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  1. Hello, If you get back on here, we would like to hear your outcome of your condition. Sounds like you had some sort of blockage or leak. Sorry you were going through that.
  2. kopekat7308

    What length is your bypass?

    Okay I’m sorry I misread your post. Your saying she didn’t take much up in bypass. Where as mine is opposite. I apologize. Well, we will see how this goes in reference to the 450cm. Oh and congratulations on your weight loss. That is awesome! I can’t wait myself.
  3. kopekat7308

    What length is your bypass?

    Hi, Well when I asked my surgeon repeatedly to make sure I had the number right because I had it done in Guadalajara, Mexico by a very well respected and highly trained doctor at ALO Bariatrics, he said that it was 450cm (14ft). I said okay let me translate this into feet because when I’ve researched I’ve seen the standard at maybe 6-10’ from the upper part of your small intestine. So of course I immediately thought, “wow that’s a lot, I hope I don’t become one of those that end up losing too much weight.” I know that different surgeons will base their decision on your body makeup (wt, ht, rx history) etc. and when I saw this post described as a lower BMI, I thought maybe that’s why. As Dr. Rutledge has indidcated on his video that there is no actual magic number and based on skill on their part that they hit the right length so that you lose at a pace and not too much or too slow. The nice thing about the MGB is that it is revisional which was one of the reasons I choose this one over all the others. Also, DS patients typically only have 6-7 feet left at the bottom of their small intestine. This is why they have long term Weight Loss so high. (But that is a whole other subject they contend with).
  4. I agree with your post. However, I have been following up on a lot of Dr. Rutledge’s videos. My doctor’s post op was pretty straightforward. It was one week clear liquid diet, 1 full liquid, 1 week mushies/blended, 1 week soft foods then start introducing regular foods slowly, small bites, chewed well. Dr. Ruteledge on one of his videos talks about “you can have just about anything,” small bites, well chewed, and eaten slowly. There were several examples he gave 1st phase where the patients either craved “a bite or two” of something and it gave them satiety. This technique of surgery is very different from other WLS, but to be on the safe side, caution to error, I believe they would like for you to continue at the pace in introducing foods as pretty much all other WLS. Not everyone has the control over their eating habits and may overeat or not follow the “small bites, chew well, eat slowly,” which could cause complications during the healing process. I, myself, will make 1 week post op and I started my full liquid full force a day or two early with protien shakes and blended food. I’m doing great and feeling great. I know my body and have had plenty of surgeries to know when it doesn’t like something. I am very careful if I go off plan from my doctor and follow Dr. Rutledge’s plan. Good luck on your journey and informed decisions.
  5. kopekat7308

    What length is your bypass?

    It’s interesting you say that because I just had the MGB done in Guadalajara and Dr. Alejandro Lopez (great doctor btw) said he took up 450 cm, which is about 14 ft in my calculations. I assume that because I weighed 214 lbs, 5’5” with a 35 BMI is maybe why. I know most are between 6-10’ in length bypassed. Shocked me so I kept asking to make sure I was understanding the number correctly. Maybe because I was low BMI he took that much up too? I’m not sure. 🤔