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  1. While my surgeon is still conducting procedures, I'm postponing my surgery until the Fall. My support person is especially vulnerable to COVID and while I might be fine if I caught it, I couldn't live with myself if something were to happen to her because I couldn't wait a few months. Trump closing the border also helped with my decision as I was to be sleeved in Mexico. I know medical procedures are excluded from the ban, but I'm going with my gut on this one. Trying to figure out something for September.
  2. loseitgal

    Having or had surgery in mexico 2020

    I feel like a walking pharmacy with all the meds I have in preparation for the surgery: Chewable Tylenol, gaviscon, gas x, Dramamine, miralax and vitamins (gummies and patches). Not looking forward to it but it's worth it, right?
  3. loseitgal

    Having or had surgery in mexico 2020

    Oh ok. My doctor sent me an extremely long list of OK foods for the liquid diet. I've got two weeks left before I have to start it. Lots of broth, sugar-free popsicles, a veggie soup and protein shakes. Basically, you can eat broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, bell peppers, carrots and celery as much as you want, raw or cooked. I'm making several batches of a soup containing all of the veggies to freeze and take to work. I have one of those essential jobs and I can't work from home. It's a two hour flight home, so not too worried about clots until I land. With my luck, I'll end up at Gate D1 which would be the longest walk to Ground Transportation for a domestic flight! I might have to ask for a wheelchair.
  4. loseitgal

    Having or had surgery in mexico 2020

    I'm having surgery in Piedras Negras with Dr. Alvarez on April 22. The only difference I've noticed between the US and Mexico is that Mexico seems to follow a standard 2-3 pre-op liquid diet depending on BMI. Are you on one right now?
  5. loseitgal

    April 2020

    I'm not actually worried about having the surgery in Mexico, at all, but whether or not TPTB decide to close the borders or restrict travel in a way that will affect me getting there. I've always looked at living near the busiest airport in the world as a blessing, but now, I'm not so sure. I'm also a first responder that's unable to work from home, which puts me in a rather unique situation. There's a lot up in the air, but luckily, I scheduled my surgery later in the month so maybe everything will calm down by then. I'm still planning on completing my pre-op plan as scheduled and I'm taking the necessary precautions regarding exposure. Cautiously optimistic is my aesthetic! Thank you!
  6. loseitgal

    April 1, 2020

    4/22 for me! Getting sleeved in Mexico...hopefully. Trying to stay positive amid the hysteria.
  7. loseitgal

    April 2020

    Hi all! I'm approved for VSG on April 22 in Mexico. I'm excited to finally get this procedure done, but also concerned because it's outside of the United States. They've pretty much canceled all of the big events here in Atlanta for the next month or so. I hope the pandemic doesn't affect my surgery. I've waited almost two years for this. What's another few weeks, right?