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  1. yesterday b- handful of honey roasted almonds l-taco "muffin" topped with lf sour cream and salsa d-1/2 cup turkey chili, topped with lf sour cream, cheese and green onions
  2. I've been MIA, but I'm back... Been eating some crazy stuff (junk), don't know how I'm still managing to drop a few pounds
  3. yesterday b---liquids (water, crystal light) l-vanilla creme protein drink d-blackened talapia, mexican cole slaw with toasted pumpkin seeds and Jicama s-sf, lc pb2 ice cream
  4. yesterday b-liquids l-vanilla creme protein shake d-grilled shrimp and parmesean zucchini
  5. yesterday b-raspberry crystal light l-vanilla creme protein shake s-small piece of cake (baby shower @ work) d-1/2 cup 7 layer dip with 10 soy tortillia chips s- 1/2 cup sugar free low carb peanut butter ice cream exercise--1 hr at the gym
  6. today b-1/4 cup tuna l-1/2 cup 7 layer dip with soy tortilla chips d-sweet and sour shrimp exercise...1 hr at the gym
  7. yesterday b-1/2 cup tuna l-10 parmesan soy chips d-1 salmon burger (no bun) with grilled onion, tomato, yogurt,lemon dill sauce s- 1/2 cup homemade peanut butter "ice cream" I bought an ice cream machine (because ice cream goes down well and some days I can't eat much of anything) and started making my own with lf soy milk, protein powder, some type of torani sf syrup and equal. It is the best, low calorie, almost low carb and sugar free... for the peanut butter one, I added 2 tblspoons pb2, equal, french vanilla torani syrup, splash real vanilla and a handfull sf chocolate chips... yum exercise---1 hr at the gym, started back with my trainer
  8. yesterday b-1/2 cup tuna with 10 soy chips l- 1 cup potato cheddar soup d-1/4 cup 7 layer dip with 5 soy chips
  9. I agree with confused, not being able to keep liquids down is not good. You run the risk of being dehydrated. I can do liquids and really soft food like tuna or crab salad, other things usually come right back up. I had a slight un-fill a few weeks ago because it hurt to drink and no food, absolutely none would stay down. I want to lose the weight, but not at any cost
  10. I've been hiatous since the funeral and eating ice cream (wtf), I don't know how I managed to still lose 5lbs, but I did. Well today is a new day, and I'm back on track. Who needs to wait until Monday to start over.... breakfast green tea lemonade with equal l- 1/2 cup tuna with 9 or 10 soy chips (these aren't bad if you need a little crunch in your life) d- will be crab cake topped with lemon yogurt dill sauce, and homemade sugar free low carb vanilla ice cream exercise- 1 hr at the gym
  11. yesterday b-south beach living tide me over l-1/4 mushroom swiss burger (no bun) 3 fries d-braised short ribs over low-carb pasta
  12. yesterday b-south beach living tide me over l-1/2 cup chili topped with ff sour cream and lf cheese d-1/2 cup fish consomme with seafood dumplings exercise-1 hr at the gym
  13. Thanks everyone for your condolences and prayers! You guys are the best. I love to cook, so I'll keep the recipes coming. I still enjoy it eventhough I can only eat about 1/2 cup of it. That's why I don't waste my 1/2 cup on anything I don't enjoy eating. yesterday b-cookies and cream muscle milk l-small chili from wendy's (did not stay down, I guess it's too chunky) d- 1/2 of a salmon burger wrapped in lettuce topped with lemon dill yogurt sauce exercise--1 hr at the gym **Slim, try the cioppino, if you like seafood, you'll love it
  14. I am so sorry for your loss. Thanks slm
  15. yesterday was a bad day.. a death in the family, I let my emotions get the best of my better judgment with my eating. b-crackers l-turkey pepperoni and cheese s-handful of chips, 6 famous amos chocolate cream cookies d-1 1/2 egg rolls from jack n the box Today is a better day
  16. yesterday b-south beach living tide me over l-turkey pepperoni and cheese d-1/2 salmon burger topped with yogurt lemon dill sauce exercise-1 hr at the gym
  17. Cioppino is italian fish stew (made with chicken broth, clam juice,stewed tomatoes, white wine, italian seasoning, garlic, onion, and any kind of seafood). When my band was a little looser, I would use shrimp, salmon and scallops. Now I'm too tight for shrimp and scallops so I just use the salmon . You can use anything you like yesterday- b-south beach living tide me over l-cookies and cream muscle milk d-salmon burger wrapped in lettuce with a yogurt, lemon dill sauce, tomato and grilled onions (could only eat a few bites), I am really tight.
  18. Ever since I was banded I haven't been able to eat breakfast before 11 am (it just doesn't like food early in the morning). I always drink my breakfast. yesterday b-homemade sf hot chocolate with vanilla cinnamon, nutmeg, sf chocolate chips and half & half l-1/2 cup cioppino (it's finally gone).. need to learn to make smaller portions d-1 homemade egg roll
  19. Georgia Girl, prayer works! Welcome cyncity and sassysara, you will get a variety of ideas on this thread. yesterday b-south beach living tide me over l-1/4 cup taco salad d- 1/4 tamale (went to Pacos tacos) topped with pico de gallo (need to lay off the masa)
  20. The ups and downs of the band. Since my unfill, I've actually been hungry. I wasn't use to feeling that way. Trying to deal with it. yesterday b-south beach living tide me over l-1/2 cup tuna salad made with spinach dip, green onions, boiled egg and sugar free relish (it was pretty good) d-1/2 cup hi lo low carb cereal with 1% milk 1 hr at the gym
  21. I tried the carbmaster, uhhhhh, the taste, not so much! Got a slight un-fill today .2 cc's (it was hard to drink water after the third day) I feel much better. b-tide me over protein water l-1/2 cup cioppinno d-1/2 of a grilled salmon burger (wrapped in lettuce) topped with a yogurt, lemon, dill sauce, tomato and grilled onions *exercise, started back with my trainer today, he kicked my butt, my legs feel like rubber bands
  22. I'm down 21 pounds, 9 more to go:thumbup:
  23. b- 1/2 of strawberry protein shake l-other half of the shake d-1/2 cup cioppinno **this last fill has me extremely tight, no appetite at all