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  1. Howdy, I have my revision scheduled for July 20th. Have had 2 lapbands. #1 was very successful and I lost over 100 lbs. sadly got an illness(not band related) had a band slip and on came #2. I've had #2 for over 4 years and have gained about 50lbs back. Lots of reflux, vomitting etc. I'm so afraid not to have a band, because regardless of the complications it changed my life for the better. My daughter had sleeve surgery 1 month ago and is doing well. Losing weight etc. I read lots of people's posts stating that after sleeve they feel better but weightloss is very slow or non existent. That worries me if I'm doing the right thing. I have become dependent on my crappy band Another thing is the first year post band was such a learning year I'm worried about starting all over again. I know I'm rambling but so many fears and concerns about the revision and no one I know has ever done it. Well I guess I will have all the answers soon. Thanks for sharing your stories as some are very helpful Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  2. So I am so me with a long story, so long story short... First band 1/2011 lost over 100 lbs Got deathly ill and band slipped , second band 8/2102 and it has sucked. I am not scheduled for revision surgery July 20th. Excited, scared, nervous are just a few words. I may have to have the procedure done in 2 surgeries and that stinks. I am over all this. My first band changed my life for the better and I want that again. My daughter is having sleeve surgery in less then 2 weeks so she's my focus right now, but all the emotions are making me crazy. Ok done rambling. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  3. My name is Stephanie I am a 43 year old mother of 3 and wife to Matt for almost 25 years. I got my first band January 2011. I proceeded over the next year to go from a size 24 down to a 14. I was running and loving life. I did great and loved my band, it was honestly my saving grace. In August 2012 on a Monday , I went to lunch and began throwing up. I luckily had just had all my Fluid removed from my band so a little throwing up didn't make me overly concerned. I went home from work. By the next day I was throwing up constantly, I went to the ER as my lapband doctor was out of town. The ER said I was dehydrated and gave me IVs but no anti nausea meds. Went home and still throwing up constantly. I again on Wednesday was in the ER. I had no energy etc. But I was still able to get stuff down, although it was coming up. Thursday I went to the ER again as I had lost 22 lbs since Monday from throwing up so much. They admitted me into the hospital. They determined I didn't have the flu nor food poisoning. They think it was a different type of virus. I kept telling the docs I had a lap band and they needed to call my LB doc and get instruction before something happens. Of course they didn't. So they had me on tons of IVs and other meds trying to stop the vomiting. I finally starting feeling better late Friday night with only occasional vomiting. Well I vomited one time Saturday morning and I just knew right than that my band had slipped. They did xrays and barium swallow and yep, it slipped. My doc came back and immediately after getting of the plane, came to see me. He was so angry with the hospital. He scheduled me for surgery the very next morning. He explained I was probably going to lose my band. I went into surgery Sunday morning just knowing the life I had known for the last almost 2 years was over. But I was so sick and in so much discomfort I didn't care. But deep down I was freaking out. I came out of surgery to find out he was able to place another band. The bad part it was bigger. So I waited. I did ok keeping my weight ok with just a tough of gain. I started having fills in October and nothing. I felt no restriction. I was so stressed I began gaining weight steadily. I was no longer running, I just was discouraged and depressed. I started arguing with my doctor because I was always his prize student and now I wasn't. I quit going to the doctor and even tried to change doctors. The problem is the only other doctor is over an hour away. I tried going to him for 6 months and I was not getting anywhere. I have at this point gained about 80 of the 100 lbs I lost. I finally decided a month ago that this is stupid and I needed to fight for what I deserved. I went back to my original doctor and I confronted him. To my surprise he apologized to me and said we would get back to where I was. So here I am starting again. It was just happenstance that I got sick and lost my band. I have learned so much. What I learned that I am now trying to help other bariatric patients... skinny/healthy or fat/over weight we have to find a way to deal with stress and road blocks. So I am now back into my running and I will see my doctor again tomorrow. Hoping to get my thyroid back in check and my weight back down. I am glad to be back here also. I used to use a lot of support groups and I am reconnecting with that right now. Sorry for the overly long story, but I needed to share to be able to move forward. I am no longer going to be a victim, but a survivor. Hope to meet some new people!!! Stephanie
  4. Stephy5

    Re-banded and trying to do it again!

    Gowalking Thank you. Yes my town only has 1 doctor. I am now established with another doc that's over an hour away, but if an emergency pops up I can see him. Honestly the likelihood what I went through will happen to someone else is slim, but if it did make sure your family understands how to advocate for you. I was so weak and I didn't make my hubby understand enough about my band in this type of situation. Well I'm back and going to make this happen. If I was the model student before I can do it again. Just going to work even harder on my mental part.
  5. Everyone is different. Depends on what size band you have and how much fat is under and around the band. I have a 10 Cc band that was placed 1/19/11. I felt some restiction with an empty band from the beginning. I have had a total of 3 fills to date. I currently have 2.8 CCs in my band and think I will probably get another .5ccs soon. But I have had good restriction since March and I have lost a total of 86 lbs. I know a girl with the same size band as me and she has 9.5 ccs and has no real restriction. Again everyone is different. Good luck and be patient.(althought I know it is hard)
  6. Stephy5

    Who is keeping a food journal?

