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  1. Mine is called kidney bean. When i am looking at the x ray when i was having the swallow test, i thought it resembled one.
  2. joydenstar

    February Sleevers.... Check in!

    am sleeved on 5 Feb. Went almost straight from liquids to soft, with only a few days on puree. However, do get me right, I only started soft this week after being on liquids for almost 4.5 weeks. Was struggling with puree at the three weeks' mark after being advised by nut to go on puree. Tried puree but somehow did not work so well and went back to liquid. Was only on puree for maybe, 3 days before my last visit to the NUT. Nevertheless, NUT wanted me to start eating soft foods and hence I am eating banana, salmon and white fish Soup now with much lesser difficulty than puree. Chew,chew, chew, my fellow sleevers. We will get there soon!
  3. joydenstar

    help...I can't poop

    I had not pooped for almost 4 days. I took a cup of prune juice today and two hours later, I went to the toilet. Such relief!
  4. joydenstar

    Sleeve surgery and PCOS

    Hi Ladies, PCOS was the main reason why I decided to opt for this surgery. I got to say it is still early days BUT since my surgery on 5 Feb, I have two periods, one - six days post op and one three weeks later. Hence, there is hope for all of us!
  5. joydenstar

    1 month surgiversary

    Thank you! I was sleeved on 5 Feb which should be quite close to you. Go on, girl! We can do it!
  6. joydenstar

    Is this too much?

    I think the pastel pink jeans look nice on you.
  7. joydenstar

    who has a blog?

    Hi Tina, i got to say.. u inspire me to start mine
  8. joydenstar

    who has a blog?

    I just started on my one-month anni. Www.kidneybeanjourney.wordpress.com
  9. Really sorry if this question has been posted and answered a few times as I cannot seem to locate the appropriate threads when i searched by "puree" and "pureed diet". I am 22 days post operation and was supposed to transit to pureed food yesterday. So far, my liquid diet mainly consisted of clear Soup, milo, milk and soy milk. I had no problems and could finish a 300ml cup in approximately 1/2 hour if I am fast. However, when I tried banana soy milk blend today, I was having difficulty swallowing the drink. I finished the drink eventually and had gone on to puree the chicken breast for my lunch. However, one look at it and I knew that I am not going to tolerate it well. Hence, in place of it, I am now drinking GNC lean shake 25. I find it rather chalky and a bit hard to swallow as well. This was something I had deliberately ordered from US and was sitting in my store room initially as it was hard to swallow in my initial days. I would like to ask if anyone of you have any good recommendations for easy to swallow pureed food that you relied on in the initial days of the pureed diet? Any reference to previous threads is also greatly appreciated. Really sorry and thanks for your help in advance! I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated this forum as I am an Asian and weight loss surgery is not greatly discussed on this island.
  10. Thanks Linda for the note. I did not realize there is large curd ones. Yes mine was those which resembled pastes with small individual curds.
  11. Hi Zoumommy, I tried the cottage cheese today. I did not have to blend it (and this is coming from a person who cannot tolerate banana soy milk on Tuesday). It just takes a bit of chewing and I found that I did not have any pain swallowing it.
  12. joydenstar

    Ready for the hospital

    Hope you have a complete recovery.
  13. Drinking water just before does add to your weight. Maybe,drink one litre just before the weigh-in? Wish you all the best?
  14. My doctor says that 30% of body weight is easily lost with surgery realistically. The remainder had to be lost through determination and will. I was slightly discouraged when I first heard him say as I have definitely loads more to lose than 30%. However, I truly believe as long as I strive on, I will definitely be able to make it.
  15. joydenstar

    My transformation in video!

    Thanks for sharing! Your video is truly inspirational
  16. joydenstar

    Why did you choose the Sleeve?

    For me, it was because my nature of work required me to fly every often to less developed countries (or where the nearest hospital can be a few hours car ride away). My doctor advised me not to have lap band in this case as I would not be able to have adequate medical care immediately. Hence, this can be a consideration for you.
  17. joydenstar


    Yay, that is great news to hear. Congrats!
  18. joydenstar

    Surgery is on monday

    Good luck! I pray for a good and smooth surgery for you. May your recovery be complete!
  19. joydenstar

    Hospital stay

    My doctor wanted to discharge me after one night's stay. However, I ended up staying another two days as my mum was tied up with my niece at home. Plus, I also need help getting out of the bed. Hence, for me, it was much better staying in hospital where there is a recliner bed and nurses who can help you. I am pretty independent but I am thankful I stayed at the hospital a bit longer. Hence, it really depends on you and if the support network is strong at home.
  20. Yay! I had greek yoghurt today. Slowly slowly progressing! Thanks, guys!
  21. Thank you! I like Michelle "Shelly" too. She is full of joy N such an inspiration. Will check out the ricotta bake.
  22. Hi Linda, Thanks for your encouraging words. I have bought cottage cheese and abalone sauce, together with fat-free mayo (ops) and will be looking to resume my puree diet tomorrow Together with some fish and berries. Round 2, here i come tomorrow!
  23. Thank you for your replies. My tummy is still feeling a bit swollen. So I will give it a rest today. But I am gonna go to the mall later to stock up on the cottage cheese, light sauces and protein meat. Will try tomorrow to resume the purée diet again thank you so much!

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