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  1. I'm vegetarian and am wondering if there are other vegetarians or vegans out there? I've been working with a nutritionist to come up with a diet that includes the proper amount of protein and amino acids, while also being meat free. It would be great if there were others out there like me! Please forgive me if there's a way to search forums to see if this question has already been asked. I'm new here and still figuring things out. Transitioning from lapband to bypass on June 12! HW: 402, CW: 314, GW 185
  2. Abeille213

    Surgery didn’t work?

    Good god, you have got to be an extremely old person. Lol Yes, there’s a board of ethics. Does it apply outside of a professional setting? Nope. Not at all. So save the idiocy. Or... I suppose you could contact them yourself and let them tell you. Just be sure to let them know that an anonymous stranger online hurt your wittle bitty feelings and you can’t take it. Let them know this person is a licensed psychologist and you want to file a complaint against this anonymous person for something that happened on an anonymous Internet forum outside of a professional environment. Then, move the phone from your ear to prevent damage, as they will be laughing quite audibly. You might even record the phone call. It will get a lot of laughs.
  3. Abeille213

    Surgery didn’t work?

    Quite the opposite, actually. I’m rather egotistical. But it’s cute that you’re playing armchair psychologist.
  4. Abeille213

    Surgery didn’t work?

    Well, I have 3 degrees and am the youngest person in the university to ever finish a doctorate. I’m not overly concerned about how intelligent you may or may not believe me to be. What are your credentials, exactly? Non-existent, I would wager
  5. Abeille213

    Surgery didn’t work?

    Nah your post did nothing of the sort. You made good points. People who flip out this way are walking around on edge and totally unstable to start with. Hopefully anyone in need of psychiatric intervention will seek out assistance.
  6. Abeille213

    I regret this surgery

    You know, this load of crap would've been a little more believable if not for your repeated passive aggressive "way to go" posts to those who wanted to argue with me. The fact remains you lack the spine to actually speak for yourself so you hide behind others who do possess the courage. I guess you didn't take your own advice and "learn when to keep your mouth shut".
  7. Abeille213

    I regret this surgery

    Where did I say someone can't participate? I simply said I'm not interested in conversing with the idiot vying for my attention. I'm not a big fan of men who attempt to assert their "manhood" on women who have no desire to know them... such as the person you're referring to or the other male above who has quite literally been following me on these boards for months. But if you're fond of that type of culture then good for you. I cannot say I'm surprised.
  8. Abeille213

    I regret this surgery

    Unless you're a licensed mental health therapist like myself then spare me the asinine armchair psychologist crap. I prefer to deal with actual professionals in my field rather than some internet troll looking for attention. On June 12, 2017 I had my gallbladder removed, my lapband removed and revised to an RNY. HW: 402, SW 306, CW 257, GW 185
  9. Abeille213

    I regret this surgery

    "A food addiction addict". Hahahaha. Redundant, much? That's like saying, "an alcoholism alcoholic". By the way, addicts aren't "pathetic". There are many, many studies that prove beyond reproach that addiction is a disease just like cancer or diabetes. People like yourself who insult addicts are the truly pathetic ones. Tell me something, genius. Where did you get your psychology degree? I assume you have one since you're playing armchair psychologist and pretending you're qualified to make these statements. As someone who does have bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology and will be finishing up my doctorate soon, I actually am qualified to diagnose and treat. I can see clearly that you're a rude, lonely, bitter, uneducated, uninformed, judgmental idiot who thinks they know it all, but actually knows nothing. I'm also guessing you're probably quite old, which likely contributed to your bitterness. Bummer. On June 12, 2017 I had my gallbladder removed, my lapband removed and revised to an RNY. HW: 402, SW 306, CW 257, GW 185
  10. I am sobbing uncontrollably right now and really need to hear from others who have had the band to RNY (or sleeve) revision, please. I am six days post op from band to RNY and I have lost ONE POUND. I am so upset. My biggest fear going into this was failing again just like I failed with the band. And, to me, a one pound loss is 100% failing. I'm in absolute hysterics right now crying. Why did I do this? So much money, so much time from work, so much pain... to lose a pound in a week? I could've lost far more than this with some simple Slim Fast diet or something. I can't do this. I cannot do this. I can't. What kind of fat, disgusting, out of control pig am I that even two WLS's aren't helping me lose weight?? I know my hormones are raging after surgery. I know I am behaving like an emotional basket case. I know this. But in this moment, this is so real. I am so upset... so ashamed of myself. If anyone reads this, would you mind telling me if you felt this way? Would you mind sharing your weight loss progress? How slow or fast it was? I know we are all different, but I would just like to see examples. And, most of all, would you mind sharing how you dealt with the incredibly slow loss? I am not a patient person. Not even close. I know myself. I will become discouraged and give up. I need help here. I do have an upcoming appointment with a therapist who I hope can help. But in this moment, I really, really just need to hear from those who have been here.
  11. Abeille213

