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    Arm lift / brachioplasty

    Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!
  2. sara.rn

    Arm lift / brachioplasty

    Thanks everyone for all the info. You all look so amazing. I've always been scared of having the large scar on my arms, but you all have put me at ease. I'm starting to look at doctors for the arm lift and breast augmentation. Any suggestion on looking for a surgeon and what kind of questions to ask??
  3. I wore my abdominal binder for a week. It really helped with the pain when I was up and moving around
  4. sara.rn

    November 2012 sleevers

    Buckeye- you look amazing. I didn't even recognize you . I had wondered how everyone was doing from our group!!
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  6. sara.rn

    Indiana Sleevers

    How exciting!! It will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself
  7. sara.rn

    Indiana Sleevers

    I took the support socks off once I got home. I started protein a week out, focused first on my water intake, could only tolerate isopure protein drinks post op. The most important thing is to stay hydrated. For gas, I used gas x strips and walked a lot. It took a good week to get rid of it all. Hope that helps your body will tell you what it can handle.
  8. I was sleeved on 11/26, my starting wt 266, i'm now 180, down 86. My life has completely changed, I have so much energy and I'm enjoying doing things I've never been able to do. I've even signed up to run a half marathon in Feb 2014
  9. sara.rn

    Suddenly Sad....

    Being sad is totally normal, For me food was a major part of my life, after surgery I had to find new ways to make myself happy. 7 months out I enjoy getting out and doing fun things that I could never do before surgery. Whenever I feel sad, I put on a pair of preop jean and see how much I have really changed. It is so much fun to go shopping now, I have to work extra because I finally love to shop
  10. sara.rn

    Indiana Sleevers

    I'm not sure. I never asked. What ever she did, it worked
  11. sara.rn

    Indiana Sleevers

    They only test they did the day of surgery was a urine pregnancy test.
  12. sara.rn

    Indiana Sleevers

    I was sore and very tired after surgery. Getting up and moving around once I got home was hard, because all I wanted to do was sleep. I never got sick, thankfully. I followed all the post op instructions to a T!! Pre op testing is when you go to the hospital for about 3 hours. You have tons of lab work drawn, EkG, chest X-ray, upper GI, and you meet with a preop nurse. I know I had tons of questions when I started, so let me know what other ones you have.
  13. sara.rn

    Indiana Sleevers

    I had a wonderful experience!! Everyone at the bariatric center is great, I felt very prepared going into surgery. My hospital stays was good too. I was only there one night. My surgery took 45 min and then I was in my room. They make you get up every 2 hours to walk the unit . I plan on losing 100, the doc says I can loose a little more. My hair is falling out, not bad but I notice it more than anyone else. I take biotin and it seems to help.
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    From the album: sara.rn

  15. sara.rn

    Indiana Sleevers

    Hi I'm from Indy I had my surgery 5 months ago with Dr. Cacucci at St. Vincent. She was wonderful!!! So far I've lost 80lbs.
  16. sara.rn

    Sippy cup? Yes/no?

    Yep, it didn't leak. I could only take small sips at a time
  17. sara.rn

    Sippy cup? Yes/no?

    When I had my surgery 4 months ago they actually sent me home with a sippy cup
  18. sara.rn

    Little bummed

    I have the same problem. My weight loss seems to slow down for a few days, then I loose. My weight really stalls when I work to many 12 hr night shifts in a row. Our NICU unit is the same, there is always food around from both staff and families. It really makes it hard.
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    I use the grape and Alpine punch in the premixed drinks. It the only protein drink I can keep down. To take away the after taste it leaves, I mix in a little lite v8 splash to mask the taste.
  20. sara.rn

    Last Week Of November?

    I'm November 26

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