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    Name Game...

    DOB: 8/4/2020—3 days until surgery, wish me luck!! So excited 😆 ♌️ Leo and I’m ♓️ Pisces Name ideas: Oscar the Pouch, Kanga the Roux, or Moaning Myrtle love this idea of a name to bring some humor into this journey!
  2. ZestyLemon

    Unsupportive Family Member Rant.

    I think for me the reason it bothered me so deeply is because I never asked her to take responsibility for this or to change in any way. I absolutely know it is not their "job" to do anything different for or with me. That is why I am so upset. She just took those two little things totally out of context. It was more just about controlling environment and making places be "bariatric-friendly" as the surgeon said. Being mindful and present. I am making the changes and doing this. She is not, but could at least be a little supportive instead of just completely tearing me down. It hurts.

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