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  1. My name is Michaela I am 29 I am considering getting a revision to the gastric bypass. I had the sleeve exactly 3 years ago. I am 5’4 at my heaviest I was 272 and got down to 174 now I’m back up to 222. I am super depressed because I don’t know how I let this get this bad. I’m looking for stories of people who have had this revision and what made them decided to do it and how much the have lost so far. Also people who are looking into getting the surgery and what made you decide to look into it.
  2. I as well am 3 years and have regained 55lbs I don’t know where I went wrong but I just wanna get back on track . What are the biggest differences that you see ?
  3. I was wondering is it possible that someones body just isnt meant to be skinny .. im a more curvy female and i have lost 80 lbs but it seems like im having such a hard time getting to my goal weight. Everyone i know tells me they dont want me to lose any more weight and im not meant to be skinny. Is that possible?
  4. I am a year and 20 Days postop, Im only at 83 lbs down my weight has seemed to plateau i went from 272 to 189 .. is anyone else losing their weight slower? O r has reached a stall .. a friend of mine told me to start the reset pouch diet .
  5. Chaelove0810

    1 Year Post-op Slow andSteady

    Yes 33 lbs in 7 weeks is pretty amazing .. i also had a couple stalls in the very beginning but i was also really constipated ALL THE TIME (sorry TMI), it started to discourage me so i stopped weighing myself every day .. i notice it always seems to work its self out . But you are doing an amazing job keep it up !!
  6. Chaelove0810

    Did you tell people?

    I didnt really tell many people either only the ones closest to me but when people ask how im losing weight i give them my bariatric diet and the liquid diet because im not really lying im just keeping my personal info to my self
  7. Chaelove0810

    1 Year Post-op Slow andSteady

    Thanks . Well i guess i need to keep pushing a little harder
  8. Chaelove0810

    1 Year Post-op Slow andSteady

  9. Chaelove0810

    1 Year Post-op Slow andSteady

    thank you i needed to hear that i appreciate it
  10. I agree a 10000% lol but thank you so much i appreciate it i guess im just disappointed myself more than anything
  11. ooo i only wanted positive vibes only and good advice and people who understand
  12. Thank You!! i do have skin at the bottom of my stomach and on my arms but i had the Gastric Sleeve ,, have you had a surgery yet ?
  13. what happen a few months ago lol
  14. Yeah .. it makes me not want to post because that,s not what i came on here for i came here for advice because i really want to know . Like i said i,m barely a year out its stilt a learning experience for me. But thank you i appreciate it
  15. How do you know the difference between skin and fat ? I have disgusting skin on my stomach and i got an consultation from a Surgeon in Miami (via pics) and he told me that there is nothing i can do to lose the fat and the more weight i lose the more skin i will have so there is no point in waiting .. that doesnt sound accurate to me lol .. can anyone shine some light on this for me ?
  16. I agree with you .. I'm 190 but its so much harder for me to lose weight its becoming frustrating because my goal is 160/165. People dont believe me when i tell them i am 1990 lbs to them i look smaller but i know i'm not .. My surgeon as well said that 150 is good for me because technically i should be 120 but i'm not comfortable. I'm just disappointed with my weight loss for being a year out i thought i would be farther but i'm pushing through it . My sister believes that i have body dysphomic disorder because i still see a fat girl but like i said everyone tells me im losing too much weight my head is going to be too big and the list goes on. Im 1 12 in pants and M in tops but for some reason i still shop in plus size.
  17. Lol awwww yeah it is .. but i guess i shouldnt complain
  18. I appreciate everyones feedback. Some of the responses came off a little abrasive but i can take it . Let me make it clear that im not trying to be "skinny" im trying to be healthy and i want to learn to love myself. I personally dont want to be down to 120 lbs because i wont be comfortable. My goals are my goals whether im no where near skinny or im still considered obese. I came on this site for support and to share my thoughts and to get positive feed back and have another support system outside of my family because they dont understand it the others who are going through it would understand. This is all new to me even tho its been a year im still trying to figure it all out
  19. The smallest i ever been was 145 and even then i was curvy so i was thinking maybe my body just doesnt want me to lose anymore weight
  20. Hello i was sleeved on 4/27/16 and im stilllll not at my goal weight.I am so depressed and upset about it IM AT 80LBS down i wanted to be down 100lbs by my one year. It really depresses me because i was doing so well losing a lot of weight and then all of a sudden i hit like a 3 month stall and i was doing everything correctly and then i see people who have had the same Surgery date as me and are down over 100lbs .. i wonder if i am doing something wrong
  21. Chaelove0810

    Not at Goal Weight

    I really appreciate all of you guys help this has been a rough road for me .. i lost a few family members during this journey and also had a wedding so i have had a lot ups and downs and i didnt realize how much work was put into it and i think all of sudden it is just now hitting me and i hate the fact that i didnt realize this sooner . so im going to do as you guys said and going back to the basics tracking everything . I dont overeat because its still so hard to get things down so sometimes i just wont eat at all because i dont want to be bothered , i just hope its not too late to get back on track