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  1. @Bastian I'm 3 months(August 27th) out & only can get in between 350-500 calories a day. I can barely complete a meal & it still takes me 30-40 minutes to eat a 5.3oz yogurt. My dietitian told me that this calorie amount is fine but try to get in as much protein dense foods as possible & keep my liquid intake close to or at 64 ozs. When I get full - STOP EATING! She said this is the crucial stage for my new pouch & over eating is not good therefore trying to get in 800-900 calories is not the goal she wants for me right now. So I am listening to my body, eating high quality protein meals and getting in the water. Start Weight(SW) - 215 Surgery Weight(SW) - 198 Current Weight(CW) - 165 Goal Weight(GW) - 145
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    Easy Lunch Ideas

    Great job!!! I catch these high protein tuna meals on sale and STACK UP!! 21& up grams of protein - YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT plus they are already per seasoned and ready to eat with a fork attached to lid!! Picture attached. BLESSINGS
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    Halloween Costume..

    Look at that waist! Take a few body guards with you Sis! IJS : )
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    Halloween Costume..

    All your hard work is paying off!! YOU GO GIRLLLLL! CONGRATS!
  5. Thanks for sharing love!!! You did a PHENOMENAL job - Kudos to you determination & diligence ; )
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    I got the BIG ok !!!!!!!!

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    Weight loss

    I've lost 17 pounds since surgery August 27th ; )
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    101 pounds!!

  9. HipHopDiva

    Alcohol after Gastric Sleeve

    True, if you can't control yourself. I was a weekend drinker but as soon as I started my first nutritional session I stopped cold turkey. It's not worth my health. I plan to have wine March 15th, my BIRTHDAY. So if anyone is a alcoholic or borderline - STAY AWAY. I do understand & respect your answer : )
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    Alcohol after Gastric Sleeve

    They have all brands!
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  12. So very happy to hear things are changing like the veterans says they would. No worries - you will accomplish all your set goals love! I have my 3 week follow up tomorrow. Can't eat a lot either. No interest in food - not complaining though. This is just a HUGE change for me but I'm eating & drinking every 2-3 hours as well. I had egg salad for lunch (only ate half) will try to eat other half in an hour or so. Sipping on my H2O - WE GOT THIS!
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    # 6 weeks and counting :D

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Those 6 weeks will go by soooo fast!! BRAVO to you for the 30 pounds lose already - AWESOMENESS! Keep us posted going forward. SO EXCITED FOR YOU ; )
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    Purée Pain

    Yes, I put in blender with a little broth but I can't eat really soupy, runny food unless it's soup. I want the texture of eggs but I respect your advice. Probably why I cant eat much but it's smooth enough for me.
  16. HipHopDiva

    Purée Pain

    Went back and read my notes again. It says to make sure I'm eating 3 to 5 oz of protein and drink at least 1.5 L (roughly 50 oz) per day. Slow baby steps for me but loving where I currently am : )
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    Purée Pain

    I started purees today. Couldn't eat but a few bits of ground/pureed chicken (10 grams protein per 2oz), egg & broccoli this morning. I even divided the 2oz to .05oz. For lunch I decided to open one of my many infusion tuna (2.8oz -22 grams protein) containers that I primarily got for my lunch at work starting next week. Put a little greek yogurt in it - tuna already seasoned with lemon/thyme. As I was making it I was feeling (I'm not even hungry) but I put a little tuna & a little ground chicken measure from breakfast in a plate. My nutritionist wants me to try to eat 2oz meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I have tons left! I will try to eat a little every 2 hours - 30 minutes after liquids. My before/after plate & left overs to try to comsume by end of day. One protein shake or fairlife milk will get me to 60 grams of protein for the day. P.S.: It was very flavorful & smooth ; )
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    Taking vitamins

    @shanshan you are not alone love. I have learned to just get up & take my meds as I remember. I was told to set a timer. Once I start back to work, I will be somewhat back on schedule because I take my first chewable as soon as I get up (by my night stand). I have a bag of meds at work with a sticky listing times to take my next chewable right by my computer so I have to see it. I hope these suggestions help ; )
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    ❤22 mo / 2 mo Post Op❤

    @GreenTealael you are so inspiring & very positive even during medical difficulties! You look amazing and ALWAYS post what we need to hear/see instead of what we think we need as newbies. I am very grateful you are so active on this site because you are a valuable vet member ; ) ENJOY YOUR TRIP LOVE!
  20. Thank you so much for taking out time to school us on the overwhelming possibilities we have to be successful on this journey! Your words of encouragement mean so very much to us!! Thank you & CONGRATS!
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    Alcohol after Gastric Sleeve

    Drinking should be an occasional activity and shouldn't be dranken enough to affect your weight loss progress.
  22. HipHopDiva

    I want to see your progress pics!!

    You all look FABULOUS!!
  23. Good morning, I intend to try this ricotta bake recipe using high protein crab meat Friday! The video was amazing - she put shrimp on top but I will leave that off for now. View attachment.