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    Tonic surgery in UK

    Just wondering if anyone else is waiting for surgery by a company call Tonic. I was due to have self pay surgery in a private hospital in Luton UK called the Cobham clinic with private facilities, I’ve had my surgery moved several times (understandable due to COVID). But now that I’ve paid the balance of the fee they tell me that there will be a location change and now I have to have my surgery in the Luton NHS hospital in a ward with 5 beds per bay. No difference in cost. And if I don’t like it I can have surgery delayed again with no known date. Feels very fishy to me. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d suspect that they’ve got a cheaper deal and they are putting a gun to the heads of desperate patients to take the deal or go to the back of the queue. I was wondering if anyone else is having a similar experience. Or if anyone else is having their surgery go ahead at the Cobham clinic. I’d be so grateful for any experiences to either put my mind at rest or to take it up with them. My trust is really flagging and it’s not a good frame of mind to go into surgery with.
  2. pandajimjams183

    June 2020 surgeries

    Are you for real ? I joined this group for support to to support others not to be bullied and to be upset. Please troll someone else - maybe twitter would be better for you and do not reply to anymore of my posts.
  3. pandajimjams183

    June 2020 surgeries

    I didn’t Join this forum to get a telling off. I was sharing something quite personal and I wasn’t expecting to be lectured. I can’t imagine that anyone who has had this surgery doesn’t have issues with food, but maybe once you have it done you forget what it’s like to be pre surgery....? Note to self - don’t be preachy after surgery.
  4. pandajimjams183

    June 2020 surgeries

    I’m self pay so the only requirement is the 10 day liver diet. I think quarantine has hit me hard. I have 3 children home schooling and a full time job working from home. There’s a lot of traffic going around in my head at the moment.
  5. pandajimjams183

    June 2020 surgeries

    Hello everyone. I am new to this app. Still finding my way around it. My RNY is booked for June 7th and I’m desperately watching the clock ! Been having trouble with an everlasting food funeral. Have gained 5lbs since booking the surgery. I start my pre op diet in 8 days. I can’t even imagine what damage I’ll do to myself between now and then. The only thing keeping me going is reading other people’s stories and you tube videos. I know I’d feel better if I could make one change in preparation for my new life, so I’m trying to reach myself how to sip water all day instead of gulp. Does anyone know of a timer app that can send you a notification reminder to drink ? I’ve tried loads of timer apps but they do t seem to work in that way. I’d love to stay in touch with anyone who is having surgery in June. X

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