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    After one year...

    I agree, excerise is the key. Had my surgery 1 year, 2 weeks ago...have been working out 2-3 times a week since September. Actually, I'm a bit worried as I'm about 8lbs under my goal weight, which at 5'7 was 160lbs. I'm still okay, and eating like crazy....but the weight loss is still happening, albeit slower....I'm sure my body will wake up an realize "hey, I'm good here" and stay at what ever weight it decides, but, I like my sexy curves...
  2. The one thing I would tell anyone is 'it's so worth it, it will change your life forever AND do not delay'. I'm 1 year, and 2 weeks since sleeved, and everyday I look in the mirror my heart feels so happy! I'm living again, went to a dude ranch with my kids in Colorado last week, rode horses every day, went white Water rafting, did an overnight camp and slept under the stars...even roped cattle, drank beer, ate my face off and totally connected with my kids and husband. My life is perfect, and being at 152 lbs has EVERYTHING to do with it....my 2 cents.
  3. I agree with the above post. You also have to remember that you burn calories at rest too!! My research told me that I needed to build lean muscle mass to burn FAT. Cardio burns calories, which I could NOT AFFORD to burn as I was taking in so few. I've been working with a trainer for 7 months, a pro athelete, and he agrees with my above statment. I would strongly suggest you explore more information regarding burning of calories vs burning of fat. What's your goal, calories or fat? Once you decide, gear your workout to that....and it will guide you accordingly.
  4. **LaSaJaTa**

    Need my sugar fix

    I too have experienced this...and it's very frequent lately. I've spoken with my trainer about it, and he's thinking that because I'm working out so hard (weights) my body is demanding refinded sugars (carbs). So, for the last 30 days, I'll eat a square or 2 of dark chocolate, or suck on a Jolly Rancher candy, daily. It's not effected my weight in the least....I'm at goal. Your body is trying to tell you something. It's missing something it needs.....just my 2 cents.
  5. **LaSaJaTa**

    Cardio -vs- weight training

    I'm 10mos out, and at goal for the last 30days. I did much reading and research before I decided to start weight training at 12 weeks. I do no cardio. Cardio burns calories, and early on in the process, you cannot afford to loose calories as you're getting so little into your body. Building lean muscle mass burns FAT, which was my goal. Also, as I built muscle and lost the fat, I started seeing results and tone in my body. Working weights to near muscle failure built muscle quickley for me. This worked best for me.....
  6. **LaSaJaTa**


    Wholly Cow! I cannot beleive that I'm staring down at my scale, and it says 160lbs. Who, me? No way....I think I was 16 years old when i weighed that much.... My whole adult life, I battled with my weight...sometimes it was managable, but most of the time, it was out of control. I had given up in the last 10 years. Married, with a loving husband and 2 beautiful children. Life just gets in the way....and the heavier I got, the sadder I got, and the more weight I put on....How many years did i loose out on playing tennis, tobogganing with my kids, going swimming, going skating. Very sad! But, as i can attest, it's possible to change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did so, I'm living proof that with this great tool, I took back control of my life and starting LIVING AGAIN! I'm so greatful to everyone here, and of course, my ETERNAL gratitude to Dr. Aceves!!!!...for the support and enouragment over the last 9 months, and for the courage you gave me to make the 2nd best decision in my life (1st one was accepting my husbands proposal :-)) Here I am, little ole me, at GOAL!! Kisses and Hugs to all of you!! WAS: 273 ON 14JUL2010 NOW: 150 ON 13APR2011 9 MOS-Lost 113 LBS JEANS: WERE SIZE 22 JEANS: NOW SIZE 10 Nuff said!
  7. **LaSaJaTa**


    Thanks to everyone who posted. Seeing your replies only inspires me and makes reaching my goal even more real. I'm still walking around in a bit of a haze, cloud like...afraid I'm going to wake up from this incredible dream. I'm going to NYC next month, and I've hired a personal shopper to who is going to do an entire wardrobe with me. A gift to myself...(with the help of my husband). Whooo Hoooo
  8. Hello Everyone, One of my supportive staff members took a picture of me today, and emailed it to me, along with a photo she had of me from 2 years ago! I was SHOCKED...and just had to share with you! I'm 5 lbs away from my initial goal (which I intend to revise once reached). I am 5'7, and started this journey wearing size 22 pants and weighing 273 lbs. Today, I'm still 5'7 (ha, ha), am wearing size 10 jeans, and weigh 165lbs. See for yourself!
  9. **LaSaJaTa**

    I Look Sickly and Pale

    How much protien, carbs and fats are you taking in? Calories? Do not drink ANYTHING 1 hour pre/post your meal, it's the #1 RULE. Are you tracking your food?
  10. **LaSaJaTa**

    Daily Carbohydrate Intake

    Not to point fingers, but those that advocate higher carbs seem to be loosing much slower...just my 2 cents.
  11. **LaSaJaTa**

    Why sugar free?

