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  1. Hi, I have a similar history of lower back pain and have recently had 2 major knee operations for injuries. So I’ve been on a lot of pain meds over the last 6 months and just had a facet joint block L4/L5. So I can relate and sympathise with your pain. I’m not so familiar with your meds as I’m in the Southern Hemisphere and we have slightly different names here. But what I’ve found that seems to work for my lower back pain is a combination of paracetamol and a muscle relaxant.( Besides the heat/cold etc). Both are non addictive and ok for the tummy. But discuss with your dr first. I may take something with it to protect my stomach, if I’m worried. (here it’s called nectizole/nexium/altosec). I also try and not overdo things, which is easier said than done and I use breathing meditations for pain relief. There are some wonderful apps that you can download. Try Insight Timer. Has such a huge variety of meditations for different ailments. I’ve also been doing hydrotherapy for my knee rehab. The water is nice for my back too, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. The water is deceptive. I believe that the the bottom line is self kindness and self love and listening to your body. Again easier said than done...when you are in agony. Good luck.
  2. I can’t say whether or not it gets better. But I can relate. Lots of things that I previously enjoyed and loved now have a funny taste or smell, that I can’t tolerate. Especially meat, chicken and fish, which is not a great thing from a protein point of view. Some days are worse than others. It is frustrating, but certainly stops me overeating.
  3. So good to hear from 50 plus people. I’m turning 52 later this year and had my surgery 23 April 2018. It’s only 9 weeks ago but feels like so much longer. I’ve lost 37lbs since Feb and 22lbs since surgery. I’m starting to feel comfortable in my body again, although there is a long way to go. It’s a great feeling to have lost this weight. I’ve never lost so much consistently before. Every day the food is a challenge but I’m getting there slowly slowly. My taste buds and sense of smell have changed a lot and often I often think fish specifically doesn’t taste right. But I love the feeling of leaving food on my plate because I’m full. In the past I’ve always needed to finish every last morsel. Good luck to everyone on this forum.
  4. Hi April surgery buddies, I had the RNY on 23 April. I just wanted to reach out to others close to my date. I’ve been on normal diet for the past 10 days and it hasn’t been easy. Was easier in a way with all the restrictions!!! Emotionally I’m battling. It was my dad’s tombstone unveiling this past weekend and on the day, I had 30 family members for lunch afterwards. My whole eating plan went haywire and I’ve been feeling very down since then. I reverted to my old emotional eating pattern - albeit much less food. But I’m only 7 weeks post surgery and this really upset me. Anyone else battling?
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    I’m 3.5 weeks post my RNY surgery. Been feeling really good up until 2 days ago. I searched the topic depression and see that others have gone through the same thing. I’m feeling quite down and realizing I can’t reach for a chocolate to soothe me has been hard. Also feel like I’m hormonally in a bit of a mess. I am reassured that others have felt this way and pg this too will pass soon. On the whole I’m doing so well, but this low mood isn’t fun...also I’m eating a very low carb diet and not many carbs to pick me up! And I’m not allowed coffee either, which always was a boost for me. Hanging in though. Share your thoughts...
  6. Mine is at 1 pm. Good luck to all on 23 April [emoji1303]
  7. Should say surgery not Sutton.
  8. I’m having my Sutton 23 April. Happy to stay in touch for support.
  9. I’m looking to connect with anyone having the op on 23 April. So it’s 3 days to go. I’ve been doing great, but suddenly questioning if I’m doing the right thing by having the op. I know it is the right thing but suddenly getting a bit nervous and feeling a bit emotional. Can anyone relate?
  10. Well done so far. Amazing results. Good for me to hear what the real struggles are re the water. I can’t help on the nursing side but hope you can manage. Everyone say just sip, sip, sip. Hopefully your team at work will be able to support you. I’m scheduled for surgery in 5 days time. I really appreciate reading everyone’s thoughts, struggles and tips.
  11. I’m 10 days away from surgery and feeling remarkably relaxed. Actually feeling empowered to finally be nearly on the road to a new and healthier future. The 2 week pre op is making me feel in control. I’m feeling excited at the moment.
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    Pre op liver shrink

    Hi, I’m also having gastric bypass ( RNY) on 23rd. I’m starting soft foods today. Looking forward to finally doing this. Getting excited about the way forward.
  13. It’s great to be able to just share easily with others about what’s happening. I’m having RNY on 23 April. Just had my last pre op appointments and starting soft foods tomorrow. Getting excited that this is actually becoming a reality.
  14. Hi, I’ve been looking for some 50+ year olds. ( I’m51) I’m due for surgery on 23 April 2018, exactly a month after you. How are you doing so far