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  1. Hi all, When I finally decided to have WLS, I knew it would be self pay. My insurance just doesn't cover anything to do with bariatric or help with weightless. I really am not interested in going to Mexico. I prefer to have a doctor who if I need them, I can drive to in a matter of 3 or 4 hours (just in case). I thought I found that doctor. Did more homework and checked out his reviews and paid $400 for a consultation. I was super conformable with him and his staff. I knew that some tests and labs would need to be done - but DANG! When I called, before making the consultation appointment, the first thing I asked was the cost. I was told around $25K to $30K and they even sent me a couple of websites that they said some of their self-pay patients had good luck with on getting financing. (The 2 financing sites had a max amount of a loan as $35K) So I figured that was good since I wouldn't need the full max amount that the approval odds were in my favor. Now, with my lists of labs and tests in hand along with the other items that are required for this surgeon. I started calling the numbers they gave me for EKG, ECHO, Psych. Evaluation, Chest Xray, GI Swallow, etc... and the prices at this point this evening are totally $46,876 (that is with several of the places stating the the fees for the EKG is just the image, there will be extra fees for a doctor to review them) and I haven't called the hospital yet because they require a pre-op visit (which will of course have a huge fee). Just feeling deflated, and at a loss. I know (in theory) my health is priceless - but in the real world there really is a price tag and it is simply out of reach.... For everyone here at BP- you all have been an inspiration - no matter where you are at on your journey.
  2. TaterB


    You came to the right place! I had the lapband put in back in 2009 and removed Feb 2020. I was heavier when the band came out then when it went in. I am at a cross-roads now. I want wls, but am self-pay and too chicken to go to Mexico where all of the surgeries are more cost efficient. Below is my experience. Mt. Dew was my down-fall!! When I had the band, dark soda's tasted weird to me (thankfully) until I discovered Mt. Dew and that I could drink it (tasted super yummy and I could drink it without it hurting - darks hurt my throat). I have been able to work myself off of the dew 3 times. The first time I was completely soda free (Mt. Dew/7up) for over a year. The last time I got off of it- I did it in stages. I bought a soda stream. Once I got that, and I started with strong flavor of ginger-ale, but then got to where I was making green tea soda and carbonated water with natural fruit flavors. Now - I have been 2 months without any carbonation at all. I started with heavier flavors and more bubbles, and each week lowered the intensity of both. I have been reading and leaning on this website for support and strength! There are AMAZING FOLKS here!! I still don't know what I will do as for wls. The last day or so I have been contemplating trying to follow the bariatric/wls way of eating just without the surgery. Odds are totally against me being able to do this. But I had started a couple of weeks ago trying to change 2 of my meals to the thick protein and a small real food meal, heavy in protein and above-ground vegetables and a crap ton of water. The surgeon I was initially working with gave me diet plan for the month before surgery, and 2 weeks of clear liquid diet before surgery (this is the clear liquids with 3-4 thick protein shakes - powder protein of 30g or more in only 2-3 oz water). I was using this month before stage to get my head in the right place for the clear liquid time... I can't manage the 3oz of water in the protein powder but I have worked myself down to 4 oz. I am up to 50-60oz of water/clear liquid a day (the goal was 80). I am no longer having the surgery as planned.... but even though I was so disappointed... I gain hope and support from reading the posts on this site!!! Reading others who are in your same situation, many folks reply to do the pouch rest (I may have the wording/spelling wrong) but go back and start with the food plan after surgery. Not for as long because you don't have to wait for anything to heal but .... back the the protein shakes, water, and high protein foods... and try limiting sugars. I am sure that others will reply in time to your thread who can help more and know more about the "reset". Or... look through some of the threads here and you will find others!!! I just wanted to reach out because I know first hand how hard it is to kick Mt. Dew. I swear it was harder for me to kick the Dew then it was to give up alcohol (and at one point I did like my hard liquor so that says a lot)! Good luck!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! The mountain always look bigger before you take the first step. - and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
  3. TaterB

    Self Pay PNW?

    Thanks everyone! I am in a better place today mentally and emotionally. I am looking at travel options for the surgery, but (I know it is silly- but am too scared to go to Mexico). I wish that I could figure out why I am so nervous to go to Mexico - the prices are the best there. I will check into Arizona and Canada options. If anyone else knows of places to try here in the US I will take all recommendations .
  4. Hi all, I am pre-op but my mobility is really slowing down. I have been noticing for awhile that my flexibility was steadily getting worse. What I have to do to tie my shoes is ridiculous, and getting down (let alone back up) from the floor is a tragic thing to do, let alone have witnesses. I know that most of that is due to my weight and where my weight is. For 9 months know I have been struggling is terrible knee weakness and pain. I got an under the desk cycle thing which is helping with the pain some and I do feel better that I am getting more exercise and movement. I know it is not much - but it is a lot more than I am used to doing. Going for long walks - or just walking my hilly driveway is something that I aspire too, but I am not anywhere near there yet. Does anyone know of other equipment or exercises (something that I can watch on YouTube or something) that might help with my flexibility? Does anyone know if having WLS will help with flexibility issues? I know that WLS won't fix all of it - but I don't know where to start. Thank you
  5. TaterB

