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  1. Seriously? 32 oz does not have to be plain or Crystal Light type water. All liquids count including decaf coffee and tea. And I think you are being very disrespectful by saying they should be more of a problem solver. The person is not whining and complaining at all. The questions seem legit to me.
  2. My surgery was 2/1 with Dr. July and I'm doing great!
  3. kmen

    Two Days Post Op

    I'm 2 days out also! You are lucky as I still have the gas pains!! It's the worst...so uncomfortable! I'm not having issues getting in my liquids either thankfully!! We got this!!
  4. kmen


    I had bypass on Thursday and today it feels like some of the gas is finally moving along. I heard from other people to try to do stretches where your head is lower than your butt ---if that makes sense. I did some kneeling on the bed and would keep my head down and put my hips up and would kind of sway. Not sure if that helped me but it felt good. Hang in there!
  5. I am having my surgery at Abbott on 2/1. I wanted to be at Mercy but they are not certified as a center of excellence or whatever yet.
  6. kmen

    February bypass buddies?

    I'm scheduled for 2/1...yikes a week from tommorrow.
  7. I received my surgery date today and am on February 1st so just the day after you!