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I have been overweight all of my life. I had suffered with not only the weight but I also have extreme bowing of the legs. It's been a difficult road for me and it still is, however, the road isn't that bad of a climb any longer. I had my surgery on April 3rd, 2019 at a starting weight of somewhere around 350. I now weigh somewhere around 220. I guess since I have been overweight my entire life I'm not a number counter. People ask me all the time about where I am now or what number I came from and I have to be honest I couldn't tell them if I wanted to. I use to weigh at my highest 465+. I made it all the way down to 364 where it wouldn't go anywhere until I was put on the strick diet prior to having surgery. I tried everything you can possibly think of which was how I got the 100 off but my weight plateaued and wouldn't move for years. My knees just couldn't take it any longer and like an old bridge, I had to give in.
I had contemplated surgery approximately 20 times going to the seminars etc. but never felt comfortable with the surgeons. I prayed about it and God sent MY surgeon and he can be right for you too. I had a blood clot of the lungs from the surgery directly following the surgery and the week after that I developed a rash that covered my entire body from the medicated for the blood clot. For two weeks I suffered and almost died. I've been asked would I go back and not have the surgery or what would I change if anything. My answer was and will remain the same, I would have the surgery and I would not change one thing! Everything has happened the way God intended. I have grown and I am still growing. Those events made me stronger. I could have died being 364 and continuing on at that weight. So for me, this journey has been a continued success.
His name is Khoi Du, MD. He is located at 450 W. Medical Center Blvd Suite 600, Webster, TX 77598 and his contact number is (281) 332-4596. He did no more and no less than what he said he would do. He made no promise other than, if I gave my all, he would then do what he was given to do.

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Surgery: Gastric Bypass
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