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    May 2013 Sleevers!

    Anyone else still around? It’s been nearly 6 years! I’ve maintained well and had skin removal surgery last October. They removed 7 pounds of skin through a tummy tuck and breast reduction down to a B! I don’t regret anything about the surgery, though I would have preferred not to have to convert to bypass due to reflux and ulcers. Still no diabetes after all this time and I’ve really never had trouble maintaining my loss. I’m currently around 122 lbs and 4’11”, right in the middle of normal BMI.
  2. I'm in Australia and I can't get all the great low-cal low-carb high-Protein shakes you guys in the US have, like Premier Protein. Even Syntrax nectar costs me twice what it costs you guys. There are just a few options that are relatively high quality. Optifast VLCD have 17 grams of protein for 152 calories. Musashi has one variety that has 25 grams for 113 cals and one that has 30 grams for 171 (closest I can find to Premier but not RTD). I haven't tried it yet but probably will when my Optifast runs out. There is another brand here called CelebritySlim. They taste great but are comparatively low-protein and high-carb. They also have other things like tea tree oil that I find fishy. Short of racking up big import costs, I think maybe my best bet is buying pure unflavored WPI (I can get it here) and making up my own shake recipes. I'd ideally like to stay around the 30 grams mark and have 170 or less calories. Most of the homemade shake recipes I see online are more like 300-500 calories. Has anyone tried this? How did it come out?
  3. Please post your staple foods, shakes, recipes for the full liquid phase. Remember that all surgeons are different and don't get distracted someone else had different guidelines from you. This thread is part of a series: http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292196-staple-foods-for-pre-op/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292197-staple-foods-for-the-liquid-phase-phase-1/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292198-staple-foods-for-puree-phase-2/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292199-staple-foods-for-the-soft-food-stage-phase-3/
  4. Please post with your go-to foods or recipes for the soft food stage, when foods need to be easy to chew to a similar consistency as purée, and should not be too stringy, chewy, or fibrous. Remember you can have foods from the purée or liquid phases while you are on the soft phase. This thread is part of a series: http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292196-staple-foods-for-pre-op/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292197-staple-foods-for-the-liquid-phase-phase-1/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292198-staple-foods-for-puree-phase-2/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292199-staple-foods-for-the-soft-food-stage-phase-3/
  5. Great article! http://m.obesityhelp.com/articles/choice-of-bariatric-procedure-a-philosophy-obtained-in-20-years-of-bariatric-practice-2/ I accidentally linked to page 2 of 8 at first. Sorry about that.
  6. Please post your go-to foods, recipes, etc for the purée (aka creamy) phase. Remember these foods should be smooth with no chunks. Also remember that you can have foods from the liquid phase during the purée phase. This thread is part of a series: http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292196-staple-foods-for-pre-op/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292197-staple-foods-for-the-liquid-phase-phase-1/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292198-staple-foods-for-puree-phase-2/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/292199-staple-foods-for-the-soft-food-stage-phase-3/
  7. I made a list of all the post-op diets I could find from reputable sources online (surgeons and Bariatric Centers of Excellence, as well as international practices of renown). The list is here: http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/255776-list-of-vsg-post-op-diets-from-surgeons/ If your surgeon publishes their diet plan online, add the link to the original post.
  8. Here are links to several VSG diets from well-respected bariatric surgeons, hospitals, and clinics around the world. I didn't make this list for the purpose of "diet shopping". It is remarkable how similar the advice is in most of these lists. We all know it: Protein first Lots of protein (I think the lowest plan here calls for 50 grams) Don't drink with meals Drink 8+ glasses of Water a day If your surgeon's plan is not on this list already and it's published online, leave the link as a reply and I'll add it. Maybe we can get this thread added to the stickies. Auckland Weight Loss Surgery (New Zealand) Baker Bariatrics Brigham and Women's Hospital Columbia University Cornell Goodnight Surgical HealthPoint(New Zealand) Highland Hospital, Rochester NY Institute for Advanced Bariatric Surgery Johns Hopkins (diet progression first month post-op) Johns Hopkins (Ongoing dietary guidelines) Johns Hopkins (additional info) Kaiser London Bariatric Group (UK) London Obesity Clinic (UK) Miami HOPE Center Murfressboro Surgical Specialists North London Obesity Surgery Services (UK) Northwest Obesity Center Peachtree Bariatrics Pinnacle Health St. George Obesity Surgery (Australia) St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton (Canada) University of Missouri Upper Gastro Intestinal Surgery (Dr. Talbot, Australia) Virginia Hospital Center Walter Reed - Booklet or Powerpoint
  9. mistysj

