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  1. Sarah Cooney

    February bypass buddies?

    RNY 2/23 SW: 304 Current: 271 Loss: 33 pounds. Goal: not decided yet! I’ve been doing fairly well. Ate to fast once and vomited but that’s it. I Am cleared for everything except pork, beef, stringy veggies and clams, mussels, lobster. I’ve enjoyed salads this past week. Been eating hard boiled egg whites for snack ( I don’t care for the yellow when hard boiled) like it’s going out of style as not to waste the eggs my girls dyed. lol
  2. Sarah Cooney

    February bypass buddies?

    Bypass 2/23 Starting 304 Today 280 24 pounds
  3. Sarah Cooney

    February bypass buddies?

    RNY 2/23 HW 309 SW 304 Today : 284 20# since surgery!
  4. Sarah Cooney

    Time off work and telling co-workers?

    Very similar situation here. My coworker had a baby last week so I didn’t want animosity about me being out also. So I told them procedure. HR knows the details and just told my manager I was to be off on FMLA. I took two weeks (surgery is Friday) but can reevaluate weekly.
  5. Sarah Cooney

    Time off work and telling co-workers?

    I am planning 2 weeks off. Can take more if needed. I have told my closest friends at work but didn’t want my bosses to know. We have a small team and one person out with a baby. Didn’t want them to be judgey about me doing it now also. HR said I didn’t have to tell them and just approved my time off and told manager I was having a procedure.
  6. Sarah Cooney

    February Surgery Buddies!

    2/23. STart Preop diet Tuesday!
  7. Sarah Cooney

    NC Anyone

    From Charlotte. Having gastric bypass 2/23
  8. Sarah Cooney

    February Rny Surgeries??

    2/23 RNY I start Preop liquid diet 2/13 (Tuesday [emoji33])
  9. Sarah Cooney

    History of weight loss

    My insurance company just took my word for it. But they require medical records from last 3 years showing I was over weight. So it was a combination of those 2 things that proved my efforts.
  10. Sarah Cooney

    February Surgery Buddies!

    I got my date today 2/23 RNY. STart LIQUID DIET 2/13. Preop work up 2/14 So excited!
  11. Sarah Cooney

    Approved for surgery!

    Yay! Good luck. I’ve been approved but am waiting to be scheduled
  12. Right now only 3 people know. My husband, my mom and my best friend. But once I am approved and have surgery date( everything sent to insurance yesterday!!!) I plan to make it public. It’s going to be a huge change. And people will notice better to come from me than rumors.
  13. Thinking of you this morning! Hugs and well wished on your journey

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