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  1. A Year later!! Wow is all I can say I'm down 85lbs and tons of inches, best decision I made for myself
  2. waneta35

    African American vsgers!

    Hello Waneta35 I am from Chicago also and will be getting sleeved on 12-11-15 at the University Of Chicago. How is your progress and where were you sleeved? I was sleeved at UOC with Dr. Hussain my experience has been great!! I have lost 85lbs so far, best decision I made for me
  3. Hello, I have been on here in awhile but I was sleeved on September 23rd and I'm done 60lbs. I'm so excited about my new body and the love of exercising. I have about 35 lbs to go until I'm under 200.
  4. waneta35

    Before and After Pics

    I had surgery on September 23rd and in 2 months I can see the difference already. 31 pounds lost!!
  5. You look great awesome job!!
  6. Congrats you look great! !
  7. waneta35

    Exercise Time

    Me too, I think I will get back in the gym on tomorrow.
  8. Sleeved on 9-23 I have been on soft foods for a week now after my two week post-op appointment. I threw up for the first 3 days after going to soft foods I believe it was because I ate to fast. So far I loss 20lbs. I find myself dreading to eat sometimes due to what may happen. I'm hanging in there and trying to eat slow.
  9. I understand that. God bless you in your journey and I can't wait to get where you are. I'm 3 weeks post op
  10. Congrats on the new you, you should post a picture of your before and after
  11. Almond joys was my go to candy, glad to hear it didn't taste that good.
  12. waneta35

    My sleeve is angry

    Are you eating real slow a few bites at a time and letting the meal last for 45 minutes. I have that issue if I eat to fast.
  13. I am almost 3 weeks post-op and my doctor switched me this week at my visit to soft foods. I'm not sure if I'm eating to fast or it's the food but I'm throwing up at least once a day since the change. Has anyone experienced once you add soft foods in your diet you are not able to keep food down that much? Any pointers?
  14. waneta35

    Throwing up

    Thanks I'm trying to. I guess I never realized how fast I was eating pre surgery.
  15. waneta35

    Throwing up

    I start feeling sick after a few bites. It feels like the food is stuck in my throat and then it comes back up. But mostly mucus not that much of the food. I hate throwing up it reminds me of morning sickness
  16. waneta35

    Tomorrow is the day!

    Congrats I remember my night before two weeks ago. Get some rest today and relax your mind tomorrow is the beginning of a new day!! Prayers sending your way
  17. I was sleeved on Tuesday September 23rd. Today was my first day back to work and I was so sleepy after I got off. My two week pre op appointment is on Wednesday and I can't wait to be released to soft foods. The pureed stage has been hard but I have learned to get in my protein and water if nothing else.
  18. I'm 6 days post op today and finally was able to get in my daily protein of 70 grams in. Actually got it 75 It took forever to do it but I was determined to take my time and get it in. Next step is to get all this water in so far I'm only getting 40 ounces.
  19. One egg is way less protein than that. I use my fitness pal to help make sure I get my daily protein in. You will have to change nutrition settings for what you need.
  20. I understand all my meals are broken in half I switch up all day from eating and drinking. I use a timer to keep it 30 minutes apart.
  21. My doctor has me on the pureed stage. I have a egg, protein shake, cream of wheat, tomato soup,greek yogurt and melted cheese in my soup. I learned I have to eat this all day long in very small portions. I be eating until 10pm but I get it done after the limitations of the first 2-3 days of no interest. Eating is still a chore for me.v
  22. I still believe it's a dream that I'm at this hospital about to have my surgery. My process hasn't been a long one from my initial decision to insurance approval. I look forward to a healthy life ahead of me. I weighed myself when I left home I was 289.4 and when I weighed at the hospital I was 2lbs heavier. After they got my urine I asked to get back on scale and I was a pound lighter. Hey I will take that, every little pound counts!!
  23. waneta35

    I'm SLEEVED!

    Congrats today marks my one week since surgery. I was in and out of sleep that whole day. Get your rest! !
  24. waneta35

    POST-OP chime in

    I can't hardly get my daily protein in and I'm 5 days post op. I can't even imagine nothing fried. Eating feels like a chore I dislike currently
  25. waneta35

    Who Are You?

    Congrats on the weight loss so far. I can't wait! !