury chicken soup flavored protein right now and it tastes good.
  22. t3max

    Headaches ! Help

    I woke up today (day 3) with a headache. I took 1 tablespoon of adult liquid Tylenol and slowly sipped about 4 oz of water. I feel quite a bit better.
  23. You can try adding unflavored unjury protein to sugar free jello.
  24. Awesome work! It is so cool to hear peoples' success stories. I am so glad I went through with the surgery. I can't wait until I am back on solid foods. Thank you for the encouragement.

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