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    It is advisable for you to take this Digestic by Mimonis. It is an herbal supplement that helps me in relieving my constipation problem. It just take me few days and got my normal bowel movement. I am sharing this because I know it can help you also.
  2. Healthyme15

    Iron constipation!

    I think Iron may caused it based on your statements. Anyway water is the best solution with it. Having more fluids in our body could keep us away from constipation. Or you can take this Digestic by Mimonis which does a great changes in our mes to indigestion problems. We are very thankful with this that is why we are sharing it to you.
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    I guess you have to try this Digestic by Mimonis since you already tried the water but it was not working. It is an herbal supplement I have used to relieved my constipation and fortunately I am totally relieved. It just take me two days before being cured.
  4. Healthyme15

    Post op constipation?

    Hi Rellabelle, Try to drink more Water and fresh fruit juices after the operation. You can also have this Digestic by Mimonis which is my best reliever for constipation as well as for my family. It is very good in easing the constipation we experienced.