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  1. Brittneykdelacruz

    I just want to eat 😓

    I do love cooking for others. Ive thought about trying to learn to cook really well, like culinary classes or something so i can cook quality- learn to make good food i make a lot of throw together meals but if i learned to make high quality meals from scratch it would keep me busy and i would be doing something i enjoy. i used to draw, i drew really well but ive lost my technique and just dont have time anymore it seems. I work a very demanding work from home animal rescue job. I work from the time i wake until I go to sleep on call 7 days a week. I also have 3 small children. im only 2.5 months out so early for these kind of urges i think 😩
  2. Brittneykdelacruz

    I just want to eat 😓

    Im just thinking of food constantly! i don’t eat large amounts of course, i have good restriction but i eat small amounts of different things frequently. i don’t feel I’ve fixed my relationship with food, i still am infatuated with food. I don’t know how to fix this. i don’t just eat for sustenance, i eat because i enjoy food. i feel like this destines me to fail!! And i don’t know how to fix it. My weight loss is good but i know it won’t stay that way if i can’t fix this.
  3. Brittneykdelacruz

    Worried about getting surgery

    Hi! I had heartburn regularly before surgery. Not every day but frequently i had to take pepcid and tums. Immediately following surgery it was worse and i was taking prescription pepcid twice daily, im 2.5 months out no and no longer take it most days. I need one pill every 4-5 days so its definitely improving.
  4. Brittneykdelacruz

    Absolutely hate myself now

    What was the result of your appointment Tuesday? Did they find anything to help with your pain?
  5. Brittneykdelacruz

    Am I doing this right am I broken?

    I felt exactly like this for weeks, specifically physical symptoms. i could barely stand up without feeling like i would black out. i found out at my followup appointment that i had really low blood pressure. The nurse recommended that I start drinking Gatorade zero every day. one full bottle. I was on to regular soft foods like soups and mashed potatoes at that time, I also started adding salt to my foods within a few days I started feeling much better. im a couple months post op and i still think about food all the time unfortunately. Chips especially 😕 i try and eat little meals and have pretty good restriction so cant eat much but overall i feel good. Ive averaged losing 5lb a week surgery day i was 251 and now im at 208. My surgery was may 3rd you’re going to get through this. I suggest checking your blood pressure, if it’s low increase your sodium intake
  6. Ugh my first bad eating day. I am just under 2 months out I’ve been cleared for everything except a small handful of things like steak. ive tolerated things fine, everything is good. my uncle made some salsa and i had a couple chips and salsa and i was a gonner i couldnt get enough! I could only eat like 3 chips with salsa at a time. But throughout the day i kept going back for 3 more. it was so good. i didn’t actually eat any real food today. i had my two protein drinks i feel guilty and im still thinking about that salsa. i wish id gotten some protein chips instead 😕 im not here for any real reason but to vent. ive got to get some structure to my eating. I have a terrible habit of living off bites and not meals with nothing measured or weighed. anyways i just thought maybe some others may have began their journey in chaos and could share their stories of getting everything under control.
  7. Brittneykdelacruz

    Chips and salsa and bad eating day

    Hi do you log every day? I dont log! Im supposed to but i dont end up doing it. I have not logged a full day since surgery i feel like maybe this is one of the important changes i must make
  8. Brittneykdelacruz

    Chips and salsa and bad eating day

    Oh man before surgery i ate so much chips. Mindlessly almost. Huge bags of chips. Things are soooo much different now. the problem now is that if I indulge in chips like i did today i end up with no room in my stomach for food with nutritional value
  9. Brittneykdelacruz

    Chips and salsa and bad eating day

    That sounds very yummy! do you have any suggestions to get the crunch in? I love a salty crunch! I was thinking a taco salad with meat, beans, corn and salsa but i havent tried lettuce yet for some reason ive got weird fear of lettuce making me sick. i dont know why but i just worry it wont digest easily.
  10. It feels completely rediculous putting this into words but its how I’m feeling. im about a month post op and I have had a good experience overall. Nothing ive tried so far has made me sick, im losing pretty steadily. but i have heavy restriction, i can eat like 1.5 oz today was a really bad, hard day and i am just feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated with life and upset that i can’t have a meal. That i can’t find comfort in food. this is the first time ive really come to terms with my food addiction. Im desperately wanting to just eat and my body wont tolerate it so i wont even try so its just making me feel sad and upset. i know its stupid and crazy. I just needed to get it out 😞
  11. Brittneykdelacruz

    Frustrated with being unable to eat

    Thank you! My meal plan shows around 3oz per meal is where we should be. 2 oz meat and 1oz something else this evening i tried 2oz chicken and 1oz steamed carrots. I got like 1.2 oz chicken down and 1/3 of my carrots just keeping on. Today is better than yesterday though ❤️
  12. Brittneykdelacruz

    Frustrated with being unable to eat

    That sounds really nice!
  13. I was pretty active going to the gym 3x a week and chasing small kids but i had hysterectomy and some other pelvic organ surgical repair march 3rd and was on full exercise restriction from that, then MY VSG was may 3rd so now I’m recovering from that and overall i feel really good but i am finding myself short of breath when i do anything, i feel like my heart is beating fast. I dont know if it really is or not but it feels like it is. is this just from being down and out for so long and my body being weak? or from very restricted calories? i just want to make sure it isn’t something i should get medical attention for im getting my protein and fluids in and overall feeling fine, no abdominal pain, not much gas pain anymore its just when im trying to cook or outside with the kids, getting the kids dressed, cleaning i get so winded
  14. Hello! i am new here I had gastric sleeve surgery on May 3. I started my journey in December. My first scan at my appointment I weighed 264 pounds, yesterday at my checkup i weighed 234. I am struggling because my stomach feels so large. I can’t even wear my exercise pants from when I was 264 pounds, they feel like they put so much pressure on my abdomen which in turn puts pressure in my chest making me very uncomfortable. My belly feels bigger than it did 30 pounds ago. I don’t understand what’s happening. I would assume that I’m losing weight in other parts of my body. Could this be some sort of post op bloating? Even taking a deep breath is uncomfortable, it reminds me of when I was super pregnant I'm really bummed. im hoping someone might have some insight. Thank you guys
  15. Brittneykdelacruz

    Stomach feels bigger and more bloated than before

    My ribs are uncomfortable off and on as well! No i havent figured it out. I took some miralax last night and drank a cup of peppermint tea and This morning my guts cleared out it seems and I feel a little bit better as far as the bloating goes
  16. Brittneykdelacruz

    Stomach feels bigger and more bloated than before

    I do have gas pain and the bloating is worse when i drink protein drinks or sometimes even water

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