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  1. Im having surgery in a few days. I plan to go on vacation in a few months. I just want to get an idea on the amount of weight lost for some people.
  2. my surgery is in less than a week. Im getting it done at bellevue hospital,ny,ny. I just want to know who had it done there. I want to get an idea what I will need, and what is going to happen.
  3. in the last 3 months i have lost a total of 63 pounds!!! yipeeeeee lol. i went from a size 20 to 14 or sometimes a 12. from a 3x to sometimes a large or medium. im so excited and happy of my progress. many people dont even recognize me, and i'm suprise because i personally havent seen myself as a big differance. well anyways i'm super happy. i can finally stop shopping in the plus size section and shop in regular sizes. my only problem is my arms they just dont want to go!! but i wont give up :smile1:
  4. Im a self proclaim stretch mark lady lol. I have it in my arms n stomach. Now that im losing weight I am starting to have even more! I tried palmers oil n it was working, but in one arm I started to have terrible rashes in one arm so I stoped using it. Are there any suggestions for my condition? thanks!
  5. I start my last semester of college next wednesday. I had surgery on 8/15. I still get a bit of pain at times. My commute to school is long. I take 2 trains(nyc) n it takes me an 1 1/2 hours. I know im going to be feeling weird. how do I handle if I get any pain? Also, what do I tell people about my weight loss throughout the semester? Please help, thanks <3
  6. before surgery I had lost 52 pounds on my own, after surgery I have lost 22 pounds. When I try my size 18 jeans I still cant fit in them! from the waist up I have been losing, but my theighs remain the same (big hips run in my family). Did anybody else have this issue? Will I ever stop wearing size 20?
  7. Today is my 2nd day of my preop diet, and im getting tremendous amount of anxiety. Even though im drinking the protein shakes, i get hungry constantly. Im on summer vacation so im mostly home all day n I guess its out of boredom that I eat. I do eat the things allowed but im eating to much of it. My dad brought chinnese food for dinner and I had to,lock myself in the room so I wont go and eat. I hope this feeling will pass soon.
  8. I'm 9 days post op. I love dancing and going out. When do you think is the apropriate time to do so? do I have to wait a month to hit the clubs?
  9. Im in the same situation. I cant really tolerate much. I became lactous and tolerant, so im unable to drink my protein shakes. Im glad this will get better.
  10. Congradulations!!!! Keep up the good work
  11. Im 5 days post op, and since I returned home im unable to finish a small cup of juice or even water. When I drink carnation instant breakfest and slimfast shake, I can only drink 3 sips until I start getting gas. Im soooo hungry but there is notthing else in this house that I can take. I'm tired of just drinking. Just thinking that I have to wait 2 more weeks until I can eat purred food is driving me insane. I sleep all day to see if this hunger would pass. Im tired of eating broth too. Is there any other things I can take?
  12. Im 3 days post op and these gases are terrible. I drank some chicken broth and that seem to help a bit. My doctor only reccomended walking, but that didnt seem to work much. I can wait for this uncomfortable feeling to go away.
  13. Good luck!!!!! Im also having surgery tommorow. I told my mom I wasnt going to sleep tonight; I have to be up by 3 anyways so whats the point. I went out with family last night, and it was like I was celebrating the old me. I'm just here in my bed thinking of what to do to make time goes faster, im so excited!! GOOD LUCK AGAIN
  14. Today is the day before the surgery and im freaking out. Its not because im getting the surgery, but because im afraid my liver is still big and my doctors say they wont do it. I have been staying away from the foods not allowed, but on occasions I would eat a little bit of cheese. Last night I went to a fashion show/ party and they were serving pizza. I brought a slice home for my brother, and I took a bite than I just threw the slice in the fridge, and went to sleep. Besides those two mistakes I have been doing fine, I even lost weight. What do you guys think, will this affect me?
  15. Thanks I feel much better. @dadams2102008 I wish u luck on your surgery
  16. Im a week and a half into the pre-op diet. yesterday when i weighed myself i noticed i lost 10 pounds!!! this is the fastest i have lost weight. i can only imagine how much weight i would lose after i get the surgery done. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! cant wait to walk into an H&M store and actually buy something!!!(thats not accesories)
  17. I have been a big girl my entire life. I dont know how it feels to be fit, and finally fit in. my weight has made me very self consious and has affected my life. I am 20 years old I feel this is the time I should be enjoying life, but so far I havent. Im tired of going to the nightclub and being that girl holding purses, I want to be the center of attention! I want to be that girl that guys check out when I enter. Not only has my weight been affecting my social life but also my love life. I get really jealous when my boyfriend adds thin girls on facebook. when I show my boyfriend to someone they say "oh his hot...well u have a cute face" what does that mean???!!! Im hoping that losing weight will change the way I feel about my self, and actually enjoy life, cause im really tired saturday nights watching tv. The stories I have read in this site, and the before and after pics have been very inspirational I cant wait to post pics like that
  18. Im doing liquid and low carb vegtables diet.
  19. Im aware of that. I've changed my eating habits and started to become more active. my lifestyle has definetly changed
  20. gigi90

    Y I need to lose weight

  21. gigi90

    Anyone else belong here?

    Im 20 n im getting the surgery next week
  22. CONGRADS EVERYONE!!!! Your stories has definetly motivated me to control my anxiety and continue with this journey! I love this website
  23. gigi90

    Pre-op diet anxiety

    I'm ashamed to say that I have been cheating these 2 days yesterday I ate a granolo bar and today my salad had salad dressing . My fridge is full of things im not allowed to eat, n the stores around my house dont carry some of the things. I drink the protein shake, but 2 hours later im hungrey. I dont know what to do any advice? what I ate today: Protein shake Lettuce, tomato, carrot with italian dressing Protein shake Mango
  24. gigi90

    Pre-op diet anxiety

    Mines is august 15. I know we can get through this wish you the best of luck!

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