    Starting the Process

    Hi there! I have been snooping on this website and reading tons of posts. I have made the decision and started the paperwork to talk with a surgeon for weightloss surgery. I choose the Gal's Rooms as my first stop to say hello and let you know that many of you - are so inspirational and motivational! Thank you!! I don't speak out often and rarely jump in and say howdy - but all of the threads and replies made me excited to join in. I am not completely sure if I want the Duodenal Switch or the RNY Gastric Bypass. My mom had the RNY back in 2003 and has done so great with it. After I meet with the surgeon, I am sure that we will figure the best surgery for me and where I am at. It has been so long since I have even seen the scale say anything under 200. Hopefully I will get surgery date in the coming months, and some guidance on what my weight should be. I will be a self-pay/finance patient as my insurance will not cover weight loss assistance of any kind. My pcp- sees me as a walking diagnosis - anything that I am having issues with is due to my weight; yet won't help me with that. I have high hopes that the weight loss center I have been in contract with will not leave me to figure things out on my own. And this website!!!! Wow!! I am so thrilled that I found this! Thank you all for participating here and doing so in a way that encourages shy folks like myself!
  6. I see your point. I have a hard time approaching people in the first place. I can't decide if I will be telling people or not myself (when I have surgery). In one way I want to be proud of it, and in another way I just now have told the family that live under my roof. However - I have some other ideas that may help you feel less weird/embarrassed about giving food away and make it a win-win for you and someone else. Be it - Facebook, Offer Up, Let Go or Craigslist - maybe you can list a posting that you have extra food and that you looking for families (elderly, or those with children) who needs it. No cost - but to meet at a general location. No questions, no judgement, no cost - just human helping human. Could also change the human helping human to neighbor helping neighbor - even if the person(s) meeting to get your food items drive a good distance. These are hard times for many people. The families in need of food - are more embarrassed and worried about being judged for needing the food than you are about why you are getting rid of it. I hope this helps! When I feel weird or am put in an uncomfortable situation - it helps me to see how what I am doing (or about to do) will help others. Best of wishes to you!
  7. This is a great idea! Where I live we cannot donated opened food to homeless shelters (they have specific restrictions due to liability). However we also have several, large homeless camps - putting a box of items near the camp may be an option.
  8. TaterB

    Green tea?

    I am an avid tea drinker -both hot and iced. However, since I am pre-op I am experimenting now on different liquids now so that I can make sure my house is stocked for after surgery. Something that I have found that I enjoy hot/warm are as follows: *Hot juices (apple and cranberry apple are my favorite). I am ordering the bariatric juices after my next pay date and will give those a try warmed up. * vegetable and chicken broth- I do add some of the juice from minced garlic to amp of the flavors. Again - I will be trying the bariatric broths later. *Simple hot water. I have done taken my lemon and mint infused cold water and heated it up. It was better than I thought! I tried it because I didn't have enough left to make a glass - only a small coffee mug. So I thought what was the harm in heating it up to try. This has been a great thread!! Lots of ideas that I have in my notes!
  9. TaterB

    Inspiration on Instagram!!**

    Thank you for sharing your photos and history! I would not have thought about taking the before photos, and with the preop diet photos! THANK YOU for that! Definitely gave me the idea to do that as well! You look AMAZING!!!
  10. TaterB

    Starting the Process

    Thank you Aspiring! Not having to go through the waiting game and the stress of "will the deny the procedure" are definite pluses! Maybe also being self-pay will help me stick with the life change. WOW! I just looked at your stats!!
  11. TaterB

    Starting the Process

    Yea- I tend to do too much homework on everything. When it comes to a major decision like surgery - it makes sense but it is just my personality to research all of my decisions. When I started looking into surgery - I was thinking that I wanted the sleeve as well. The more I learned, and with my other conditions.. Well - feels like each day I switch from leaning to the gastric bypass to the duodenal. Side note- this forum, and YOU, have made my weekend! I found myself today looking forward to jumping online to come here.
  12. TaterB

    Starting the Process

    Thank you Sue! Luckily I found a clinic in WA. There is a team of surgeons and they offer the sleeve, SIPS, Duodenal Switch, RNY Gastric Bypass and a mini gastric bypass. I have been doing a lot of reading and research and since I am on blood pressure meds, and have pre-diabetes along with watching my cholesterol ... per the phone conversation with the clinics staff they said that the RNY and DDS (duodenal switch) are probably good options but that it will be looked at more closely when I have my in person consultation. I looked at the Mexico options, but I feel more comfortable having a clinic that I can get to in a matter of a couple of hours drive in case I need it. Happy 2021!

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