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  1. Hello I just finished my required 6 months of meeting with a nutritionist. During the 6 months I lost about 5 pounds. She just mentioned that I was expected to lose more, about 10-15 and that the doc would NOT clear me for surgery without losing 10-15 pounds. Now I am 10 days out from meeting the surgeon for my final appointment and to get approval. I need to lose 5+ pounds in the next 10 days and I am feeling overwhelmed. Any tips? Current stat 5’3 and 245lbs
  2. sarahredwood

    Required PRE Ops Weight Loss

    They tracked my weight the first two months and there wasn’t a change. Then Covid happened and my weight went up and down, mostly up. Each month there was a new focus - increasing protein, increasing water, smaller bites, not drinking with meals, no snacking, etc. The weight goal didn’t come up till this last meeting. There was talk of losing weight before the surgery but I thought that was more related to the liquid diet and not a requirement. I am going to try the 2 protein shakes + high protein meal. Based on what I was recently doing (1 shake + high protein meal) this should help. The problem is when I go off the plan my weight jumps right back up.
  3. sarahredwood

    Required PRE Ops Weight Loss

    Really, this probably boils down to me not cheating (little bites here and there) and sticking to the plan 100%.
  4. sarahredwood

    Required PRE Ops Weight Loss

    Thanks for the feedback. During my last NUT appointment she did say have high protein shake once a day (5 times a week) and two meals with high protein and veggies. I found this is helping but if I am off for a single day (and not crazy off) I regain. Yesterday went for. 13 mile walk and gain 2 pounds. I hope that’s due to sore muscles and will come off quick.
  5. Hello I am about 2 months out and starting to think about vitamins I should be taking. Is there anything g specific I should be taking for pre op? Anything g to prevent hair loss or saggy skin? Thanks Sarah
  6. I know this is a ways off but thought it would be good to get a group together that is just starting the 6 month wait till surgery. We can chat about pre-op diet, fitness, relationship with food, insurance, doc appointments, psych evaluation and everything else we will be experiencing in the months to come.
  7. sarahredwood

    August 2020 Surgery Date

    Hi @GrungeGrownUp and @MarigoldSky. I just had my second appointment with the nutritionist and it went ok. No pounds lost this month but I did notice a lot about my eating habits and I think that will help with this journey. I do t have an official date yet but hoping for early August. The coordinator said it’s still to early to schedule the surgery. Not sure which surgery I will have. Do you know?
  8. sarahredwood

    August 2020 Surgery Date

    Great to hear there is someone else on here with a target date of Aug. just had my second appointment with the nutritionist and look forward to the journey.
  9. My insurance requires a minimum of 6 consecutive months of physical or non physical weight loss program. See excerpt from my instance policy below. Does anyone know if I could use My Fitness Pal to show 6+ mo the of weight loss? I have 6 consecutive months from about a year ago and lost about 20 pounds but have gained it back. I am 5’2 BMI 40. I would like to do the surgery in early July but just started with my practice on February 3 and that puts 6 months at aug 3. I have a major work event in September and the timing doesn’t allow for surgery before the event. If I cannot do surgery in July I will have to wait till early October. :( The document must include that the patient participated in a structured, professionally supervised (physician or non-physician) weight-loss program for a minimum of six consecutive months within the last four years prior to the recommendation for bariatric surgery.
  10. sarahredwood

    6 month weight loss program

    Thanks all. Vin, I called customer service and they sent me a one page fact sheet that outlined the paragraph i included above. The fact sheet seems like a summary of requirements. I will call them again and ask for the "Medical Policy for Obesity and Morbid Obesity Surgery” doc. Have you heard of anyone having success getting their insurance to shave off a few weeks from the 6 month requirement? Thanks!
  11. sarahredwood

    BCBS of Michigan

    Has anyone had experience with BCBS MI / BCBS of Michigan? Curious to know about approval period. Thanks.
  12. sarahredwood

    Pre-Approval BCBS of Michigan

    My company also uses BCBS MI. How long was your wait for approval? Thanks