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  1. Hi everyone!! Who else here is from New Jersey?? I am from Northern NJ and my surgeon is located in Livingston.
  2. Sleeved 5/14/2013 SW:305 CW:240 GW:166
  3. How long did it take you to get there?? Congrats thats amazing!!!
  4. Happy Saturday!!! I wanted to share with everyone my blood results and see if this makes any senses? I had my 3 month blood work, so far I am done 65 pounds. When I was 320 pounds my blood work was PERFECT! How is it that now I come out with high cholesterol! Like really? I have been overweight my whole life and have had perfect blood work now my cholesterol is high, now that I eat like a bird and make healthy choices? Believe it or not the things I was scared of are fine like all my vitamins and my iron. Any one experienced this? Any rational explanation? I meet with my nut on Monday and I can’t wait to have her explain this to me.
  5. NJGurl19


    Update!! I was on vacation for two weeks!! I'm talking about eating out everyday and sipping on alcoholic drinks 24/7 with that and all i still managed to lose 5 pounds making my total weight loss today 67 pounds! My neXt goal is to start walking, running, yoga, zumba, something!!!
  6. NJGurl19


    I should make it clear that i choose only healthy proteins and drank low calorie drinks! Im just amazed at still doing well during vaca..
  7. NJGurl19

    Young Sleevers

    25 sleeved on 05/14/2013 have lost 35 pounds so far. Excited to start this January!!
  8. So I've lost a total of 27 pounds 14 of those post op I am not even a week from having surgery!!! They also did a third leak test yuck! And a sonogram on my veins to make sure no blood clots so far everything looks good!!
  9. NJGurl19

    XXX rated super serious question!

    You know what i never this but now until u get an answer if you do i will not "swallow" lol
  10. NJGurl19

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    Sleeved May 14th have lost 40 pounds including 12 from pre- o
  11. NJGurl19

    mf vs wls

    I lost 100 pounds plus with mf and gained it back and them some
  12. NJGurl19


    Make your own, there many healthy recipes out there one of them is greek yogurt with the hidden valley packet.
  13. NJGurl19

    Sleeved May 15 and Regretting it

    I was sleeved May 14th no regret or hunger but it has been mentally challenging. I ask myself would i ever be able to eat and drink like i used to i also think i should of got rny they eat more after time then i wanna smack myself in the head! I don't wanna eat like before because i did this to not be that person ever again!!
  14. NJGurl19

    Sleevers over 300lbs?

    I was 320 lost 12 pounds on pre-op and 14 pounds my first week.
  15. NJGurl19

    One week tomorrow!

    Very sore, gassy and cranky lol but minimal pain.
  16. NJGurl19

    One week tomorrow!

    I know isnt it amazing!!
  17. NJGurl19

    One week tomorrow!

    None thank God my surgeon does one on the table, one before you leave the hospital and one a week later.
  18. Okay so while in the hospital I was given hemprin shots every 8 hours for the two days I was their. My doctors sent me with a prescription to five lovenox injections. The nurse did not understand why I needed this, and said that the shots at the hospital should be enough. My surgeon said they make everyone over 50 bmi do it, i was at 51. The thing is my gums have started bleeding and my legs keep getting numb! Should i stop these shot i don't want a blood clot but idk if these shots are doing me ill!!
  19. I was allowed jello right away.
  20. The biggest one hurts the most it's the one are stomach was taken out of. Mine feels better today but was extremely sour first few days. I was sleeved Tuesday.
  21. I didn't have to do a liquid diet but fish, soup, protein i lost 13 pounds in two weeks.
  22. Yes!! If it is due to that it will go away at least that's what the doctor told my friend.
  23. What is the book about?

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