    I prefer to use products that do not contain artificial sweeteners. That means, eating the 'real' thing, suger, when necessary. For example, with my 1 and only coffee in the morning. Also, when drinking my Dandilion Leaf tea, I now drink it without suger/sweetner, it's just better for me. For yogurt, I prefer to eat the ones with sugar, not fake stuff...who know's (down the road) what effects Sorbitol, Aspertame ect is going to have on our bodies? I just limit my intake of foods with sugar, refined sugar. A little in moderation is fine....
  12. **LaSaJaTa**

    Unrealistic Expectations

    I told/tell everyone and anyone who asked! If by sharing my experience, I could help just 1 other person to take control, and make the decision to have WLS after years and years of battling obesity, depression and feeling like they're not living, all the negative comments and glances were/are worth it! My brother, who is now over 400lbs has decided to take the bull by the horns, and have VSG! See, spreading the news, and owning up to the surgery has saved the life of someone I love dearly, so all worth it! We are strong women, let's advocate for VSG.....it's an amazing tool, and gave me my LIFE BACK!
  13. **LaSaJaTa**

    New here and need some advice

    Congrats on making the BEST decision of your life! You'll l love the sleeve, and it will love you back!
  14. **LaSaJaTa**

    Anyone on vitamins?

    I'm so confused by vitamins. When (time of day) to take what, and what i should not take with which.... :-) Can someone spell out their regiments? I'm 7 mos out...
  15. A dr with much lap surgery experience is the key too...let's not forget that you don't want to find yourself in a situation where 'open' surgery has been preformed because an inexperienced dr ran into difficulties in the sleeve and did not have enough lap history, so reverted to open. Personally, i'd be looking for a dr who has done over 500 lap surgeries (any kind) and at least 100 VSG's. Just my 2 cents...
  16. **LaSaJaTa**

    Trainer's nutrition advice

    I'm 7 mos out, down 103lbs. I started working with a trainer after 3mos, so i've been training 4 mos, 2x a week, no cardio, only heigh weight, low reps. Building muscle mass. I have to say, the first trainer i worked with (once) tried to tell me the same thing. In fact, we had a huge argument about it, and needless to day, i fired him. I started working with a new trainer who 'gets' what i'm doing (building muscle mass) and understands my nutritional needs! Working with a trainer who will invest in YOU, spend time to read about and learn about VSG patients, makes a HUGE difference. With his help, and my focus, together i've lost 103lbs, and have less than 10 to goal. In such a few months, i personally feel, the 'weight training to failure' program he put me on has made the biggest difference in the way i feel, look, and frankly, live. Trainers are a dime a dozen, but a GOOD trainer, well....he/she is like GOLD. Dump the trainer, and find one who 'gets' you too! YOU'RE WORTH IT.
  17. **LaSaJaTa**

    Dr. Aceves technique

    As a patient of Dr. Aceves, I can confirm that what-ever he's doing, it works! I'm down almost 100lbs in 6 mos.
  18. **LaSaJaTa**

    Has anyone ever...

    I'm so sorry to hear of your encounter! It is truly (especially at your stage) difficult when faced with the smells and sight of your favorite foods knowing full well, that you must not have any. I'm aghast at what your husband did....in fact, I have to say it was downright wrong of him! You need him to support you, especially at this point, as it's the most difficult time (was for me anyway). It was not fair, and you need to ask him, nicely, not to do it again, at least, not for a little while...... Stay strong, you can over-come this should you be faced with it again. Next time, might I suggest you go for a long walk while he's inside with the pizza. Just leave the house, get some exercise, and remind yourself why you're doing this.....it will help, trust me!
  19. My brother has been jumping through hoops for almost a full year trying to get ohip (toronto) to cover bypass, and then he switched to sleeve request after he saw my results. There are 2 or 3 dr.s in the toronto area who do the sleeve, but they've done less than 5 surgeries EACH. That's it, 5....no way i'm letting someone do this to me unless they've had over 200 lap sleeves under their belt. I went to Mexico, and it was fantastic. Hope this helps.
  20. Dr. Aceves and his entire staff changed my life!!!! He is my angel... "sniff".
  21. **LaSaJaTa**

    Whinning about the Questions!

    I'm sorry your having such difficulties, and I know we all feel differently about "if"/"who" to tell. Personally, for myself, I told anyone and everyone who asked/asks. If I can help 1 person, by sharing the knowledge that there are "choices" and options to get healthy, and STAY healthly, then I feel I've contributed in a good way... I feel great, and this is the best thing I've ever done. Why not share that? I do not believe my choice for VSG signals a "failure" but rather, recognition that I no longer want to live that "big girl" life...and confirmation that I was strong enough to do something about it!!!! Good Luck.
  22. **LaSaJaTa**

    100 pounds lost

    How wonderful, a true inspiration. I'm "almost" there...a few more pounds and I'll have lost a cool 100lbs. What a great feeling....you should be so proud!
  23. Stay strong, it does get WAAAAY better...
  24. **LaSaJaTa**


    no regrets...only happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!