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  1. I had mine done Jan 30 of last year and still have good restriction. Im steady at 154. Any other Jan of 13 sleevers?
  2. Your doctor cannot speak for every sleeved person so he can suck it. I am 15 mos out and have not gained but a few lbs over Xmas and lost it. I tbink its highly Unethical for a Dr to tell a person that they will gain the weight back. Do you have to watch yourself? Yes but I still have excellent restriction.
  3. I have 2 ftiends who had the band. First one lost 37 pounds and that was it. Second one only 15. Both were a high bmi. The first one will be getting the sleeve from band revised. I guess it depends on the person and how much they want/need to loose. I chose the sleeve cuz I knew I would be more successful and successful I was. Lost 90 lbs and wear a size 8. Good luck.
  4. Rycherchick

    Staple question

    I have a titanium hip joint for life why not staples too?
  5. Rycherchick

    Fat Shaming

    In 1996 I went to the ER but needed a copy of the clinical notes for something and I was shocked to see that he wrote Obese female because I thought I was just overweight not Obese. Opened my eyes but even then I was probably 215. My highest was 247 right before surgery. I hope to never be labled as obese again.
  6. Im watching Chucks Story and I want to smack him. Did you see what he eats? Im so glad his wife left him. What a jerk. I hope she loses all her weight and is gorgeous and gets a hot dude.
  7. Rycherchick

    my 600 pound life

    Yes Sharpie I just want to smack them I am watching Zsalynn right now. She needs to ditch that husband.
  8. Rycherchick

    my 600 pound life

    Yes I definatly was pulling for him at the end.
  9. Rycherchick

    How many sizes have you dropped?!?

    Was 20 top and 18 pants. Now 8pants and size L top or depends on brand. Some M
  10. Yep you will be fine. I was a first in my Doctors practice. I took no opiates to be put under and had zero opiates prescribed to me. O am sure there were some who were prescribed them and did not have to take them. I have been sober of opiates for 8 years. Now If I can be sober of my newest addiction. M&M's. Good luck Dadi we are pulling for you!!
  11. Rycherchick


    I am also approaching my one year anniversary. I am happy that Ive lost 92 pounds but put 5 back on over the last month. I still have good restriction for almost a year out but Im in therapy for my food issues. Losing and all I went thru was the easy part and the hard part will now begin. Keeping it off. I have a whole wardrobe of beautiful clothes to hopefully help me stay on track. I am 10 pounds from my personal goal but who knows if I will ever get there.
  12. Rycherchick

    NSV lately?

    I redid mine in August and I put 150 even tho I was prob 170 but it still felt good.
  13. Rycherchick

    Im sad because I might not qualify

    Why do some Drs do a sleep study and some dont? I never had one. I made my husband stay up before I was qualified in Dec12 and he said I did snore but never stopped breathing to his knowledge. How would you know if you had it if they never test for it. And I still cant sleep comfortably on my back and Ive lost 88 lbs. I get a lower back ache when I do. I went from a DD to a C. My boobs are tiny now. Dislike lol
  14. Rycherchick

    Anyone Else Go Offtrack & Gain?

    I did gain 4 pounds but Im almost a year out and I WAS only 5 pounds to goal but happened to gain 4 during holidays. Now is the time Im getting scared because to be perfectly honest I can eat whatever I want only small amounts but I went all Ozzy Osbourne ( off the rails in a crazy train) at Christmas. I know I need to amp up my healthy eating and walking cuz now the hard part begins. Keeping it off. I was cocky thinking it was so easy but now its 4 lbs and that can turn into 40.
  15. I dont think you will be bitchy when you cant eat. You may have to force yourself. You will be okay.
  16. As far as relationship with Food. I see a therapist once a week.
  17. Rycherchick

