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    Body jewelry....

    Hi all, Does anyone know of places in Paris where I could find jewelry -- as in, not earrings and necklaces, etc, but nose rings, eyebrow rings, barbells, things like that? I usually order online but I don't want to deal with overseas shipping -- I have searched the internet for some insight but can't really find anything that's not a super expensive tattoo/piercing shop that sells septum rings for $40. Any weird shops/streets/areas where I could maybe have some luck?
  2. Tested negative for IgG (spike) four months post-J&J vaccination. Any potential explanations (aside from a deficient immune response)? Most explanations I have found have to do with nucleocapsid antibody testing can’t pick up spike protein antibodies Corona Antikörpertest IgG-Spike(not the test used here) or duration after vaccination (it’s been over four months). Thanks!
  3. fokele794

    Treadmill recommendations

    I don't know much about treadmills, and looking to get one when the weather gets bad. I know there are fancy ones like Woodway, but I am not looking to spend that kind of money. And what about used ones? Any thoughts and recommendations?
  4. fokele794

    Treadmill recommendations

    around 2k
  5. fokele794

    Waist training

    thank you for the suggestion. really appreciate it.
  6. fokele794

    Waist training

    Every single hiit and cardio routine includes abs now. I feel a bit cheated...to me ab work is ab work and I don’t understand why every single cardio routine is including them. They thicken the waist if done every day, and planks and all plank movements are the worst for thickening it up. I like to do my abs 3 maybe 4x a week max and find myself changing exercises for every single routine I’m doing now. When will this trend go away? It’s like trainers can’t think of any more cardio moves so they throw in abs again to fill many minutes of a workout. I just paid top dollar for a new cardio routine dvd and about 60 percent of it is standing or lying abs. I’m improvising again! I just don’t find the boxy thickened waist of excessive planking and overstrained waists attractive. If your going to train the abs like that there should be some back strengthening moves to balance out at the very least.

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