    I log using an app called Caorie counter by Fatsecret. The apps are very easy. But paper works also. hehe I log most days, but the days I dont arent very good days. Good luck
  7. Everyone tolerates different foods. I have eaten steak one other time since bring banded no problem. But last fill gave me more restriction so Im guessing I cant anymore. I cant eat bread at all since banding
  8. Thanks everyone. I did go get some tums and was on liquids and super soft foods today and will do the same tomorrow. I had upset stomach until this afternoon! Your advice is super appreciatef
  9. Stephy5

    Filling band again

    Wow good luck!!!! My doctor wants me between 1000-1200 cals a day. But I had my second fill the other day and so far I haven't had more than 800. I hope this part of your journey is easier for you! This is quite a journey
  10. Stephy5

    It is my 1 year bandiversary!

    Congrats!!!! It is so wonderful to regain your life back!
  11. Stephy5

    Wow...now this is different

    Persistance, patience, will power, frustration, health and happiness. These are words that come to mind for me! Good luck on your journey
  12. I know it has to be frustrating not to lose the amount she was hoping for. But we were told with Lap that we are expected to lose 1-2 lbs a week. 4 lbs a month falls in there. Does she follow a lap diet? Exercise? These are things that can speed up weight loss in a healthy way. Also she should consider talking to her doctor about her concerns. Or as others have stated find another doctor that listens to her and explains why they choose to do what they do. I hope your friend thinks of her health and not instant gratification. Good luck1!!
  13. Stephy5

    i need hope :(

    I am very sorry you are going through this. I believe that when we choose to better ourselves it intimidates others. Also when we better ourselves it makes us stronger. Maybe things will get better between you two or maybe it is time to call it quits. But at this point you have to take care of yourself. You have made a huge decision to make yourself a healthier you. With the stress you are explaining, sounds like it isn't a good enviroment to better yourself. I have been married for 21 years and I told my husband things are going to change. I am going to be more selfish and you are with me or not. Luckily he is. But I knew I had to stand up and say it is time for me. Please hang in there and take care of yourself. The rest will fall into place how it is meant too.
  14. Stephy5

    a silly little NSV

    Congrats. That is one of the joys of this journey. Keep up the good work!
  15. Stephy5

    Oh well

    I get my first fill Friday and I am nervous for the same thing. I am sorry that the first fill didn't do more for you. But you are doing great and hopefully you will find that restriction soon. Whenis your next fill?
  16. Hi there, I was banded 1/19 and have had no regrets at all. I have felt good and have been losing weight. The food or lack of at times gets boring, but food not having control feels great! I am feeling unsure how this will work. Will I find restriction soon, will I have good weightloss. etc. Luckily for all of us though we get to do this together. Good luck and I hope you find great success.
  17. Congrats and good luck!!!! I was banded a week and a half ago and it has already improved my life. Just not feeling like food has the control is wonderful. You will do great!!!!!!!!!
  18. I am so excited ,tomorrow is it. My life changes forever. I know this is going to be lots of work and trials. But I hope lots of victories along the way. I will be asking lots of questions here. And I'm thankful I have the LBT community on my side. I have a Huge amount of support at home too. I dont fear I'll fail,but worried how long it will take to start losing. But I know at first I just have to heal. Well thanks and wish me luck.
  19. I will be banded this Wednesday. I personally am telling people. My wish is that I get to tell people and that the rumors don't start flying first. .I don't care if they agree with it or not. But I am asking for peoples support. At this point I have only found one person in my life that isn't being supportive, but truly not my problem. But I figure if they hear it from me the better I may be able to educate people. I have a few friends who have had this done and have noticed the ones who have told people seem to have a bigger support group and I am someone who really can use that. I am grateful to a man who was very open with me about his lap and he educated me enough for me to finally make the decision to do this for myself. Good luck and this is your decision so do what is best for you.
  20. I have my doc cell phone and the whole staffs cell also. Its great. There is something and someone for everyone. Research, as we all should do. What you feel comfortable with is ALL that matters.
  21. Stephy5

    Surgery this week

    I personally went through the weepys last week. I personally was realizing this was going to improve my life, change it and my best friend (food) was being served with eviction papers. Good luck things will be great!
  22. Stephy5


    Congrats. You must just feel wonderful, as you should. The hard work is paying off. Keep up the good work.
  23. Stephy5

    Got my referral!!!!

    Congrats & good luck.
  24. Stephy5

    Banded 2009

    Welcome and good luck!
  25. Good luck. My surgery is the 19th. I feel like you in the way...I wish I didn't need to do it, but I have to. I am trying to find a good flavorless protein to add to applesauce, eggs etc to give me more options in food, but not having to worry about protein, so I can add it. However not hearing of to many great ones. But something to keep in mind. Good luck on your new amazing journey.

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