    2 DAYSS

    Congrats to you! I am 7 days post op and will share a couple of things I've learned in my short week. One-- the biggest one-- please have a very solid and understanding person in your life who can help get you through the shocking emotional roller coaster that happens after surgery. The extreme hormones are something I wasn't at all prepared for. I go from being furious, to laughing to (most often) sobbing uncontrollably. I was warned of this but it's a million times more intense than I expected. And I'm actually a psychotherapist so I am trained to recognize illogical emotions and react to them properly. Even so, I have been miserable. So, have someone there who will support you if you're having emotions that make no sense and are way off the charts. Second, get yourself a body pillow. It will save your life. Last, do this one for me lol. Go take a bottle of water (or whatever liquid) and chug that sucker. It's such a strange thing to be super thirsty but be unable to quickly satisfy your thirst by chugging water. Instead, we have to take very small sips which takes a long time to finally satisfy that thirst. You won't be chugging liquid again for a very long time, possibly ever, so enjoy it one last time! Lol June 12, 2017 I had my lap-band removed, my gallbladder removed and received an RNY. HW: 402, SW 306, CW 303, GW 185
  12. Abeille213

    VENTING - can vs should

    I'm very sorry to hear that, though not the least bit surprised. You noticed how he immediately backed off once someone stood up to him? That's what bullies do. They are the weak ones. Part of me feels sorry for him and others like him. They are miserably unhappy people desperate to bring others down to their level of misery and self loathing. But the other part of me thinks they are fully pathetic in that they choose a support group of all things as the place to attack others. It takes a real man to take aim at a group of people who are vulnerable, afraid and asking for help. Transitioning from lapband to bypass on June 12! HW: 402, CW: 314, GW 185
  13. Abeille213

    Vegan & WLS

    I realize this post is several years old and I'm not sure if you still use this app, but I love your post. Thank you so much. I am vegetarian and, as I ready myself for surgery, I am having some difficulty finding the "right" kinds of proteins to add to my diet. Your post is really helpful. Thank you. Transitioning from lapband to bypass on June 12! HW: 402, CW: 314, GW 185
  14. I have my RNY transition on June 12 and I am terrified I will fail and not lose weight. I had the lapband in 2008 and lost 100 pounds, but it was very slow and took about 5 years. I did keep it off though (with an occasional up and down of 15 pounds). I have always looked at my lapband as a failure. I figured out the "tricks" and how to get around the restriction of the band and I took advantage of it. I was weak. I am weak. It's so hard not to eat. Am I the only one who is afraid of failing? Of being that one person who is such a disgusting fat pig that even TWO weight loss surgeries can't keep her from eating? I know it's all up to me and I hold the choices in my hands, but there are times I just don't care. I eat and eat and do not care. Not until afterward. Is there anyone else like me out there? Transitioning from lapband to bypass on June 12! HW: 402, CW: 314, GW 185
  15. Abeille213

    VENTING - can vs should

    Mandy, ignore that person. No matter where you go whether it's work, with friends, with family or online... there is always that one person who enjoys arguing and trying to bring others down. I feel badly for them because people like that are typically incredibly miserable human beings. Your instinctive reaction to be kind to others is a good thing! Don't let anyone make you question that. It's funny... For a group of people who have dealt with obesity for many years and have (most likely) endured the cruelty from people who love to make fun of overweight people, one would think that compassion amongst this group of people would be here in spades. But, unfortunately, there is cruelty everywhere. Transitioning from lapband to bypass on June 12! HW: 402, CW: 314, GW 185
  16. Thank you for this! I needed to hear that my fears are common and others are worried too. Thanks so much. Transitioning from lapband to bypass on June 12! HW: 402, CW: 314, GW 185
  17. Abeille213

    Total Frustration...

    As a therapist myself as well as someone who is going to have WLS, it sounds as if this intern is probable unsure herself about how to approach your situation. Most likely, she is having you do what she has seen her predecessors do... which is assign a very good book (IF you were an emotional eater) and "force" them to discuss it, i.e. force the client to face their emotional eating issue. I'm sorry you're being made to do this when it doesn't seem relevant, but it most likely isn't worth the fight to argue or discuss with her about her. She may deny your surgery just because she feels you're being non-compliant with treatment. Read the book, take notes as you read. That way you won't have to remember everything you read. It will all be written down in your notes. Then go back and review the notes before you discuss it with her. Also, you can go on Amazon and read the reviews. You'll usually find a synopsis there. Kind of like Cliff's Notes. As for not contacting your therapist yet, if she's an intern then it's likely she isn't there every day. She's probably busy with a million other things right now including finals, work, etc. And, since interns are unpaid, she probably isn't going to be putting work in after hours in order to contact your therapist. I would gently remind her when you see her that you're on a timetable here and need it ASAP. Good luck! Currently waiting on surgery date to transition from lapband to bypass. HW: 402, CW: 314, GW 185

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