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  1. Dee Moreno

    hello to all!

    ok that sounds good, my e-mail is deem@rsaor.com
  2. Dee Moreno

    hello to all!

    Hi Elizabeth and everyone " my name is Dee I have not yet had the Lab-Band done, but it will be this comming month of March not too sure on the date but it will be in March. Can you please let me know how it feels after getting it done and how you feel and what can I expect, How much have you lost in theses 2 weeks. Thanks for all your support:thumbup:
  3. Can some of you please let me know how it was for you, and how you handled it. And please give me some advised.
  4. Iam set up to have surgery next month sometime, what are the best vitamins that we can take.:thumbs_up:
  5. Iam planning to have the lap-band in January sometime, not sure on the date, can I get some feed back from some of you, I have been reading up alot on the the side effects, ect ect. and different commets, just this pass week my friend from Texas called me and stated that some friend of a co-worker had passed this last week after she had the lap-band for about 2 weeks, as per the doctors results it was due to the lap- band, but I guess it depends. But this made me thing twice about this. Thanks
  6. Dee Moreno

    No Bread or Pasta Forever??

    Hello everyone my name is Dee, Iam new Iam planning to have the lab-band in January, Inow Iam ready for it, i have been over weight for over 18 years, and I have health problems due to my weight, I just want to make sure that Iam taking the right step vs the Gastric ByPass, did you think of that, or did you go for the lap-band. Just a few weeks ago my friend from Texas called me to advise me that, her friend had the lap band done and 2 weeks later she passed away, and they told her hisband that it had been the lapband some thing had gone wrong, so now I think is this for me, I have read up on the consquinces and I know that death is included, Can you give me some advise as too how you feel. I need this from someone that has had the lap-band. Thanks:tt2:
  7. Dee Moreno


    Hello everyone my name is Dee Iam awating my approval from my insurance to get the band on me how long does all this take?, and can some one let me know what to expect after the lap band has been placed, what is it that you do not like. Can I have some feed back from all the newbie. Thanks for all your information. Dee
  8. Dee Moreno


    HI Laura My name is Dee, is this what the doctor told you on your weight lost this seems like a long time it has been a year right. Iam ready to have mine done as soon as my insurance approves it. Are you happy with the results, what is it that you don't like. thanks Dee

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