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  1. I've officially lost 50 pounds after my DS surgery! Surgery Date: 12/14/16 Pre-op weight: 270 Surgery weight: 260 Current weight: 218
  2. Kaylamh

    Head Hunger!

    Hi everyone! I'm struggling a ton with head hunger. I'm almost four weeks post op, and still staying within my prescribed food list, but I find myself constantly thinking about food. Is it normal for DSers to be hungry this early post op, or is it head hunger? If it's head hunger, what do you guys do to combat it?
  3. Kaylamh

    Fast Food Questions

    I eat out fairly often. Fast food isn't really something I enjoy anymore. I usually go for a grilled salad option, or grilled nuggets. I've gotten the burger without a bun once, but it just made me feel crappy. Restaurants are easier because I order off of the kids menu, appetizers, or just get an entree and have leftovers. It depends on the restaurant and the options available.
  4. Being able to shop at non-plus sized stores, and not having to wear the biggest size. Running! Not being the biggest person in the room all the time. Finding old clothes in my attic that finally fit. Being able to give away most of my clothes. Feeling my ribs and hip bones. Just to name a few!
  5. Kaylamh

    First 50 down!

    Thanks for the support!
  6. Kaylamh


    The only thing that has ever helped me is torodol. I also find relief at urgent care when they give me a shot and an IV. I tend to dehydrate myself, which often brings on the migraines.
  7. Premier protein shakes at Walmart are a life saver. Siggis or Dannon Oikos triple zero yogurt, fair life milk, chicken salad, tuna... Honestly the premier shakes saved me a few times. You can get them at Walmart!
  8. Kaylamh

    Bad side effects

    I get terrible diarrhea if I eat anything super high in fat. Carbs don't bother me on that front, but still make me nauseous if I eat too much. That being said, it's almost never immediate. Your tummy will give you warnings about when it feels bad, and you'll know to avoid that food in the future. Granted, if I had eaten on plan, I wouldn't have that issue haha. The poo and gas smell comes from the amount of protein in your diet. It goes away as you start incorporating carbs (veggies etc) into your diet.
  9. I walked in to my appointment thinking that I would get the sleeve. I walked out with a DS. The long term results are statistically better, and there is no dumping syndrome from sugar or carbs. It can (and has for me) cause dumping with excess fat. I also have to take vitamins every day forever but that wasn't a huge drawback for me.
  10. Kaylamh

    5 weeks post op.

    Try to chew more with each bite. I have the same problem, and sometimes cave and have a sip of water and then feel bloaty.
  11. Kaylamh

    Vitamins - how much exactly

    It depends on your surgery. I take 500mg calcium 4x a day A Multi ADEK 3x a day (I use celebrate brand in berry sorbet) 1000mcg of B12 (or one bariatric advantage speedy melt) once a day 29mg of iron 1x a day (chewable bariatric fusion) And 5000 IU of Vitamin D once a day. I had the DS which is much more vitamin heavy than any other surgery. I'm still going to have to ask my doctor about the bariatric fusion vitamins. There's no recommendation on their site for DS, but for the other surgeries is seems like a good option!
  12. Kaylamh

    Hospital attire?

    I was allowed to change the morning after my surgery when they took out my Cath and IV. When I walked the night of my surgery, they just put another gown around my back so everything was covered. I was still so doped up that I didn't care much about anything but getting back to bed.
  13. Kaylamh

    How long is hospital stay?

    Most people stay two, but I only had one
  14. @MowryRocks DSers take more vitamins than those with the sleeve. I'll have to look in to bariatric fusion!
  15. @Dairymary I think the tone of your post is a little harsh, but I definitely agree with your sentiment. Please follow your doctor's instructions. I think a week out is too early to be testing the boundaries. I blurred the lines a little bit during the puréed/soft foods phase, but many doctors lump those two phases together. Good luck, and try to stay on plan! Your tummy is delicate.
  16. @kkami12 I've never heard of that. DS patients have to take more vitamins than any of the other surgeries, including 1000mg of calcium 4-5 times a day, along with a multi ADEK 3 times a day, a b12 an iron and a vitamin D
  17. Kaylamh

    Psych evaluation

    Mine was like 1.5 hours long. The test alone took like half an hour or so, but at no point did I feel like she wasn't going to pass me.
  18. @summerset no, it's not impossible, but it's definitely less likely, especially if you stick close to plan. I'm just basing that info on what my surgeon told me. He recommended it for me because of the long term stats associated with it.
  19. Kaylamh

    Drink liquid

    Honestly, I still have a hard time with drinking water. It's easier for me to drink full liquids or flavored water, but chugging still makes me gassy and sloshy. I don't have to time my sips any more but I still take it slow
  20. Kaylamh

    Cold Feet

    YES. I am cold like all the time now, and I'm 2.5 months out
  21. It depends on your body, and how high your starting weight was. Usually people with a higher starting weight will lose faster. It'll also help to incorporate lots of exercises!
  22. I would love to take a trip, or get a new tattoo haha
  23. It's more about setting yourself up for life than about shrinking your liver (in relation to the carbonation). Not to mention carbonation is terrible for your kidneys
  24. Kaylamh

    Trying to decide

    I can't imagine any bariatric surgery on an outpatient basis. That really doesn't sound right at all. Definitely do the research on the DS, but I've had a really good experience so far.