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  1. Lisa, thanks for the great post. I am going to take some of your suggestions about protein snacks and use them. I am also clogging the drains with my hair! Omg. No bald spots to date but man is it coming out. Yikes! I also miss wine (never did drink a lot of it but...and gin and tonics. Those were my favourite summer drinks) and I am so tired of water! Ugh. I cannot seem to flavour it to my satisfaction and started making decaf iced tea because I needed an alternative. Isn’t it great to be able to exercise more easily? Keep up the good work.
  2. We so are! Too Many Dogs you are doing great! Keep up the good work! My RD encourages me to eat or drink whatever I want in moderation for long term success. So, I have one cup of decaf coffee in the morning and one cup of decaf tea at night. It helps keep me sane for now rather than drinking all water, which I am SOoooo over. I always did drink my 8 cups/day but I miss Coke Zero, beer, and sparkling water. 😫
  3. I hear ya! I was a WW leader for 8 years and all I did was go up and down like a see saw. I wish you continued success!
  4. Yes, isn’t it awesome not to be hungry? I really appreciate that part of this. Makes the journey a lot easier for me. I actually forgot to eat a meal last week because I was busy and occupied with another activity! That didn’t happen very often before surgery! Hahahahaha. I still have « head hunger » issues. I need to take a small portion to start and eat more, rather than starting bigger. I can overeat if I am not mindful.
  5. Hang in there. It might feel frustrating to lose slowly but I have lost too quickly and now am having some gall bladder issues, which are not fun at all. Best of luck!
  6. Hi everyone. I had my GBP Feb. 13/20. My start weight was 217. I am currently 147, so am down 70 pounds from starting the presurgery diet. I am having some gall bladder issues but can hold them at bay by eating low fat, at least for now. Mostly I am in awe that I am wearing a size medium, and I do have a lot of hanging skin (can you say bat wings? Lol) I am hoping to make my goal weight of 127, but not as quickly as it’s been going. It seems to be hard on the gallbladder. I have been exercising every day but backed off a bit to try to slow the weight loss down. I was walking and doing weights and biking. I have so much energy now and my knees are so much better. I am happy and mostly feeling good. How are all the other February people doing?
  7. chalcrow

    2 Year Surgiversary

    Way to go! You thanks for sharing your story. You have inspired me and undoubtedly others. I had my RNY Feb. 13 and am down 43 pounds since January 29! Sometimes I need to read a success story to help keep my spirits up. It’s a rough road at times. I wish you continuing good health. Be well.
  8. Hi everyone, just wondering if anybody else out there has had very cold hands and feet after their surgeries? I had a RNYGB Feb. 13, and have managed to take all my vitamins and iron, but seem to have frozen hands and feet since then. I am down 32 pounds since Jan. 29. Can anybody shed some light on this? Am I anemic? I have a followup with my surgeon next Wednesday. I will be sure to bring it up but would appreciate your comments and info. Thanks.
  9. I took your suggestion and searched but didn’t find a lot about this when I searched specifically for « cold hands and feet » so maybe I will search for « being cold » instead. I am always wearing slippers and sweaters now. I will check with the surgeon on Wednesday to see if there is more going on. Until then, I cannot wait til summer! Lol
  10. chalcrow

    Fitness trackers

    I love my Fitbit Versa 2. It is my 3 rd fitness “watch” and I love it. I can wear it in the pool and it tracks my activity there. I have an IPhone, however....
  11. chalcrow

    Vsg or rny and why?

