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  1. The things I noted in my post & the hair lost
  2. I was sleeved April 3 this year & keep having these feelings what did I do 2 myself ,y didn't I try harder & needing a nap everyday with low energy makes it worst plus count this do that my doc & nut made it seem so easy its not its very hard & a lot of work please keep me & my FAM in our prayers I know I did this 4 a good reason it just don't feel like it I'm tired of taking all these vitamins giving myself b12 shots &feeling lonely everything change after this my friends,sex drive ,my attitude & most of all my body I keep having break outs & no 1 knows y
  3. toy27

    I'm angry!

    U said but for some like toy they can't handle the urges and feel like they ruin there life that's y I said that & no offense taking was wondering what u was talking bout
  4. I am feeling a lil better still having breakouts & still needing naps but hanging in there also the sex drive is still low but trying things 2 help that out most of all I'm just happy & thankful I didn't have leaks and complications like some others
  5. toy27

    I'm angry!

    What do u mean I can't handle those urges and the surgery ruin my life? Is that what I wrote NO
  6. Mine is 2 keep this weight off and get down 2 a healthy bmi I'm only 2months out
  7. I keep having breakouts & they don't know what its coming from at first they thought it was 2 much vitamin B12 omg what's going on never had any skin issues
  8. Not trying 2 be funny but ppl say its gonna get better and hold on ,soon as some1 post something negative its a big problem I think we should be interested in the good and the bad & not bash the bad goodluck 2 all
  9. toy27


    Or welcome hope the benadryl works 4 u I've tried the pills & cream seems like it only works 4 a couple min that's it pls keep me posted I get more lab work done next week
  10. I've notice that I feel hungry when I'm not keeping busy & I believe its head hunger not actual hunger be strong & try 2 stay busy good luck
  11. How long have u been sleeved?
  12. Thanks again these posts r making me feel a lot better sometimes I have my good days & sometimes I have my bad I'm at the laundry mat wit a friend of mine & its a scale here I lost 4 pounds that made me feel a lot better lol I'm just a lil upset I'm a slow loser & I work hard but at least its coming off
  13. Thanks 4 ur words of encouragement I really hope I do great & learn 2 love my sleeve & the sleeve life how long have u been sleeved?
  14. Thanks & my nut/therapist said its normal the things I'm going through she said its like the 1st trimester of pregnancy if so can't wait til 2nd trimester I'm so ready 2 enjoy my sleeve
  15. Would like 2 know how is it now & how u feel 5 years or more after weight loss surgery

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