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  1. My surgery was 7/26 and I’ve lost 95 pounds. During the pandemic I was able to spend more time on the kitchen and also invested in an air fryer, best money spent!! Also I committed to at least 30m a day of exercise using YouTube, free trials from different apps and even cleaning. I missed my last two checkups but I’m planning to go sometime this month. This year has allowed to get reacquainted with myself. I find pleasure in things that the excess weight has taken from me. Happy anniversary to all!!
  2. I’m Day 16 post op. 25lb down. I also started body contour massages and I’m wearing a girdle similar to those used post plastic surgery to avoid sagging skin as much as I can. Still struggling with my daily goal of 60gr of protein.
  3. Wow that’s remarkable!! Congratulations. I had my surgery last Friday July 26. I don’t have an issue drinking the liquids and walking, but I hate the protein shakes, can barely stomach one a day. Any suggestions how to get the proteins in?
  4. Same here. Keep up!!
  5. I’m Day 2 after surgery. No pain, feel tired. Not hungry. Been sipping water, protein shake, tea. Had BM this morning. Walked about 6k steps trying to worm my self up to 10k a day. Don’t know my weight loss yet.
  6. carola912

    Pre-op and obsessed?

    It is normal and when you do have the date, you will enough info+suggestions to survive. The more informed you are the better you will go through your journey.
  7. Hi everyone! Had my surgery Friday. I’m still a bit sore but not in pain or nauseous. Any ideas for week 1? I know is 2 oz every 20 minutes but wanted to know how you guys survived it.
  8. carola912

    1st week after sleeve

    I’m also a bit sored and sleepy; guess it’s the meds. Been doing my 15m walks every 2hours
  9. After much planning and considering, the date is finally here. Tomorrow is my surgery and in one hand I already miss all the things I love to eat, but I am hopeful about this new phase.
  10. carola912

    My surgery is tomorrow 7/26/19

    Thank u guys!!😍🥰😘
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    My journey
  12. From the album: Carola

    This is me night before surgery

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