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  1. Hi All, I wanted to start a new chat thread for bandsters all over Australia. Firstly the Melbourne chat thread now has so many replies that we are getting a lot of horrible spam, and secondly we want bandsters from all over the country to feel they can join in and chat on this thread. Could we post on this new thread now? Susannah
  2. susannah

    Gastric Balloon

    Hi everybody. Did anybody happen to catch the story on Today Tonight on Wed Nov 22nd on the gastric balloon? I thought it looked interesting, but I would be worried about putting all the weight back on after it was removed. Patients can only have the balloon for a six month period. I understand the thinking behind it is that one needs to modify their eating behaviour post removal permanently, but face it some of us are addicts when it comes to eating, and I doubt this procedure would work long term. Having said that I wish all those having this procedure well. To update you all on my progress, I am still having several different tests pre banding. My situation is more complicated than most due to my neurological condition. I am hoping to set a date when I go back to see my surgeon in December. Susannah:)
  3. Hi All, Somebody told me that bandsters that exercise are the exception rather than the rule. I was just wondering how many times per week people exercise? Other thoughts regarding frequency for maximum results would also be good. Susannah
  4. Hi All, I have not posted here in forever. I was banded in February 2007. I have made the decision to have my Lap Band removed. I cannot handle it anymore. I am tired of the horrific side effects of vomitting and pain. I think I have vomitted everyday for the last three years. I am tired of the fill and unfill game. I also have progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and I have been struggling with the disease. I have recently been hospitalized for it. I cannot fight a battle on two fronts. The side effects of the band, and the progression of my MS, and the battle that is MS. The Lap Band. I looked gaunt and awful when I had lost 50 kilos. My hair fell out, I looked like a deflated balloon. I hated how my body looked. I have gained the weight back, and it has all filled out again, and I feel happy with how it looks. I feel very beautiful and feminine. I think the medical profession glosses over the psychological effects all the changes the Lap Band can have on your life. Disclaimer this is my experience of life with the band. I am speaking only for myself, and giving my own opinions. There is no easy answer. I now personally do not believe the Lap Band is the answer either. I also believe it to be possibly dangerous in the long term. My Aunt had hers removed in emergency surgery a month ago. I also think the band works well in the short term, say the first two years, but it becomes less effective after that. I have decided to love myself as I am, be healthy in the body that I have, and to live my life for now, and not for the magical day that I look a certain way that society perceives that I must as a woman. I am a beautiful woman, right now and as I am. I am not buying the propeganda anymore. With that said I do wish everybody else well who has the band, or is to be banded. I am seeing my surgeon this Thursday, and I will ask him to take it out. My body, my choice. I am at peace with myself and who I am. Best Wishes Susannah
  5. Hi. My Name is Susannah and I am 33 years old. I live in Melbourne Australia. I have Multiple Sclerosis and am overweight. I have to have the lap band surgery due to having MS and my health in general. I feel like crying because I am so scared. Susannah
  6. susannah

    Australian Bandsters Chat Thread

    Hi Suzanna, I am Susannah! Lol! Nice to meet you.:biggrin: Good luck with being banded. I was banded in Feb 07. Susannah
  7. susannah

    Australian Bandsters Chat Thread

    That is a good idea Sunwyse. I should bookmark the Australian forum. Good luck in your search for a new job, and I hope the post op recovery will not be too painful for you. Best wishes to you. Shoshie
  8. I can't remember the last time I stopped by here. It is like sensory overload here now with the five million sub forums all over the place. My head is spinning. Lol!

  9. susannah

    Different Australian States Lapband

    Word. That is exactly right. Too stressful.
  10. susannah

    Australian Bandsters Chat Thread

    Hi Everybody, I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I don't come here often, because the other aspects of my life have taken over, namely the progression of my disability with my Multiple Sclerosis, and life in general. I continue to do well having been banded, and while I have not lost any weight recently, my weight is pretty stable. I am not able to exercise at the moment, and am walking with a cane. There are lots of new people here that I do not know, but I want to wish you all well, as well as the old timers here. I find this forum kind of confusing and like sensory overload now. There are so many sub forums that your head spins. Anyway. The best of health to you all. Susannah
  11. susannah