    I am back

    Hello, I am back. I was unable to log into the forums for 8 mos. I lost my password and everytime I tried contacting someome at the old Sleeve talk address I got no where so I decided to persevere until I got in. I had my surgery January 30 2013 and I have lost a total of 92 pounds. To say I have been successful is an understatement. I started out on surgery day at 247. I am about 5 or 10 pounds from my goal and I lose when I am no longer trying. I am wearing a size 8 jeans and shopping at the Juniors section of stores. It has been relatively easy for the most part. In the beginning I was like, WHAT DID I DO?? But it gets easier. I am pretty happy for the most part except I have these 2 horizontal lines on my neck that you don't usually see in a woman until she is in her 70's but I am not yet 50. I wish I had done this 20 years ago when my skin was a little younger but it is what it is. I walk for exercise but so far this is the easiest thing I have ever done. I had Zero complications and spent less than 24 hours in the hosp. I am happy to be able to post again!! Rycherchick. Janice
  18. I don't have any online but you can go to my FB pageto see Facebook.com/Rycherchick
  19. I don't know what to say to make you feel better other than to tell you that I went through all the same things you are going through now. I used to hate going out and only did so if I had to. I would half heartedly make myself up and go. Why bother right? Well I prayed to GOD to help me. I was so depressed in the cycle I was in. I prayed that if God made it somewhat easy on me and no complications that I would do my part abd be successful. Each step of the way was easy for me. My Dr required no Pre op diet and when I found that out I put on anadditional 4 pounds before surgery. I also did not have to lose any weight to have the surgery. I ate a BLT the night before my surgery. You have to do whatever it takes to do your part for the surgery. Once you lose the weight needed for surgery you will feel so proud. You know all those Plus size catalogs? Romans and Jessica London? I am still paying off their credit cards when I sized out of their clothes 6 mos ago. Even their smallest clothes are too big for me. I went shopping today and bought size medium sweaters at JCP and my last pair of jeans were skinny jeans at size 8. You can do this. I ate 1/4 of a hamburger and a few tator tots for dinner and I am full. You can do this honey. I lived on the Special K strawberry Protein shakes after my surgery. Good luck!
  20. Rycherchick

    I am back

    I only gained 4 pounds during the holidays. Is that bad?
  21. I have lost 70 pounds in 5 mos ( today actually) and I am happy with all most all aspects of this surgery. I am pretty much able to eat what I like with restriction. I have found that I am no longer a big fan of sweets which is a great thing. Most days I really TRY to get a lot of protein in but some days I fail to get the required number. I also have days when I am just NOT thirsty. I was never a big drinker of any liquid besides Milk and Water. I know as it gets hotter I will increase my water, but that is just the thing. I almost NEVER get hot. I battle my husband and son on the AC in the house. They are always hot and I am always cold. I remember when in my 20's when thin, I never sweat then either. It took a lot to make me sweat. Even while brisk walking I hardly sweat. For some reason I cannot make a new paragraph with my enter key so forgive the running together of this post. Is there anyone out there who gets all of their required Protein and Water and still deals with hair loss? Any Vets out there who can tell me how long this stage will last? Its starting to make me nuts. At first it was fine because I have hair to spare, lots and lots but when you pull out big strands of it daily it gets worrisome. I can only wash it once a week because the brush out is horrible, my whole brush is packed. I am taking all of my supplements as well as Biotin. My WLC recommended Ferrous something or other, Not the Iron, Anyone know what it is called? I will have to call back and ask. All this hair loss is stressing me out. Hey I will be half bald but I look great UGhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thanks Ladies and Gents. Janice
  22. I also tell the truth. I tell them I Needed Medical help. Everyone has been very supportive.
  23. I also tell the truth. I tell them I Needed Medical help. Everyone has been very supportive.
  24. Ive been busy with my happy life, buying clothes and looking great. Men are taking notice again, but been mostly happily married 19 yrs. Im down 68 pounds since 1/30/13. I can eat pretty much whatever I want now just way smaller capacity. The scale is inching along. Im only 30 pounds to goal. My pic is old b/c now my face is tiny. I will try to update it soon. I wear a Med or L top and size 12 jeans, a long way from 2xl top and 18/20 pants. Im hardly trying and still losing. Not happy with skin but Im no spring chicken with elastic skin. Not sure if I will ever get plastic surgery or not. They say wait a year after goal. Even if I somehow dont lose another pound Im happy.

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