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  1. Hello this is my first post. I am 41 and have a BMI of 47. 6'1" and 365Lbs. I have been lookin at this website for awhile but never registered until today. I would love to feel different by losing weight but I am very scared to say the least. Mostly of the operation and more intently on teh feeling of not having control over what they are doing to me. One big problem for me is the breathing tube, I have so many problems when I am awake that I cannot imagine them forcing a tube down my throat, are you knocked out enough to not care? Nothing after the surgery seems to come into mind that freaks me out, just the before and during. How do you overcome these feelings as I know I cant be the only one with them. I see the after pictures and hope I can be that way some day, but how do you control your fears? When you start losing weight can you control the extra skin or does it tighten up with exercise? Has everyone had to have plastic surgery to remove the leftover skin? I hope this doesnt seem too idiotic being that I am 41 years old but when I see the pictures of people that have made it, I actually want to jump on the OP table now but then I come to my senses or fears.