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  1. Brianna97

    Central NJ anyone

    Somerset county
  2. I had surgery almost 4 weeks ago and my weight loss is pretty slow too. Its very discouraging but I just try to remind myself that my weight isnt going to come off overnight. My weight plateaud for a little over week before I finally dropped a pound so I completely understand how you feel
  3. Brianna97

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Thats great. I lost about 30 pounds too and the scale has started stalling for me as well. Trying to stay off the scale for a couple of days but its so hard
  4. Brianna97

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Hello my surgery date was actually changed to April 14th so a week earlier but everything went great. Shocked at how fast im healing and no complications so far thankfully. How about you?
  5. Brianna97

    Post-op question

    I had pain the day of surgery and the day after and needed the prescription pain meds but once i got home for surgery, I didnt need any medication
  6. Brianna97

    Emotional wreck

    I went through the whole process 2 years ago to get the gastric sleeve and literally backed out 2 weeks before my surgery date because I was nervous of the unknown and i also thought i could continue loosing weight by myself because I already lost a lot in the process of trying to get surgery. Eventually i started gaining and had a hard time getting control of my weight so this year I decided to go through the process again and wanted to back out again but went through with it and I've had no regrets since. Its definitely not easy but knowing i have this tool it'll be easier for me to control my weight and stay at a healthy weight and plus I already lost 25 pounds in 2 weeks so that makes me feel great too. You got this!!!
  7. Brianna97

    Full from water

    Same my mouth is so dry but i know if i take one more sip i will vomit. Really frustrating.
  8. Brianna97

    Just had my surgery 4/14

    I had my surgery 4/14 too. I was nauseous at the hospital and when i got home only vomited once due to taking zofran but i feel fine since then. I just try to sip water all day and had some chicken broth as well. Transitioning into the new phases very slowly. Good luck we're finally sleeved
  9. Brianna97

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Im scheduled on April 14th too but its for gastric sleeve
  10. Brianna97

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Me my surgery is April 21st as well so excited and nervous
  11. Brianna97

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    My surgery date is April 21st and it cant come fast enough
  12. Brianna97


    Today is your surgery date. Hope everything went well
  13. Brianna97

    Surgery twins? 5/21/19

    Yeah i just realized that you said 2019 lol sorry about that
  14. Brianna97

    Surgery twins? 5/21/19

    My surgery is exactly a month before yours lol so we're kind of surgery twins. My surgery date is April 21st so I'll only be a month post op when you get yours

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