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  1. jenhanna87

    Feeling disheartened

    Hello all, I had my surgery at the end of October. First fill on 8th of Jan. I am feeling a bit disheartened as I haven’t really lost any weight since I started again on solids. I know it may take a while before the correct restriction is found etc and if I hadn’t had the surgery I would probably have continued to gain weight...but still I’m just looking for others to share their experiences (positive only please) I currently have 6cc in 14cc band. Look forward to hearing from you!
  2. Hello all! Looking for some advice of those who are quite far into their post op diet.... I am moving on to purée stage on Friday and am quite comfortable with what I will eat for those two weeks. When I start stage 3 and resume a “normal” diet, I have read that those with a band should avoid smoothies, soup etc as it will slip through the band and not provide the fullness that drier textured foods would. I am not a huge fan of breakfast so was planning to have a smoothie made with some whey protein powder, fruit, yoghurt and I also like home made soup for lunch! I understand the importance of staying away from high calorie, high fat “slippy” foods but I am really talking about healthy smoothies and vegetable home made soup! Has anyone continued to eat these types of food with their band and still achieved a good weight loss? Thanks 😊 Jen
  3. jenhanna87

    Lapband - Moving on to solids

    Sorry to hear in your experience you feel there are “many downsides” to the band. I have just had mine and at this stage am optimistic about the future and how this will work for me. Hopefully there will be others on here willing to share with me their positive experiences and results. But hey thanks good to know smoothies and soups will be a good choice in your opinion!
  4. jenhanna87

    Lapband - Moving on to solids

    Thank you! That’s really helpful, it was exactly that type of smoothie I was planning to have for breakfast so it’s good to hear that you have had no issues! I suppose it will be a lot of trial and error over the coming months. Yeah we certainly do have all those seeds in the supermarket so I will have a look at those too [emoji4] Thanks again
  5. jenhanna87

    Just starting the process

    Hi luvpenguins, I had my surgery for the band on the 27th of October. My recovery has been way easier than I ever expected it to be. The only issues have been pain in the incision sites, since I had my staples removed on Monday I have virtually no pain at all. I chose the band for 2 reasons - the first being the same as you, minimally invasive and reversible. The second was cost, the sleeve/bypass here in UK are almost 2 x the cost of the band which I could not afford. I did a lot of reading on forums pre surgery which cast doubts in my mind about wether or not to get the band. I know I am still in very early stages but if I could give you any advice it would be to do your own research and make up your mind based on facts and information from your surgeon and not on the opinions of others. There will be people with bad experiences with the band, but there will also be people with bad experiences with sleeve/bypass. With regards to the above mentioned comment about foreign object, all I would say there is think of all the surgeries which involve placing things in to peoples bodies....not just cosmetically like breast implants but things like pacemakers, pins to heal broken bones etc [emoji4] Please let us know what you decide! Jen x
  6. jenhanna87

    Hello, newbie here!

    Jeez milk only, that must have been brutal!! Have you had much pain, been able to get up and about?
  7. jenhanna87

    Hello, newbie here!

    Yeah I pretty much ate nothing for the first couple of days to be honest. It’s weird I lost like 11lb on the pre op diet but have only lost 5lb since my surgery. I expected a bigger loss but I’m putting it down to my body adjusting after the op! Once you can start to stomach thicker liquids you could try the sugar free jelly or low fat custards to change things up a bit.
  8. jenhanna87

    Hello, newbie here!

    Yeah overall I have been good, although today I think was the first day that I properly felt like reality hit and had a bit of a cry but I feel better now for getting it off my chest! How have you been feeling I know it’s still very early days for you! I haven’t got a set meal time either, especially with being off work and pretty tired! But it’s been along the lines of protein shake, soup, yoghurt at this point so I can’t wait to move on to the soft foods on Friday! Where are you from?
  9. jenhanna87

    Hello, newbie here!

    Hi starryskies! Newbie here also! I am just coming to the end of my 2 week liquid stage. I have been able to have relatively thick protein shakes and can swallow my tablet medication ok. I would think the seeds in your smoothies would be fine as long as you blend blend blend! All the best with your journey 😊

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