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  1. 2012Enoughisenough

    First Fill And Hungry. :(

    I am trying very hard but I am hungry. I suffered through two weeks pre op and 4 weeks post op of starving my self and now that I have had a fill (5cc's) I am still very hungry. When does it get any easer? Is this it?
  2. 2012Enoughisenough

    Left Shoulder Pain

    Thanks everyone. Glad I'm not alone Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  3. 2012Enoughisenough

    Pre-Op Diet

    It will I'm praying for you all Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  4. 2012Enoughisenough

    Pre-Op Diet

    Hope it does get easier for you. Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  5. 2012Enoughisenough

    Any Nurses Here?

    I just came from my pre op clearance I lost 15 pounds doing this pre op diet. I'm not even hungry anymore I have learned to space my Optifast shakes and sugar free Jello to the point I really am not hungry. I pray that I can keep this up once I am banded this Wednesday. I also learned that I was eating because it was time to eat not because I was hungry. I am happy and think this is the start of a very good future Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  6. 2012Enoughisenough

    Any Nurses Here?

    Good luck to you on your surgery and becoming a nurse Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  7. 2012Enoughisenough

    Any Nurses Here?

  8. 2012Enoughisenough

    Pre-Op Diet

    I know right. I'm glad I found you guys. I really feel like I can do this Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  9. 2012Enoughisenough

    Pre-Op Diet

    Very and I am also having bad cramps and diarrhea. Sorry if it was tmi Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  10. 2012Enoughisenough

    Pre-Op Diet

    Don't feel bad. I weight 334 now and can't wait until the 25th. There are a few of us scheduled for that date and we need to help each other through this journey. By the way I'm Tiffany and yes the pre op diet stinks Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  11. 2012Enoughisenough

    Any Nurses Here?

  12. 2012Enoughisenough

    April Bandsters!

    Hello all. My date is April 25 and I am so excited. I just wanted to wish every one well on their success Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  13. 2012Enoughisenough


    Sorry to hear about your husband. You have to do what you need to do to be healthy. He will come around and be glad yo Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  14. 2012Enoughisenough

    Pre-Op Diet

    That's tough. But you didn't give in to the temptation. Your off to a good start. Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  15. 2012Enoughisenough

    Sooo Hungry

    Hello all. I am new to this site and just wanted some support. I have been approved for my Lapland and my surgery is scheduled for 4/25/2012. I have started my pre op diet on 4/18/2012 and I am very hungry. My surgeon requires me to ave 3 protein shakes daily along with unlimited sugar free 10 calorie jello and broth. The broth is nasty to me so that only leaves the jello and water. I am determined to get this weight off ? Any suggestions?
  16. 2012Enoughisenough

    Pre-Op Diet

    Well we will just have to encourage each other through this 2weeks we can do it! My mane is Tiffany and you can pm me any time you need some encouragement Sent from my iPad using LapBandTalk
  17. 2012Enoughisenough

    Pre-Op Diet

    I have mine on the 25th too! I an nervous and excited as well. I'm in St. Petersburg Flordia and having my surgery at St. Pete General. Where are you?
  18. 2012Enoughisenough

    New To The Forum

    I know how you feel. I am scared and excited at the same time. I keep telling my self that it will all be worth it. I am scheduled for April 25th and the pre op diet stinks so far but I mave to make it!
  19. 2012Enoughisenough

    Sooo Hungry

    Thanks. The stock I tried was very greasy and just plain old nasty. I know that I should not complain because I knew what to expect beforehand. This too shall pass

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