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  1. Hello! I had my surgery on 6/11. I'm not going to lie, so far I'm really regretting getting this surgery... My pain is fine. Walking fine. It's when I swallow anything is the problem. I have a lot of gas/bubbles in my whole esophagus that I can feel down to my stomach. EVERY time I sip something. And sometimes the pressure really bothers me. The pressure gets so strong like I need to burp and sometimes I do or it goes away slowly. The pressure ends up in my upper esophagus/throat area. I haven't been able to get in hardly any protein. I'm still trying to concentrate on getting fluids in... Last night/early this morning, I felt I found something that really helped me with fluid intake! I tried drinking fluids with a straw and I'm not nearly getting as much gas/pressure drinking with one. huzzah! Well, with that little victory my menstrual cycle decided to make its way to me, middle of the night mind you... and yes, this was expected as I'm taking birth control pills. Woke up very early this morning with bad cramping but that's kind of normal for me. Well after my successful fluid intake with a straw from this morning, I decided to heat up some broth for lunch. Mind you, this broth I had last night and thought it was delicious. I took two sips and my pouch/stomach didn't like it at all. My stomach started gurgling and there was even a small pain. Nothing major, but I could tell my stomach felt "sick" drinking that. Now ever since then, my stomach has been upset feeling and I have a nausea pressure in my throat. Thing is, I'm pretty sure this is because of my stupid period that this is all happening. Did anyone have any similar experience to me? When you get your period, do you get similar symptoms? Also... for menstrual cramps... did anyone by chance drink pickle juice so soon from surgery for cramps? Want to try it if I have a cramp attack again. I've ordered some protein drink fruit mixes from the bariatricpal store to see if I can handle them to get my protein in...
  2. Hello everyone! I'm pretty excited. Literally took my insurance one day to approve my surgery. I am so nervous and excited at the same time. My surgery is scheduled for 3/13/2020 and I plan taking the week off after. I start the 10 day pre-op diet on 3/2. I worry though as I'm trying to find protein shakes I can drink. I'm use to premier protein as my mom had the surgery and they actually taste pretty good but I'm afraid my stomach is having some issues with them. The nutritionist I spoke to said to try a plant based protein shake, called Evolve. I did and.... wish I didn't. Lol. Also, anyone recommend any good vitamins? I see the sale on the website for the one a day for $99 the year. Anyone use these or tried any of the protein juices from the site? Any advice is appreciated.
  3. Hey Y'all. Had a quick question. I'm starting the process of getting the surgery. I'm 26, about to be 27 on 11/20. I currently don't have any major health problems but qualify for surgery due to my BMI being 44.2. I was just wondering how the healing process was? My surgeon said it could take up to two weeks after the surgery. I don't have much PTO with my work so I'm wondering if I would be able to go to work. I work at a call center and sit 98% of the time. My idea was to have my surgery on a Friday, have Sat and Sun off, and then request Monday and Tuesday off with work... would this be enough time? Thanks.
  4. Thanks everyone for the comments! My problem is that the particular place of work I work at, we accumulate PTO pretty well BUT we have to use our PTO for holidays. And I just started in June so I don't have much PTO to play around with. With how things are going and I will have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years day off, my PTO is being sucked dry! Plus I have my appointment next month for my regular doctor and psychologist/nutritionist. I'm looking at hopefully having surgery in January at this point. I'm just not too sure. My problem is that I don't have much energy. I do suffer from depression but I feel my weight is a huge part of that. And ever since i'm started working back in June and I have such great insurance I've been leaving early from work some days when I'm not feeling well, which I also have to use my PTO for.