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  1. klus263

    Phx area Bariatric Support Group

    Thank you, I have sent my request to join.
  2. Hello, My husband was sleeved in 2011. He was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson 2 years ago after years of misdiagnosis. It is a challenge as most Neurologist do not understand the limitation of certain medications-no extended release. Did your husband have the surgery and if so how is he coping? Kelly
  3. I have finally ventured back on to the boards here. A little background, I was sleeved Dec 2010 in Alabama. My lowest was 148 in October 2011 but shortly thereafter I was in a car accident and then had my parents moved in with my husband and I and became full time caregivers to them along with working full time. We moved to AZ to be closer to my daughter and because of my parents able to find a house in Sun City (crossroads 99th/Grand). I would love to have a support group here, I need to be accountable again as I have been neglecting myself and have actually gained weight as I am not exercising like I should and given into temptations of food in the house for my parents. For me evenings and the weekends work for in trying to met up. Let me know when we can get together.
  4. I have been sleeved since Dec 2010 and my husband since March 2011. We are relocating from Birmingham, AZ to Phoenix, AZ (actually Sun City) in 2 weeks. We have had no complications but looking for a new doctor so that we will continue our yearly check ups and make sure that our Vitamin levels are were they are suppose to be. Any suggestions? Thanks. Kelly
  5. I just joined the "Sweet Home Alabama". I was sleeved Dec 1 in Birmingham and just recently moved to Calera. Love to meet any other local sleevers.
  6. klus263

    Travel Question

    If you decide to travel the 6 hours, it is recommended that you stop every few hours to get out and stretch-this is also important to prevent blood clots. I also for the first month of traveling in a car used a small pillow across my stomach for the seatbelt for some protection.
  7. klus263

    Ok To Drive?

    I could drive as long as it was 24 hours since being off the narcotic pain medicine. As for the driving and seatbelt I used a small pillow across my stomach for extra padding which worked well for me for the first month.
  8. klus263

    Anyone from Alabama?

    Hey kcsmicah, There is a support group with St Vincent East in Trussville. It is sponsered by Dr Scmitt and Miles and you can contact their office for the dates and times. I will admit that I have not been attending since my parents have moved in with me last fall and I have become full time caregiver to them. I really do need to get back to them even though I am basically at goal.
  9. klus263

    I Am No Longer Diabetic!

    I can so related.At my 6 month check up my A1c was 5.2 and at my 1 yr visit with my PCP he completed removed the diabetic diagnosis from my records stating that I am no longer diabetic. Congrats....it is a wonderful feeling.
  10. At 3 weeks I had just moved to mushies per my doctor/nut....I could not eat more than about 1/4 c which is probably about 3 Tbsp. If I did eat too fast I would get an upset stomach. I only got sick once and that was enough. Just slow down in eating and as you noted, this happens when you eat more so stop at the 3 Tbsp. I know that you can't wait to move to the next stage of food but just listen to your body and it will guide you. Good luck.
  11. I can so relate...I was yo yo'd around 155 for about 5 mos. I finally decided that if my body said this is where is should be I should accept it. I was wearing a size 10 pants and size 14/L tops. I hadn't been this size since high school (actually before Jr high-LOL). I just ate what I needed, still concentrating on protein and water and kept walking. I finally started losing again a few pounds and got down to 148 at my lowest. But then life got in the way again....my mother was diagnosed with congestive heart failure the weekend my daughter got married. I survived a serious car accident, moved my parents 500 miles from IL to AL and moved them in with me and then last month my father fell and broke his hip. This all since October. I have put back on 5 lbs but I know that I am not getting in my walks like I use to-plus it is winter. Just be patient-that is hardest thing to accept but it may take a while for your body to catch up. I have dropped another pants size to a size 8 and shirts to Med the last time I was at the store. I know that I will lose these 5 lbs and the final 5 that I want but my body will let me know when it is time. Hang in there!
  12. I came home from a 24 hr hospital stay weighing 12 more pounds than when I went in. I was upset as this presented all the weight I had lost on my pre-op diet. I was on IV with anti nauseua meds, antibotics, antacids all flowing freely in my IV bags during my hospital stay. Be patient, once you had a chance to lose all that fluid it will come off quickly those first few months before slowing down. Just keep your fluids and protein drinks-you will do great.
  13. Good Luck. You have made a great decision in doing surgery. I wish I could have done this when I was much younger but then again, this was not an option for this type of surgery. I had been basically overweight and/or obese for 20 years. No matter how much I exercised and dieted, the weight yo-yo and came right back with even more pounds packed on. Personally for me I had no such anxiety before surgery....I wanted it this bad and luckily I had an employer that covers surgery. I have resolved my health issues and I can do things I have not been able to do in a long time. I also have just become caregivers to my elderly parents moving them in with my husband and I (Mom has been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure-currently stable and my dad fell last Saturday and broke his hip-currently at a rehab facility). I would not have had the energy or health to take care of them which they need. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
  14. Drink plenty of fluids to see if you can flush out your stomach...just remember to sip. As for the not going issue I used Miralax or the walmat brand. It takes about 24 hours to soften but then after that I add 1 tbsp of benefiber to my water/shake or what I am drinking twice a day. Once I became more regular then I dropped to only 1 tbsp daily. Good Luck!
  15. I had this also i think of the protein drinks. My huzband bought me the tongue scraper which worked well alongwith constantly brushing my teeth. Hang in there, it will get better.
  16. I just had my one year follow up at my doctor with labs. I have been taking the Centrum womens silver Vitamin twice a day with 2 viactic calcium chews. I also take a Vitamin A due to a deficiency. I take weekly vitamin b sublingual. My labs were all normal. I did take the bairiatic advantage for the first 5 months but once my husband had his surgery we switched. My husband also takes the women's centrum.
  17. klus263

