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  1. RNSuzanne

    Baby Boomers singles

    I'm a single baby boomer, sleeved last month 4/12/17 and live on the CT shoreline! I'm interested in all of the things you mentioned. Please message me back for more info. Thanks!
  2. RNSuzanne

    Single sleevers in CT?

    Hi! I'm new to this thread, I live in Southeastern CT. I was sleeved last month, 4/12/17. Nice to find some new friends here!
  3. RNSuzanne

    week 3 post opt menu

    Please check out the blog by fellow WLS friend Shelly for great ideas in every stage of eating! It's called "the world according to egg face. Google it, its been so helpful to me!
  4. RNSuzanne

    Connecticut sleevers?

    I'm sure that when you began adding calories, your body realized it wasn't being starved and you started dropping pounds. This happened to me, I was sleeved 4/12/17 and I'm down 24.5 pounds. How are you doing now, my friend?[emoji4]
  5. RNSuzanne

    Connecticut sleevers?

    I'm from CT, southeastern area! I was sleeved on 4/12/17 at Hartford Hospital also, with Dr. Tishler. Since starting my pre-op diet, I have lost 24.5 pounds. I'm off one of my Blood pressure meds and all of my pain meds! I keep my protein between 80-100 grams and have not had trouble with hair falling out. Hydrating is hard, but I mostly get all 64 oz. in. I was hoping to lose faster, but I think I was a little unrealistic. Nice to find all of you here! Suzanne
  6. RNSuzanne


    As a nurse, the fastest route is first to take a Dulcolax suppository. If that doesn't work, do an enema on yourself, laying on your left side on towels in bed. As a nurse and a sleeve patient, I know the awful feeling you're going through. Once your stool is completely evacuated, take one dose of Miralax daily. Very safe and effective, until you are on solids and can add more fiber to your diet! I hope this helps [emoji4]
  7. RNSuzanne

    Protein Goal too low?

    My doctor said 80-100 grams of protein daily also. My energy has been increased and I'm still losing steadily. I would encourage you to get a second opinion on that.
  8. I have an Aldi's in town, and I would like to know the brand of pre-seasoned turkey they have. I'm still on a puréed diet and I could really use a change! Do you just eat it plain with the low fat mayo?
  9. RNSuzanne

    Your favorite NSV?

    So happy for you! I too am looking forward to racy weight loss dividends! Keep up the good work, the best is yet to come!
  10. RNSuzanne

    April 12th Sleevers!!!!

    Thanks for sharing! I'll hang in there. Today (Day 4) was the worst for me.
  11. Christina, thanks for the encouragement! I have my VSG in one week and am wearing a size 26! Would love to be a size 20 at 15 days post-op!! Suzanne
  12. RNSuzanne

    Weight Gain After Sleeve

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your ex-husband. I lost my brother to suicide after beginning my 6 month journey towards my VSG. I felt the very same depressed feelings as you did. It derailed me for awhile. Keep your focus on why you want the weight off, how your lifestyle change has helped you so far! Let me just say, that you are worth the work! You are a special person and you have the strength within to accomplish this! I'm rooting and praying for you[emoji173] Suzanne
  13. RNSuzanne

    April 12th Sleevers!!!!

    Hello friend! What is your name? Today is the first day I am to be without Ibuprofen. I've been taking it for years, for knee and back pain. Can't take it ever again, as my sleeve won't allow for it. Kinda scared that I will be in pain, I have arthritis and weigh 316 pounds before beginning the pre-op diet. I live in Connecticut. What about you?
  14. RNSuzanne

    April 12th Sleevers!!!!

    I have had headaches also, as well as decreased energy. Our bodies are detoxing from all the sugar, carbs and other junk! That's a good thing! Drink lots of water! Keep your focus on the goal: make a list of all the reasons you want this and how you hope it will change your life. Post it on your refrigerator! It helps. Hugs! I'm in this with you! Prayers! Suzanne
  15. RNSuzanne

    April 12th Sleevers!!!!

    Yes, I am getting sleeved on the 12th also! So excited! Your friend, Suzanne
  16. RNSuzanne

    April 2017 sleevers?

    We are getting sleeved on the same day! Nice to meet you, sleeve buddy! :-) I'm having some difficulty dealing with the pre-op diet, as I have to cook for others in my family. Cravings are strong, today is day 4 for me! How are you doing?
  17. RNSuzanne

    April 2017 sleevers?

    I started my pre-op diet on 4/02, surgery is on 4/12/17. One week from today! My surgeon requires 10 days of pre-op diet only. Hope that is enough to shrink my liver to the right size and minimize risk to myself?
  18. Hi Allison & Ellen! My name is Suzanne. I live in Groton, CT. I'm one month into my nutrition appointments, getting all my other ducks in a row, leading up to surgery with Dr. Tishler- hoping to get a surgery date in March. Getting used to writing everything down that I eat... don't know how strict the nutritionists will be with getting off sugar, Protein requirements, etc. Have had many stressors, one of which is my brother's suicide and a cancer scare. I have a painful cyst that needs to be removed (non-cancerous, thank God). I would appreciate any and all support. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App