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  1. Hi all! I’m from the Netherlands and I can’t seem to find any answers to my questions , so Hopefully I can find some answers here 🙂 hope so! I’m looking for women who have gained weight DUE to Paxil, like me. I went from 70 kg to 96 kg on these meds (for ocd) and tried to switch, without succes. I have to take Paxil the rest of my life. (I also tried to get off them very very slowly but it seems impossible. Tried everything, visited everyone, work out with a person trainer for two years now, eat healthy etc. Can’t get the weight off!! and I’m even gaining more. I don’t have excessive cravings and I always used to have a healthy weight. I wonder if any WLS will help me, as it seems to be more a metabolism problem than an eating problem? Anyone here who had WLS because they gained due to taking an SSRI ((Prozac, Effexor, lexapro etc) ? And not (only) because of eating too much but maybe also because your metabolism seems to have slowed down? and…did it work for you? thanks so much in advance ladies!
  2. Thanks all for your replies. Good to know you lost weight after surgery. And also lost a lot a lot prior to the operation! I can’t get anything off, no matter what I do! At the highest I managed 10 pounds with a not so healthy diet. Summermoose; I’m jealous and impressed you managed to get off Paxil. I’ve tried tapering down real slow with liquids but it was terrible. Never made it to 0… Even during switching ssri s I felt the effects of getting off Paxil (I’m on them a long time, 25 years) Gradycat: unfortunately people can gain a lot more than 10 ponds, I’m no exception! It’s part of the cause of obesity in 15 % it slows down your metabolism or causes cravings. I’m my case (and with many others) I don’t even have cravings and if anything, i only eat healthier en exercise more! And it’s not coming off, been trying everything for the last 7 years ! Very frustrating!
  3. Hi! I have tried switching but it did’nt work out for me. But indeed, . Paxil is the worst when it comes to weight gain, and the hardest to taper off. but I hope someone has an answer to my intitial question

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