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    7 months post op and looking to start dating. Wondering how you fellow banders handled a first date / first few dates ... I feel comfortable eating out with people who know I've been banded, but for those that don't know its obvious that I'm not eating much. I'm not really sure I'm comfortable telling a guy 1st thing about my band ... I've only told a few people ... I just feel it's not everyone's business.
  2. I'm 22 weeks post op and have lost 35 pounds. My Dr says I'm on target but I wish my pounds lost was higher. Am I just being greedy? How much weight did you guys loose around the 22 week mark?
  3. rainbowsfollowme

    Am I being greedy?

    Thanks Everyone! I am doing a high protein low carb diet. I also see a trainer at the gym 2 times a week for strength training and I do my own cardio 3 - 4 times a week. I think I'll step up my cardio routine!
  4. rainbowsfollowme

    Best thing for scars???

    I've been using Bio Oil and I see a difference!
  5. rainbowsfollowme

    Am I being greedy?

    I'm eating like normal - just much smaller portions. I try to get my protein first.
  6. I had lapband surgery on 6/4/2010. After surgery I had some bruising which was normal and expected. However 6 weeks after surgery I still had discoloration on my stomach. This discoloration is just slightly darker than my natural skin color - almost resembling a birth mark. I asked the Doctor and he said it was probably just bruising under my skin and it would go away. I doubted it was bruising but trusted the Doctor. Now I am 9 weeks post op and the discoloration is still there - it hasn't changed a bit. I'm wondering it anyone else has experience or heard of this??
  7. I am having my lapband surgery June 4, 2010. I have heard that abdominal binders might help out right after surgery. Has anyone used them? Can you make any recommendations? Also will wearing one after surgery help with decreasing excess skin during weight loss? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  8. rainbowsfollowme

    abdonimal binders after surgery

    Sharon, Thank so much! My next question ... I see abdominal binders from $20 (@ Walgreens) on up to $75 + at online stores. What kind did you use?