    Aetna pre-op weight loss required?

    I also had Aetna with the self funded plan by more employer. They had stringent rules of 12 mos of pcp visit before approval but when I called Aetna, since they did the approval through their own precert department they required only the 3 or 6 month based on their bullentin. I did not show but only a few pound weight loss during the 6 months. I did have to show 2 years of being overweight-but hey I could have gone back almost 20 yrs if needed. I was 37 bmi with sleep apnea and diabetes. My surgery was approved with 24 hours of going to their precert doctor. I had my surgery Dec 1-just a year ago and could not be happier. Good Luck!
  18. klus263

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery And Gastric Polyps

    when I had my VSG done, my doctor discovered polyps in the part of my stomach that was removed. They were tested and found to be benign but I would have never know if I did not have the surgery. With my smaller stomach I no longer have to worry about polyps. This shoudl be a discussion to have with your surgeon-if they are aware of the stomach polyps and you were still cleared for surgery, then I would not be overly concerned. With all surgery there are risk but I never regretted having the surgery with all the other issues that I was beginning to have due to be obese. I hope you reconsider after speaking with your doctor. Good Luck.
  19. My husband did not really do a pre-op diet. The day he was suppose to start, they called with an opening for surgery in 2 days so he only had one day of just a clear liquid diet then surgery. His BMI was close to 40 at the time and he was fine-no complications at all. Good Luck.
  20. I was a stomach sleeper. I slepted on my side but placed a pillow under my stomach and my leg to keep my side and back in alignment so it did not pull on my stomach. Everyone is different. I napped in the recliner but I could never sleep all night in one. Good Luck.
  21. Wow, I also had a hernia repair along with my VSG. Our doctors stresses walking after surgery to help in the healing processing. We actually have to get up within 4 hours of surgery. I then started walking the halls whenever I could. This aided in my being released by 10 am the next morning. We did have the lifting restrictions for 4 weeks. I am so sorry that you did not have a good hospital experience, I was at a center of excellence for bariatric surgery so they were great. I was not allowed any thing to drink until the next morning and they did not stress the vitatmins for the first 2 weeks and just had us concentrate on trying to get in fulids. It will get much better. I lost slower then others but I am almost to my goal and loving every minute of it. Hang in there. This place is a wealth of information for you.
  22. I work from home, 4 days 10 hours shifts. I was eligibile for FMLA after 7 consective days but at a reduced salary which I could not afford. I had surgery on a wednesday, came home Thursday morning and went back to work the following Wednesday. I wish that I had worked a normal 8 hour shift the first week after but I took a cat nap during my lunch hour since I work from home. i did get up and walk around the apartment every hour since I was still taking blood thinner shots for 14 days after surgery. Everybody is different on how the handle the pain and if you have any complications after surgery. Mine was uneventful. Good Luck.
  23. klus263

    Inbetween sizes... *sighs*

    I so understand that it is the cut and style and not the number I should be concerned with. I am varying any where from a size 8 to 12 in pants. I am a solid size 14 on top. The girls just don't want to shrink with the rest of me. I am now only 5 lbs from my personal goal. I would probably be a size 4 or 6 if I could afford the tummy tuck but most likely that will never happen. Try not to think of the size of pants but how you feel overall.
  24. My nut told me the average weight loss is from 1-3 pounds a week. I just went through a 4 month stall but finally started dropping again. I have lost 5 lbs in the past 2 weeks. Of course I just became a caregiver to my parents with moving them in with us so I had to change our eating habits to support their dietary needs. What ever it is I am only 5 lbs now from my goal. Dont worry and it will take happen.