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Gastric Bypass Patients
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  1. Tell them you have stomach ulcers& can’t eat certain foods anymore
  2. Gallbladder for an excuse is good until it goes which usually happens after weight loss surgery
  3. Sherrischeffler

    Weight loss and underwear

    Have you consulted a dr about gastric bypass?
  4. Sherrischeffler

    Weight loss and underwear

    I just looked on amazon they have spanx tummy control for women in a 3 x , check them out . From what I understand they are excellent.
  5. Sherrischeffler

    Weight loss and underwear

    You can look on amazon for surgical binders which usually are very thin & possibly try that.
  6. Sherrischeffler

    Weight loss and underwear

    Have you had weight loss surgery yet?
  7. Sherrischeffler

    Weight loss and underwear

    Have you tried spanx? Possibly order them online if unavailable in your size in store
  8. Sherrischeffler


    Eat more get I up some long enough to get approval tell dr your a stress eater onnext visit
  9. Sherrischeffler

    Sleeves Any regrets????why and why not????

    Supergirl88 do the surgery & stop thinking negatively it’s gonna be fine having a child has more complications , just give ur Delaware couple wks yo recover & font lift anything.. follow Drs instructions all the way.
  10. Sherrischeffler

    Stomach "growling"

    Almost 6 yrs post op & same thing here so I’d say it’s normal
  11. Happy for husband finally supportive if this, unhappy with ur Dr & no pain meds, Wow but don’t take ibuprofen it can cause ulcers & ya don’t want them. Possibly try slowly walking & when finally getting a bowel movements you should feel better .
  12. Congratulations & welcome to losers bench.. new beginnings ahead.
  13. Good luck tomorrow, it’s what’s best for your long term health & children but do it for you mainly.im glad ur friend is helping you. Also hoping your husband doesn’t work at same hospital & try stopping surgery..everything will work out & get surgery done & within several days you’ll notice a difference..
  14. Sherrischeffler


    I feel it there also plus I feel my hip bones a lot my jeans fit exactly on top , not sure why it feels like outside my skin but it’s a nice feeling to have jeans I feel comfortable wearing.
  15. Sherrischeffler

    Surgery Feb 4th anybody get sick before?

    If ya wanna chat I’m in fb as Sherri landers Scheffler
  16. Sherrischeffler


    If you like look me up on fb @ Sherri landers Scheffler
  17. Do what’s best for your health & happiness, good luck during surgery & recovery. Once weight starts coming off your happiness will start to return, we if us have been there this surgery sounds like what you need do go for it & im praying your spouse understands it’s about you & your future healthy life , being that he’s so much older just tell him not only did you make this decision for you but for your children’s future. At his age anything is possible & your children need a healthy parent around & if he doesn’t see it that way maybe he needs counseling on several levels... keep us posted
  18. Sherrischeffler

    Calling all vets- where are you

    I’ll be 6 yrs In August
  19. Sherrischeffler

    Calling all vets- where are you

    I’m 3014 post op !
  20. Sherrischeffler

    Lap band January 2019 surgery date

    Oh excuse me Missouri-Lee’s Summit I accidentally put 3013 but meant to put 2013 but keep smart comments to yourself.
  21. Sherrischeffler

    Lap band January 2019 surgery date

    I’m actually a country girl & have 47 acre farm & that’s what ppl call me
  22. Have a friend take you to hospital or1of your children if they drive if those aren’t possible take UBER.. although you are married to him you can put on medical papers that he isn’t to know anything about procedure but still possibly take you but I’d try &make arrangements for a friend to take you & check on you first few days while children are in school.,
  23. Sherrischeffler

    Lap band January 2019 surgery date

    I’m bypass would never have considered band & my surgeon said in 3013 they were considering taking them off market due to slippage.
  24. Sherrischeffler

    Eating and drinking

    I’m 5 1/2 yrs post op & still having major issues with gurgling when drinking or eating but always wait 45 mins either way... I’m baffled.

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