    In our province of Manitoba, the government offers the RNYGB as the gold standard of care, and the sleeve only if that isn’t an option. I ended up with the RNYGB and am a month out. As this procedure is covered by our provincial healthcare the assumption is that going into surgery one assumes that s/hé will wake up having had the RNYGB but it might have been a sleeve if the liver wasn’t shrunken enough or there was another issue.
  12. Lisa, sounds like things are going well except for the colds/illness. Hang in there! I am sure it will improved as you get more nutrition in you. I am enjoying walking now about 35 minutes/day after almost a month after RNYGB. Not sure what to tell you about the meeting for a drink...that is a challenge for now. Take care.
  13. Way to go MorganF! I felt that the liquid diet is really, really, hard, but I got to have some puréed tuna and salmon, and after all that liquid it tasted so delicious and I tolerated it well. Hang in there. 👍🏻
  14. Hi Lesmud, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I can sympathize about the protein drinks. It’s just a “no” for me there. My gag reflex has gone back to thinking it’s pregnant! Ugh. Try whirring up the Greek yogurt with one of the protein rich milks, and some (1/4 c) crushed pineapple, 1/4 c frozen mango chunks, 1/2-1/3 banana, 1 T ground flax and hemp hearts. That should deliver about 30 G protein. Of course, you might have to wait to try this but it is saving me, atm. Take care.
  15. Hello! I had my RNYGB Feb. 13. I am progressing well. My little incisions are healed. I am having a hard time with the taste if anything sweet. Ugh. Also getting my vitamins down without gagging is a challenge. For some reason the protein powder is a challenge so I have been getting most of my protein with the special milks and Greek yogurt smoothies. I also found pureeing légume soups worked great for me, though I am getting tired of them. I am down 30 lbs today since January 29, and am freezing all the time, especially my hands and feet. I sleep with fuzzy socks now! Lol
  16. I am glad to hear you tried a new drink that is working for you. Today, luckily, the bad taste in my mouth is gone, and I have discovered that my body will accept Campbell’s bean and bacon soup, puréed and liquified as well as the Habitant brand (Canadian) split pea soup. I have been able to enjoy that today and am so grateful. Still I find sweet foods so unappealing!! I am happy with that but my body sure doesn’t seem to like the whey protein powder at all. I am going to try to stay away from it for a day or so and see if that changes anything. Here’s hoping and fingers crossed! 👍🏻
  17. I am barely a week post op and I find my food tastes horrible. My breath is horrific. I am so worried I am not getting enough protein. I am struggling getting the food in. I feel as if I am failing at this and am worried that that I will become malnourished because lots of food, the thought of eating it is revolting. Everything I put in my mouth is awful. And despite the number of times I brush my teeth and tongue the awful mouth taste remains. Even water is hard to get down. HELP.
  18. chalcrow

    One Year After Surgery 2/20/19

    Your beautiful ear-to-ear smile says it all. 👍🏻🤗❤️
  19. chalcrow

    One Year After Surgery 2/20/19

    You look adorable and so happy in this picture. Love it!
  20. chalcrow

    One Year After Surgery 2/20/19

    You look adorable and so happy in this picture. Love it!
  21. chalcrow

    One Year After Surgery 2/20/19

    You are an inspiration to me and you look amazing! Way to go and congratulations. You have certainly worked very hard to get where you are. Enjoy your healthier body. 👍🏻
  22. In my preop preparation here in Manitoba it is made very clear to us that any psychiatric meds, esp. Time release meds are unlikely to work after surgery. In consultation with my family doc she supported me weaning off my venlafaxine before surgery and then reassessing post op, what the new action plan would be. I must say, withdrawal was really awful with the preop diet, but, in retrospect I am so glad I did it that way. I am 1 week post op, still having a bit of dizziness, and I hope that even though I feel more emotional I will be fine and maybe not need a new medication. Having said that, though, if I do start slipping emotionally, I will see the doc knowing the Extended release versions of drugs are not an option. Hang in there and work with your doc to find a solution. Best wishes to you. 🤗
  23. chalcrow

    I must announce....

    Brag away! Good for you for getting so healthy! Enjoy your new body. You’ve earned it. 👍🏻
  24. chalcrow

    Nausea Trouble

    Hi everyone. I had an Rounx En Y GP a week ago. I gagged and almost threw up yesterday while taking my vitamins. I had cut them up. I seem to have super sonic smell and an altered sense of smell too. Things that never bothered me do. I am allergic to ginger so that is out. Even water tastes bad. It seems that the thought of food is bad and also the taste of food in my mouth is just « off ». It’s like being pregnant again. Ugh. Maybe it’s just water today. Any suggestions you could give me would be appreciated.
  25. Nausea after RNY surgery

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