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  1. I've had my band for 3 years. Started out at 214, got down to 175, now I am back at 189 and am SO FRUSTRATED! IS this due to my stupid pcos? Does Metformin really do anything? My blood pressure is uncontrollable, high cholesterol, I retain SO MUCH FLUID it aches! Im only 37! I don;t know what to do. I can't even get health insurance since I got teh band! I'm in an Insurance pool that costs over $600 a month JUST FOR ME! I'm probably fixing to loose it, because the money isn't coming in! I moved to Branson 16 months ago and haven't had a fill, but it was already almost full. ANY ADVICE?!?!?
  2. :help:WHAT TO DO??? Am I normal, or should I be worried? I eat pretty much like I used to... I do get choked up if I dont chew well, so am I tight enough? Thanks for any help! Also please IM me at yahoo if you can chat! bandster_gal@yahoo.com Thanks!:faint:
  3. :help:Okay, I have had my band for 2 months now. Yesterday I was filled to 2cc. It will hold 4 cc. WHEN AM I GOING TO FEEL GOOD RESTRICTION? How many fills does it take for Petes sake? I'm am getting very discouraged. The only weight I've lost is from being on the liquid diet! 7 pounds! WooHoo! I still wear the same clothes and can't button the same pants!:hurt I know I need to be PATIENTTTTTTT, but I just thought I'd be ont he road to losing by now for sure! I have a rodeo to go to in May where I always seem to run into hubbys cute n skinny old flame and IIIIII want to be PERTY on his arm for once!
  4. bandster_gal

    What food have you sworn off for good??

    WHOLLY COW! :omg:I tried to eat a tortilla and WOOOO WEEEEEEEEEEE! NOT! Tonight we went for bar b que, WOOOOO WEEEEE! It said NOPE! I think my biggest problem is chewing better, plus I try to take a drink and that makes it worse! But tortillas or french fries...nuuu-uhhhh! Hasta la vista baby!:bandit
  5. bandster_gal

    antidepressants/psych meds?

    Ok, i have the edgiest feeling coming off this Effexor! VERY irritated and disoriented! Im bringing myself off, since my doc just kind of threw the Cymbalta at me. I dont even know how many I am supposed to take! I called and havent been called back yet! Whenever I have missed a dose before of the Effexor, I felt like I had a hangover and motion sickness! IT'S HORRIFIC! Does anyone take this Cymbalta stuff?
  6. Hidy ya'll! Well I was whining for not losing the weight fast enough or any at all! NOW Im back, because since my last fill I went down 4 pounds!:clap2: I am F I N A L L Y having restriction! I'm learning how to "hear" my body! My question now is, should I go in for my next fill in 2 more weeks? I get chocked up pretty east right now. I had my first "spit up", if you will, today. I can usually choke it on down, but today it was like, NOT! It wasn't bad or anything, just liquidy. Im also trying to change anti depressants. I was on 300 mg EFFEXOR and I am in a constant stage of confusion right now! SWIMMY head feeling. PLUS I've been sick and 2 boys! GEESH! Fever junk! If you run a fever 103, does it effect your band? QUESTIONS QUESTIONS, huh? Oh and how do you get on one of those challenge deals? I think that might inspire me! And is there some kind of thread that tells you what goes down ok and what doesn't? SORRY SO LONGGGGGG!:bananajump::confused:
  7. I don't really "know" anyone yet, but anxious to do so. I have had a couple of sweet people PM me. I have been whining about not losing weight, but after my second fill THE RESTRICTION IS ON! Thanks everyone and keep it up!:bananajump:
  8. MAN O MAN! WHAT A BLOW! My 4 year old told me I looked like the HIPPO on MADAGASCAR! UGH! I guess my rear was a dead give away! I said, Hmmm isn't that nice? He said No, Mom it isn't. WAAAA!:lalala: Don't worry, I didn't DIE or anything. Just out of the mouths of babes comes the truth! I can't WAIT until he'll tell me I look like a movie star! LOL! IT'S GONNA HAPPEN BY GOLLIE! Just thought I'd make a few of you laugh.
  9. Was wondering who was out there from the DFW area? I used Dr. Barker and have been happy so far, except that it's being slow getting started! I'm going in for a fill Tuesday, and hoping that'll do it. If you used Dr. Barker what has your experience been??? Thanks for any replies!!!
  10. bandster_gal

    Lap Band Poll

    I guess I am 100% satisfied since Ive only had it for 2 months! Going in for another fill Tuesday. Hoping Ill start on the DOWNWARD spiral!!!
  11. :clap2: I live an hour and a half from where I had surgery with Dr. Barker, but he was really good! I appreciates the fact that he is VERY experienced in what he is doing and professional. He only charges $12,500 using Vista hospital in Mesquite. He is SO popular though that at times the wait in his office is some what lengthy. To me, it's worth it, because I am confident that he actually does know what he is doing. His nurse is just so sweet! The price includes 4 free fills and surgery. After I have had all my fills I am going to look for a closer doctor, but only because he's so far away from me. It only took about 2 weeks to have my surgery after I saw him. If you have cash, they can usually get you right in. If you decide to use him, please mention my name GINGER WESTFALL. He likes to know who referred who.
  12. bandster_gal

    Dumb Question I know!!!

    I have heard that since the band is removable, that the insurance ismore or less saying, "If we're paying for it, then you're GONNA do it." Make sense? They don't want to give you the option of changing your mind later. I dunno, that's just what a guy said in my doctors waiting room...
  13. bandster_gal

    Pay for the band! Poll!

    I forgot to say that Dr Barker is in the Dallas area for the 12,5
  14. bandster_gal

    HELP! Banded 2 months ago w/ 7 pd lost?!?!

    Im hoping that's what it is. He said that I had a lot of air and then put in just a little he said...
  15. bandster_gal

    HELP! Banded 2 months ago w/ 7 pd lost?!?!

    I started at 214 now I am at 207
  16. bandster_gal

    Any of you banded ones have diverticulitis?

    I have diverticulosis, or a spastic colon and it really isn't any different than before so far. I've had mine for two months and was also worried about the attacks! IT HURTS huh? I HATE it! Hope that helps somewhat...
  17. bandster_gal

    Pay for the band! Poll!

    I paid $12,500 for mine! Worth the $$!

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