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  1. HappinessTheMeasureofSuccess

    Day 16 has not been easy

    I have spent the past three days throwing up anything solid I have tried to introduce to my stomach. The first day I had broccoli and today grilled chicken. I eventually end up throwing up the food I eat. The food feels lodged on my chest and it feels tight and uncomfortable. I am frustrated being able to only drink soup and liquids. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  2. HappinessTheMeasureofSuccess

    Hey! I’m the newbie [emoji4]

    Congratulations and welcome to the club, just keep in mind slow and on a daily basis and you will be successful . When I did my surgery the target was two litres of water per day, which I was not always able to achieve. As for the belly button I also have the same incision but it was never painful for me.
  3. HappinessTheMeasureofSuccess

    Day 16 has not been easy

    My plan has from day 15 grilled fish, chicken, eggs fruits vegetables all well chewed that’s why I tried eating them. I guess I’ll scale it back until my stomach can handle it. I did my surgery in Costa Rica and the post op recovery plan is a bit different from what I have read online.

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