    Australian Bandsters Chat Thread

    Hi Everybody, I am so sorry that I have been AWOL. I have been very sick in the last month. I have Multiple Sclerosis and my legs, feet, and bottom have been numb for more than a month. I was in hospital last week for three days with the drip in my arm with the drug that tries to halt the attack of the disease. My neurologist has now told me that I will need to commence injecting myself with interferon injections three times a week.I have previously tried to avoid this. I have been exhausted and scared. I am glad that I had my band inserted now though, as I would have struggled even more had I been still obese. Sorry everybody I have been slack here. To answer the question re sliming. Sliming is when you have food get stuck and your body reacts by spitting up lots of thick gooey saliva. I had it happen after eating sushi once. It was horrible. Tarajana I think you have my old email that I never check, because I checked it today and you had kindly left me info re the meetup. Thank you so much. You are an angel. Please forgive me. I am moving to live in Castlemaine Victoria this Saturday, which is about 90 mins north of Melbourne. My health has been bad as I have had two attacks of this illness in five months. I need to be near family now. My sister lives in Castlemaine with her twin 10 year old sons. I have rented a place nearby. Can I wish everybody here lots of success with their banding journies. You are all wonderful and brave people. Big hug to all. Susannah
  12. susannah

    Progress Pics!

    Wow Bel you look great! Good job all as well. Susannah
  13. susannah

    Australian Bandsters Chat Thread

    Hi Australian Bandies, I hope you are all doing well. I have lost a tonne of weight since I had my band inserted. Here I am with my beautiful nephew Marcus. He was born last December. He is my heart. Lots of love Susannah
  14. Does the skin bounce back at all? I did not think that it did ever. Has anybody heard anything about this? I will have to have a tummy tuck etc. Thanks Susannah
  15. susannah

    Hi from Israel

    Hi Nava, Shalom! Am Yisrael Chai!!! I am Susannah ( Shosh) and I live in Melbourne, Australia. Nice to see other Yidden here. Good luck with it mate! They believe that the new bands slip less. I have lost over 50 kgs. Shoshana
  16. susannah

    Yesh Can Yisraelim?

    Hi there! My name is Susannah ( Shoshana) and I am Jewish although I cannot speak Hebrew. Typical diaspora Jew!:wub: Chag Purim Sameach. I was banded in February 2007 and have now lost over 50 kgs. I live in Australia. Shosh
  17. Hi cookie! Hope you are well. I am up in Castlemaine at my sister's house for the weekend.



  18. Hi, I am 13 months out from being banded. After the three month mark a lot of my hair also fell out in clumps for a couple of months.I was really worried. It will be ok. Do not worry, it does eventually stop. My hair is back to normal now and growing back thicker than ever. It will pass. Susannah
  19. susannah

    Australian Bandsters Chat Thread

    Today was the first anniversary of my being banded. I have lost 40 kgs and have gained my health back. I am happy that I was banded, and would never ever want to go back to being obese. I will need to have a consultation for a tummy tuck etc, but not as yet, as I have no money for the procedure. I am still feeling pretty gutted about all of that, but I will try to live with it. I wish that they had told me before I was banded about the intense emotional trauma you can feel down the track. I have had to learn that for myself. All in all though I am happy I had the procedure done. Hugs Susannah
  20. Hi All, I would love to see all your pics, fellow Feb 07 Bandsters! Let's show off our progress.:) Susannah I will get the ball rolling. Http://www.flickr.com/photos/shoshieboo Susannah
  21. susannah

    My new blog

    Hey Mez, I shall read your blog. Good on ya for being accountable. As always we shall be kind to each other here, because we are all about supporting and encouraging one another. You are doing good kid. Susannah
  22. susannah

    calling melbournians!

    Will be there. Thanks. Email me the details. Susannah
  23. susannah

    The Emotional Journey

    Meanwhile you are the bravest and most dedicated person. Others have their own personal demons to deal with. They can kiss my arse if they look down their nose at me for having the band. We are the brave ones. We have faced our demons and continue to move forward having made incredible change in our lives. Some never make that shift. Hugs to you M.
  24. susannah

    calling melbournians!

    I so want to come. Boo Hoo. I have to work in the city until 6.30 pm, and a week night is hard for me due to work etc. Weekends are good. I promise I will be at the next weekend event anywhere in Melb. Hugs to you all. Susannah
  25. susannah

    calling melbournians!

    Hi Jude, I am Susannah. I live in Caulfield. I was banded at The Avenue hospital last February. I would love to come to a meet up. I have met Tara Jane already. PM me for my email addy. Shosh