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  1. I am new to this website, I don't think I have ever posted anything about my weight anywhere. I am seeing my MD tomorrow, in hopes to get prescribed Contrave, or to perhaps discuss weight loss surgery. Looking for advice. I am 44 (F) and I am 5'8, 270#. I have struggled with my weight all my adult life. I gained over 100# when I was 19/20, and on a birth control shot. I have been up and down ever since. When I turned 40, I was able to lose a little over 50#'s by using MyFitnessPal and getting lots of exercise. I looked good and felt great. Since then, in 4 short years, I have put on 60lbs. I feel I have very little control over my cravings, which tend to be for sugary, or salty, fatty foods. I will do good for a week or two, and then the cravings kick in and I just cannot seem to back away. I am a closet eater, meaning my eating has become shameful, so I hide it. I feel very out of control. I have high blood pressure, but so far, no other medical issues that I am aware of. I am working with a therapist to try to get to the heart of my issue. I have such low self esteem and I am always uncomfortable. I am tired of hearing that I just need to limit my calories, or exercise more. I understand all that, but if it was something I was successful at, I would not be obese. Has anyone had success with Contrave? Phentermine? Thanks
  2. I appreciate all the feed back.  I am really just now considering Contrave, and am wondering if anyone has had any success with it.  Therapy is going well, and I have a great support system at home, I am really just struggling with staying on track and conquering my cravings, which I heard Contrave does. :)

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      I havn't had a revision but I love the sleeve. I'm only 3 weeks out but its nice not to be hungry. A great tool to help us lose weight. Good luck on your surgery.

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      Hi. I am new to this site. I was sleeved about 3 1/2 years ago. I have done pretty well keeping my weight off that I did lose, with the exception of about 5-10 pounds. I will take it off and gain it back....yoyo!! I just started Contrave yesterday. Have any pf you had any luck with this drug? Thank you

  3. Thanks for the feed back I appreciate it!