    Chicken burrito puree

    1 can Mexican-flavored pinto Beans 1 cup shredded cheese 1 cup salsa 400 grams puréed cooked chicken (14 ounces) 1 envelope of taco or burrito spice mix 4 tsp Benefiber (2 servings) Purée until smooth. Line a muffin tin with muffin cups and put 1/2 cup mixture into each. Freeze for three hours or so, then remove from the muffin tin (you may need to use a plastic knife to help), peel,off the paper, and put into zip loc bags. Serves: 9 Calories: 130 Protein: 13.9 Fat: 4.9 Sugars: 1.3 Fiber: 3.4
  10. It has been a while since I was posting regularly here. I had vsg in May 2013, reached my goal weight and a healthy BMI in about 16 months, and have had no trouble maintaining. I've been very happy with the sleeve overall. But I have had some trouble the whole time. Basically I dump (severe diarrhea and sometimes severe hypoglycemia too) after almost every meal. We are talking agonizing, clear-the-ladies-room, stuff. I actually experienced it right after surgery in the hospital and they said it was normal and would go away. It never has. I've worked with my surgeon, dietitians, other gastroenterologists, I've had all kinds of tests including numerous endoscopes and colonoscopies. I tried going dairy free, gluten free, low carb, low fat. I had my gall bladder removed after a severe attack and hoped it might help. I took Questran at 4x the normal dose. I tried calcium. I tried eating g things that tend to block other people up. I ate 120+ grams of low fat Protein a day. Nothing helped. Now I have another problem too. Despite being on nexium since surgery, I have severe acid reflux and bile reflux that have caused my stomach and upper bowel to develop severe ulcers. The acid reflux is a relatively common long term complication of the sleeve. The bike reflux is often genetic and doesn't cause a lot of trouble with a full size stomach apparently. My current gastroenterologist is going to revise my sleeve to a bypass, which will eliminate both types of reflux because it will be impossible for the acid and bile to reach the pouch from the blind stomach. He also thinks that the bile reflux is causing the dumping because it is impeding the break-down of food, which is passing through me only partially digested. So I will be having the revision Monday morning and I get to re-experience the joy of the 6 week post-op diet. My surgeon is confident that any weight I lose will only be temporary, since I really don't need to lose more. I may actually gain a bit because I will be absorbing more nutrients. I don't know how many sleeve to bypass revisions there are, so I wasn't sure where to post this. Hopefully it is helpful to someone.
  11. And that is sadly understandable.
  12. @@globetrotter regardless of your weight, you need to get the GERD seen to. A gastroenterologist or gastric surgeon will be your best bet, and you need to be very persistent. Get an endoscopy so they can assess the damage the GERD may have already caused, and take it from there. Honestly, who cares what your weight is or what surgery you had if you get esophageal cancer?
  13. Globe, I know you asked for a PM but there seems to be general interest so I will put it out there. GERD can cause cancer. If you are not controlling it with a PPI you need to be proactive. The sleeve increases the pressure inside your stomach causing stress on the valves at the top and bottom. Some of us seem to be able to handle it and others not. I was not only having GERD but bile reflux from my intestine back into my stomach. Bile is caustic like lye and reacts to stomach acid sort of like vinegar and baking soda. I had ulcers in my stomach and intestines. In addition if bile and stomach acid reflux into your esophagus you can get Barret's Esophagus which is a precursor to esophageal cancer. Not trying to scare you but just to be real. The RNY splits your stomach or sleeve into two parts. An upper part which connects to your esophagus and your small intestine about 100 cm down from the normal place, and a small part that connects to the common bile duct and then connects to your intestine. So the food and digestive juices don't mix until they get together in your small intestine (which is where digestion happens anyway) and reflux is basically impossible. My surgeon said that the part of my sleeve that he used for the bile part is only about 10 ml (2 tsp) and I am already close to my pre-revision capacity a month out. I've had no issues. Even my poop is kind of normal for the first time since my sleeve surgery. I know most of us chose the sleeve because we were dead set against the bypass but I am sure seeing a lot of sleeve to bypass revisions now because of GERD, both here and on Thinner Times. I hope the word gets out to pre-op folks so they can make more informed decisions.
  14. I just want to step in and say to Frumpy, regardless of the weight gain, please take the GERD seriously. I am just a month out from revision to bypass that was necessary because of multiple ulcers and inflammation that occurred despite me taking nexium since my surgery in 2013 and never actually feeling heartburn. We don't have much stomach left after sleeve and we can't afford for GERD to damage it. Gastric bypass makes GERD practically impossible because the bile duct is in a different part of the system from the esophagus and stomach after the bypass. I'm not saying you need bypass but you need to be monitoring the situation with your doctor.
  15. It's tricky to say as it was "silent" reflux. I didn't really ever have proper heartburn. So I'll find out at my 4-week appointment. Because of the way the bypass works I was told it would be almost impossible for me to have reflux afterward. It's hard to tell with the diarrhea as well. It seems like it might be a smidge better but I am still on liquids so it's still not expected to be "normal" yet I suppose. So just waiting a bit longer to see.
  16. Still doing pretty well. Bring on week 2 of liquids. Back to pre-op weight now. Not really trying to lose anything which is weird in a way!
