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    Partner Support

    Hey Lads, I've been knocking around the forums to find some sort of generalized support checklist. There is a lot if info strewn about but I was hoping to find one place with the whole shebang. So here's my request. My wife is getting the sleeve sometime in the next two months. How can I be prepared to help her out while she is recovering? Basically, how do I not f**k up?
  2. GCDaddy

    Partner Support

    Thanks for this tip! I didn't know about hormone storage in fat. I know it's going to be emotional for everyone involved. Now I just need to remember to be patient and never ever say, "Babe! You're just emotional right now because excess lady hormones are being released from your stored up fat cells." I'll probably tell her before hand.
  3. GCDaddy

    Partner Support

    Oh man that is ridiculous. It sounds like something my dad would have done. I like the thought process too. >sees soup but can't have soup >mom let's you live vicariously through her tastebuds
  4. GCDaddy

    Partner Support

    This is exactly what I was thinking and why I started looking in the first place. I do a lot of the cooking so I'll have to learn to meal prep and reduce portions for an 80% stomach reduction. My wife and I would usually go on hardcore diets together. We initially decided to get bariatric surgery together but I opted out for two reasons. One, I didn't want both of us to be out of commission post-OP. Two, I love beer and I fear that I'm not at a point where I can completely cut it out. I wouldn't want to spend so much time preparing for it to be lost on wanting to drink. Since we are nearing the surgery date it sounds like it's time to purge the baddies from the fridge!
  5. GCDaddy

    Partner Support

    Thanks! I love how active this community is. It's refreshing to see lots of people with similar stories keeping each other on the right track towards health.

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