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  1. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Where are my 3months warriors?

    Happy 3 month post op to all October surgeries!!! How is everyone doing? Hi’s/lo’s?? I’m down 73lbs so far . My focus has been protein and cardio. Hi’s? Under 300lbs I feel a huge difference in clothes. Lo’s? I thought I’d be happier with my progress. I’m still nervous every day of failure.
  2. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Where are my 3months warriors?

    Congratulations and happy almost surgery day!!! I’m 5”11 and started at 364.9lbs
  3. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Where are my 3months warriors?

    Thanks so much! I needed to hear this!! I’m super strict about sticking. I just get nervous and start second guessing things but there’s no reason too. The overthinking mind is an awful place sometimes
  4. NCmomof3_fightsback

    My mother said she no longer wants to talk or see me anymore.

    That’s awful! I’m so sorry!! Your mom seems to have issues that run deep and needs therapy! I’m positive this has nothing to do with you.
  5. Hi! I’m a little late to the party but I’m 39, will be 40 July. I had surgery on 10/16 and I’m down 73lbs. My focus is protein and cardio!!!
  6. NCmomof3_fightsback


    I’m 8 weeks post op and down 60lbs . I’ve been walking since before surgery but I want to start lifting. I mentioned it to my surgeon and he was hesitant with the green light. I feel fine. Just thought id ask and see what your surgeon may have recommended. thanks so much!
  7. NCmomof3_fightsback


    Thank you so much!!
  8. NCmomof3_fightsback


    Thank you!!
  9. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Gastric Bypass complications

    No complications to report here either. I am 6 weeks out and lost 50.9lbs!
  10. I’ll be two weeks post op tomorrow. Leary about trying puréed as I have yet to have success with get my fluids in. I’m just full and terrified to dump. what’s your favorite puréed food? All recommendations welcomed thanks so much
  11. Hi guys:) Was just wondering what your purée schedules are. I’m afraid I’m not going to get enough of what I need. I was able to eat a tablespoon of puréed egg this morning and then I was full. Curious to see everyone else’s schedule thanks in advance!
  12. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Favorite puréed food?

    That sounds good. I’m going to try it thanks! Tried the refried bean with bone broth today and it was really good.
  13. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Two weeks post op and first day puree

    This helped a lot! Thank you!!
  14. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Lower body lift APPROVED!

  15. I had my follow up Monday. I’m two weeks posts op Today and they told me to start purée today. Gosh I was nervous. I made a 1 egg omelette and put a small amount of cheese in it. I mixed it in the bullet and I was able to eat a tablespoon so far and will try a little more later.
  16. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Favorite puréed food?

    Both great ideas! Thank you!
  17. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Incision glue

    My surgeon told me once I’m two weeks post op to just put a little Vaseline on the incision sites and it will slowly soften the glue.
  18. Hi:) I had the gastric sleeve is 2012. Great success! I went from 353 to 167. Maintained weight till 2015 when we lost our baby boy. Four months after lose I became pregnant. Our rainbow was born 2016. A week after her turned one, I found out we were expecting again. Brings me to 2019 I have three beautiful kids and I weigh 363lbs On 10/16/19 I had my sleeve converted to gastric bypass. Recovery is definitely rougher than the sleeve but hanging in there. From my pre-op diet and the first two weeks postop I now weigh 334. was just reaching out to see if anyone could share their success stories as I so badly want to be healthy again and lose all this excess weight. thanks so much
  19. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Conversion of Sleeve to Bypass

    Thank you so so much! I needed to hear this today! Congratulations on all your success!!
  20. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Favorite puréed food?

    AZhiker, thank you so much! I’m going to try some tomorrow!
  21. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Favorite puréed food?

    Thanks so much! What kind of refried beans do you recommend? Canned? I’ve never tried them before
  22. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Revision from sleeve to bypass

    I just had it done on10/16. Recovery was a little rough but manageable. I’m two weeks out and struggling to get my fluids in.
  23. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Are you Sleeve to RNY?

    Good Luck! I just had my sleeve converted to a bypass! I’m two weeks post op!
  24. NCmomof3_fightsback

    Conversion of Sleeve to Bypass

    Congratulations on the success of your sleeve! I too, did this for my children! haha that’s funny you say that because the first thing I said was when I have surgery your getting fixed! He was a 100% on board!

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