  17. I'm home now. Tolerating free fluids fine. My capacity is better than with the sleeve. I'm nursing a protein shake now. It's funny not to be so worried about the calories as I was the first time. To maintain I probably have about 1600 and I don't really count anything. So during the liquid phase it will be nearly impossible for me not to have a deficit. It's also weird to realize that this time my goal is to maintain, maybe losing a couple of kg but it's not a priority at all.
  18. Thanks for the welcome back. I have to say I can't get used to all the ads though. Surgery went fine yesterday morning. It took two hours including a massive hiatus hernia repair (had it repaired as part of the sleeve surgery too but it came back). This morning I had clear fluids for Breakfast with no trouble (about 6 ounces total I would guess). The expected amount of pain. Everything seems easier this time around even though the sleeve was very easy too. I'll be out of the hospital tomorrow and on full fluids for two weeks, mushy for two weeks, then gently back to normal. I expect to be back at work (desk job, work from home) next week.
  19. Thanks for that info! My biggest concern is what my pouch capacity will be compared to the sleeve now. My surgeon thinks I will not have any trouble but it is in the back of my mind as I have never really noticed a loss of restriction. I still don't eat more than 50 grams of dense protein at a time for instance.
  20. I saw a section for band to sleeve and one from band to bypass but not one for sleeve to bypass. I will look again. Note that this is also different from sleeve to duodenal switch. Thanks!
  21. I'm revising from sleeve to bypass next week because of severe acid and bile reflux. I am over two years out and at my goal weight but my stomach is full of ulcers that could cause permanent damage, and that is with a large dose of nexium every day since surgery. So do what you feel is right. A lot of people get the sleeve because they specifically don't want the bypass but then some of us seem to end up with it anyway.
  22. This is my absolute favorite dressing for salads, for dipping seafood into, etc. I love it and it is so simple. Here is my recipe for a single generous serving. It could probably serve two. 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar 1/2 tsp soy sauce 1/4 tsp sesame oil or a few drops if your container dispenses that way 1/2 tsp jam, jelly, preserves, or marmalade of your choice -- raspberry or orange are my favorites Optional: 1 clove garlic finely chopped, a sprig of cilantro finely chopped, a sprinkling of chopped peanuts, or a dash of hot sauce Mix it all together and pour over your salad or use as a dipping sauce. I have to stop myself from licking the bowl. Around 45 calories and 5 grams carbs. High in sodium if that worries you.
  23. "Are you obese? Have you tried everything to lose weight (black and white footage of a person accidentally springing a thighmaster into a flatscreen TV. TV falls down on top of person/ footage of person running in sweatbands and wristbands and kneebands and looking miserable/ footage of a heavy person forlornly ordering salad while all of their thin dinner companions order steak sundaes topped with bacon whipped cream and laugh and laugh) Well, aspiring thin person — toil no more. Today, we're offering you the opportunity to lose weight THE EASY WAY: and all you have to do is have bacteria from the poop of a thin person injected into your intestines!" So the methodology needs a little work, but the research is still pretty fascinating and important. According to the New York Times, yesterday scientists published the results of a study that found that the bacteria living inside the digestive systems of thin people may actually be keeping them thin — and vice versa. http://feedly.com/k/17egxUg
  24. I'm about 15 months post-op. Several months ago I switched jobs to a work-from home situation and the GP who I have been seeing for several years and saw me through uterine cancer and ACL reconstruction, as well as the sleeve and subsequent gall bladder removal, is no longer convenient. All my prescriptions are in sync and running low, so I booked in with a GP closer to my home. What a bizarre experience. I have a lot of anxiety seeing a new doctor. I'm used to feeling judged and looked down on and like any problem I have must be related to my weight. This doctor clearly had no idea I had ever been fat. She had a completely open mind about why I might be there. I has actually booked a longer appointment because I knew my medical history would take a while and I also wanted to discuss some medication changes with her. But I felt so in control and so heard. I don't think the doctor was the most gifted doctor on the planet, though she did seem nice and competent. I think I felt so much more confident and also of course, doctors are human and there is documented weight bias in medical care providers. I know it's not breaking news that I was treated better, but just wanted to put it out there as something that might be interesting to vets.
  25. mistysj

    Burping / air bubbles

    I'm about 15 months out. I think I've had this the whole time but maybe it's just annoying me more. I get like air bubbles / trickles that constantly bubble up my throat. Like tiny little burps. But not like a burp, more like bubbles in champagne. They make a little bit of noise and it makes me self conscious. It's not like a real burp where you can sort of stifle it. I don't drink with my meals. I don't drink anything carbonated. I don't use a straw. I don't think I eat as slow as I should, but I have always struggled with that. But I wanted to post here and see if anyone has ideas. It is not what I would call a real burp so I have been having some trouble searching. And yes it seems very trivial after some of the other things posted here. Sorry about that.

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